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Teach English in Germany

Where can I teach English?

I’m currently travelling through Germany for my own project of work, stopping off in Berlin, Halle (Saale) and Leipzig and then onto Wroclaw, Poland. However, it has made me think about the subject matter of this esl blog and how it’s important to choose the right country to live in and teach English as a […]


TEFL contract extension: consider carefully and decide early.

TEFL Contract Extension: Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

Here is something that has happened to every TEFL teacher. You’ve moved abroad. You’ve gotten over the culture shock and missing things back home. Your students are great and the weeks are floating by. You’re not thinking about the future because today is full and bright. Then the director of your ESL program puts a […]


TEFL Institute of Ireland helps English teachers find their dream job through its job support services.

Job Placement Services: What to Expect and What to Demand

Students come to us from all walks of life. Their motivations are their own but the end goal is always the same: find a great TEFL job. But what qualifies as a great TEFL job? Aside from the obvious; stability, visa support services, strong reputation, etc., the answer is decidedly personal. You have a region […]


The TEFL Institute of Ireland offers a ten step guide to reviewing a TEFL contract.

The Ultimate Guide to Checking Your TEFL Contract

Stop! Do not pick up a pen! Do not scribble your name! That TEFL contract your holding isn’t as simple and straightforward as it looks. Follow the ten steps below before you commit to anything. Remember, when it comes to teaching English abroad you’re not only signing a job contract you’re signing a lifestyle contract. […]


Online TEFL Interviews can be intimidating. Here is advice to help you succeed.

How to Ace Your Online TEFL Interview

Let’s not pretend that there are any big secrets. The technology is simple. No one has invented an anti-stuttering filter or a bad answer translator. An online TEFL interview is just an interview. All same rules apply; be prepared, be poised, show them who you are and insist that they do the same. We’ve compiled […]


How to write a TEFL CV

Crafting the Perfect TEFL CV

The dreaded CV. There is nothing complicated about a well crafted TEFL CV, and yet, they give nearly everyone anxiety. Nobody wants their application to get the Tinder treatment; swiped left–rejected with barely a glance. Job hunting is always a numbers game, but if you follow these guidelines your TEFL CV will get the attention […]


Choosing a TEFL Programme

How to Choose the Right TEFL Programme For You

Teaching English as a profession used to be a secret that travellers and expats kept to themselves. TEFL certifications were extra fluff; in a pinch, you could buy one on Khao San Road in Bangkok. But times have changed. ESL instruction has become a well-coordinated global industry with continually rising standards. A TEFL certification is […]


Best TEFL Programme

Ready to Teach English Abroad? You’ll Need These Documents

Funny thing about gathering the documents you’ll need to teach English abroad. As you are going through the process it can feel complicated and daunting. But once you’re settled into your new job, in whichever country you decide to call home, you’ll look back and think, actually that wasn’t so bad. The list of required […]


Best time to apply for TEFL Job

The Best Time to Apply for TEFL Jobs

You are doing your research. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. You’ll see a number of blogs claiming that in Thailand, Mexico, Russia, China, etc. TEFL jobs are available year-round! Technically, that is true. But those schools aren’t hiring because they had a sudden influx of new students. They are hiring because a TEFL […]