Frankie Kiely, Author at TEFL Institute of Ireland

Teaching English in Vilinus

Progress Report – Teaching English in Europe

So the time has come for the last class session for some of my students. It’s important to provide students with an overview of the course as a means to recap on the topics covered in particular: grammar points, vocabulary, common themes and structures. The best way to do this is by keeping a progress […]


TEFL Jobs in Summer camps

Teaching English in Summer Camps

English summer camp teacher vacancies are popping up left right and centre on various job forums. I have seen many language schools currently recruiting camp teachers, counsellors and managers who would like to work with them in summer 2018. I am currently planning my own summer, since, last year I had the opportunity to work in Poland […]


TEFL Certificate Legalisation

TEFL Certificate Legalisation

For many people, arranging TEFL Legalisation and visas to travel can be a completely new experience. Being a TEFL teacher, chances are that you will be living and working in a foreign country under a working visa. So, get your documents ready, head to an embassy, and start using up some of those blank pages […]


The TEFL Institute of Ireland

Teaching Young Learners in Eastern Europe

I’m almost three months into teaching English abroad in Vilnius. My timetable consists of working alternating Saturdays, therefore, as far as travelling is concerned, last weekend I took a city break to Riga, Latvia. Because Riga really is a beautiful city. When I’m working during the weekend I teach kids and teenager groups for a […]


Teach English in Lithuania

Growing in Vilnius as a native English teacher

I had a great day with friends marking the 100-year anniversary of the restoration of independence for Lithuania. The day consisted of celebrating with eating some Lithuanian food, seeing 100 bonfires on Gediminas Avenue and then in the evening attending a free concert at Cathedral Square. How to take your TEFL qualification to a new […]


Teach In Vilinus

My life is good teaching English in Lithuania

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I arrived in Vilnius. The motivation for moving here has remained the same and I am pleased to say that I have settled into my new job as a freelance English language teacher within a private language school in the city. I am teaching a wide range of levels: […]


How to write a TEFL CV

Crafting the Perfect TEFL CV

The dreaded CV. There is nothing complicated about a well crafted TEFL CV, and yet, they give nearly everyone anxiety. Nobody wants their application to get the Tinder treatment; swiped left–rejected with barely a glance. Job hunting is always a numbers game, but if you follow these guidelines your TEFL CV will get the attention […]


Choosing a TEFL Programme

How to Choose the Right TEFL Programme For You

Teaching English as a profession used to be a secret that travellers and expats kept to themselves. TEFL certifications were extra fluff; in a pinch, you could buy one on Khao San Road in Bangkok. But times have changed. ESL instruction has become a well-coordinated global industry with continually rising standards. A TEFL certification is […]


Best TEFL Programme

Ready to Teach English Abroad? You’ll Need These Documents

Funny thing about gathering the documents you’ll need to teach English abroad. As you are going through the process it can feel complicated and daunting. But once you’re settled into your new job, in whichever country you decide to call home, you’ll look back and think, actually that wasn’t so bad. The list of required […]

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