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TEFL classroom

Why becoming a TEFL teacher might be the best decision you ever make

So, you’re thinking of teaching English as a foreign language, but don’t know if it’s right for you. Here’s a few reasons why everyone could benefit from being a TEFL teacher. Get paid to travel Let’s start with a biggy. While other travellers are draining their cash while they travel, you’ll be earning. Sometimes the […]


Nightlife Bangkok

7 things you should know before you move to Bangkok

You’re probably going to eat out 3 times a day Eating out in Bangkok is, in the most part, unbelievable cheap. A dollar or two’s going to buy you a filling plate of something delicious. The complexity and number of ingredients that go into most dishes mean it’s economically unviable to cook at home. Why […]


expat Vietnam

5 best countries to teach English as a foreign language

Teaching English in China With a growing economy and middle class, there has never been a better time to teach English in China. Head off on an adventure into one of the world’s most ancient cultures and live for up to 6 months in several locations across this vast land. Not only will you gain […]


Living in China

Tips before you move to China

China is a vast land of different languages, cultures and cuisine. It can be daunting, but uniquely satisfying to live in. To help ease yourself into life as an expat, here are a few tips. Choose your accommodation wisely If you’re teaching English in rural China, this won’t apply, but if you’re living in the […]


India trains

9 must-dos in Kerala

Watch wild elephant herds in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary This astonishing national park is one of India’s best places for spotting herds of elephants. These gentle giants thrive in the 925 sq km protecting area due to lack of poaching. However, it’s not just elephants that can be spotted here. Indian wild dogs, deer, pigs, […]


The Lost City

6 places in Colombia that will take your breath away

Just because you’re working as a TEFL teacher, doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of free time to explore and with such a good transport network and cheap domestic flights there is no excuse not head off on short breaks. Here’s 7 different spots in Colombia not to miss. Santuario de las Lajas This Basilica […]