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The TEFL Institute of Ireland

130 Hour Combined TEFL

Why take the 130-Hour Accredited TEFL Course?

Having both practical and online training will give you a competitive advantage over many others in the job market. Having received top tips from a trainer with years of experience means you’ll be a confident classroom leader from your first day.

Not only do you have ultimate flexibility while studying online, but you can also choose when to attend one of our day courses. You don’t need to have the 120-hour course completed; you can attend the class before you even start – we want to make this course work for you, not the other way around.

As the country’s’ leading TEFL provider, you’ll gain a worldwide recognised qualification and developed by industry leaders. All that’s left to do is enrol in the course, and your path to an exciting TEFL adventure will begin.

The right TEFL qualification can take you anywhere in the world. And our live TEFL Course is the perfect introduction to the exciting TEFL world. Best of all, this practical course can be completed in just one day.

You will be taught by one of our excellent TEFL Institute trainers who will be able to answer all your TEFL questions and spend the day with fellow students in the same boat as you.


What you get with your intensive combined TEFL Course

  • 10-hour day TEFL Course in Dublin, Galway & Cork
  • 120-hour Premier Online TEFL course
  • You’ll receive two certificates:
    • One for the completion of the practical day course
    • Another for the end of the 120-hour online TEFL course
  • Internationally recognised TEFL Institute certificate
  • Free TEFL Job Advice
  • Free tea/coffee and refreshments
  • Full course material provided
  • Lifetime access to our jobs board
  • Face to face practical learning

What you get with your Professional TEFL Course

  • Fully accredited training
  • Personal tutor support
  • Internationally recognised certificate
  • Expert job hunting advice
6 Months Study
Use on any device
Certificate upon completion
Recognised Worldwide

Verified Student Reviews

Great course just finished my 180 course , although I did have a minor issue when I first tried to login the staff were able get back to me immediately even though it was on the weekend. Also I got to participate in a free 10 hour classroom exercise charge. Furthermore they were able to set me up with a imploring no problem.read more
Colm O Connor
Colm O Connor
00:36 19 Aug 19
I have now completed the 300hr level 5 TEFL Certificate. I breathe a sigh of relief having completed the course and accomplishing a goal. The journey has been intellectually stimulating. I am indeed grateful to the very empathetic and hardworking staff at the TEFL institute of Ireland (Dublin) especially Katie who held my hand as I embarked on this very edifying TEFL journey.The course was very conducive to my learning style which is very diverse and provided the necessary resources which facilitated my needs as the learner. The course material was made very user friendly and I certainly felt motivated and eager as I broadened my academic horizons. I strongly recommend this course as a means of academic pursuit, social mobility, financial independence, personal accomplishment or whatever you may choose to label it. I am now looking forward to reaping the fruits of my labour as will you prospective TEFL students, in the near future. Thanks again TEFL. Sonja M.read more
sonja martin
sonja martin
01:32 13 Aug 19
I just completed the 120 Hour online course. It was easy to follow. I am a qualified teacher for 7 years now and I found that I have picked up a few useful tips/classroom activities that I would like to try. Would recommend if you are planning to teach English to EAL children.read more
Seán Lynch
Seán Lynch
11:26 30 Jul 19
I have now completed the 30 Hour IELTS preparation. I'm elated.The material was very easy to go through and very understandable. I also found that, the recommended online materials and text were also very relevant to the different topics and they helped to facilitate better understanding of the course material. i find that the course is very helpful in my current field and certainly relevant for my future prospects. I highly recommend that persons enroll in this course and if already enrolled, take on the simple challenge of pursuing most or all of the courses being offered as I did that is if your serous about professional development and career advancement.read more
sonja martin
sonja martin
18:08 25 Jul 19
I have recently finished the 120hr TEFL course, I have really enjoyed this course and the knowledge I have gained from this, the layout and structure of the course was easy to follow. It was also great that you could access the course through the TEFL app on your phone. I now have my Certificate and will be leaving soon to do an internship in China and from this course I feel ready to stand in front of a classroom.read more
Amy McKenzie
Amy McKenzie
11:01 18 Jul 19
The 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course is an interesting, concise, and informative course that has prepared me well for my future work in China. I am very impressed by the excellent value, at only €169 for a qualification that will bring me all over the world. The course is very accessible to people from any background who wish to explore this opportunity. Thanks!read more
Mark Leahy
Mark Leahy
21:14 17 Jul 19
I have just completed the 120 hour Advanced TEFL course. I found this course excellent. It was presented very well and at the end of each module gave a good variety of books and web sites as references for further study. It has given me the confidence to continue my studies. So I am signing up with the Institute for a specialised course. I am really enjoying the new chapter that this study has opened in my life.read more
helen cronin
helen cronin
13:19 01 Jul 19
A great online system to complete the course and it contains some brilliant methodologies that can assist for online and in the classroom. Emma the recruitment manager was quick to respond to all quires and was very pleasant. As someone whose in a teaching masters at the moment the 120 Hour premium program is helping me obtain teaching work that will continue to strengthen my skills and teach different age groups. I'd highly recommend for any students who are looking to work in teaching.read more
Glenn Kelly
Glenn Kelly
10:37 21 Jun 19
I have enrolled in the 300 hour Master Tefl Course. I am a Science teacher and I have found this course to be absolutely amazing. Before this course I took English for granted. I wasn't even aware that there is opportunity to teach English as a foreign language. Now I use it as a vital tool whilst giving instructions in my Science lessons. Thanks to Ola and Katie for lending assistance as often as necessary and as speedily as possible. I find all courses to be ideal for enrolment. the most important thing though is that the course in a logical sequence and is very user friendly and suitable for all learner learning styles. I must however say that having enrolled in the 300hr. TEFL course has made me into well rounded, classroom teacher.read more
sonja martin
sonja martin
19:52 19 Jun 19
I had completed a 300hr TEFL course and it was absolutely worth it. Staff are super helpful and do their best with any question queries during and after you finish your course. Currently, I had applied for a TEFL teaching position and received a response from Emma, the recruitment manager within a couple of hours. She was extremely helpful and encouraging which made the application process easy. Emma had listed all documents required and once I had forwarded them to her, she had sent off my application within a few hours. I was very impressed with how helpful, positive, fast and eager she was to get my application to the client but also her prompt replies and dedication in getting me placed as a TEFL teacher.I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in becoming a TEFL teacher to take on a course with The TEFL Institute of Ireland as the courses are very interesting and set in a way to give you a clear understanding of each module. Staff are very friendly, dedicated and do their best to get you where you want to be.read more
Konrad Polawski
Konrad Polawski
23:07 30 May 19
I applied for a TEFL teaching position and received a response rapidly from Emma the recruitment manager. From here on she was extremely helpful and encouraging. This made the process easy as she explained every step to me while remaining in contact to answer any questions I had.read more
Niamh Hickey
Niamh Hickey
13:31 27 May 19
I applied for a TEFL teacher position at the TEFL Institute of Ireland for a position in Vietnam. Within a few hours of my application ,Emma the recruiting Manager got back to me saying that I need to send her one more document as that was the only documentation she still needed to complete my application. She even sent me a follow up email to remind me to send her the document a few minutes after I've read her email. She was very eager to get my application to the client. I am really very impressed with her prompt replies and her dedication to getting me placed as a TEFL teacher.read more
Charlene Goliath
Charlene Goliath
08:50 27 May 19
I thoroughly studying my 120 Hour Advanced TEFL course. I learned a lot about various language teaching techniques and English grammar. I liked the layout of the modules on the online learning platform - it's easy to go back and find topics that you've previously covered. I would highly recommend this course to others interested in teaching English as a foreign language.read more
Victoria Ryan-Nesbitt
Victoria Ryan-Nesbitt
22:39 09 May 19
The 120 Hour course was really well laid out and easy to follow. Lots of great activities to help the lessons make sense. Great use of YouTube videos showing TEFL teachers in the classroom environment. Really enjoyed the course and looking forward to getting stuck in to the practical world of TEFL! You won't regret taking this course.read more
Meabh McNairney
Meabh McNairney
17:24 17 Apr 19
Great programme to do! It was easy and descriptive and I was able to do it while travelling on the train in the mornings which was a great benefit to me. All the team were also a great help with any questions.read more
Julieanne Mollen
Julieanne Mollen
11:12 17 Apr 19
Truly enjoyed the 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Qualification process. It was simple and interesting to follow and done in the comfort of my own home. Also convenient to study on the go through mobile or laptop. Very interactive and found the quiz's at the end of each module quite helpful. Thank you TEFL Institute !read more
Amber Mahon
Amber Mahon
18:03 01 Apr 19
I am currently doing the 180 hour course and so far I’m very happy with the course. The material is interesting and will be very helpful to me as it includes some great tips on how to teach in a classroom. I highly recommend this course to not just people who want to teach, but to everyone! It is great information to have and will help you stand out to future employers.read more
Aoife McDonald
Aoife McDonald
06:19 26 Mar 19
I recently completed the 120 hour Advanced TEFL training program and I found the material provided by the company is really detailed and interesting defining all the different styles of teaching etc which will really help me in the future to apply those skills. I really enjoyed the experience and the staff are really helpful and friendly. You get a certificate when you've completed the training which is great as it can be provided to future employers. Would recommend using this company to train with.read more
Aidan Ryan
Aidan Ryan
19:44 25 Mar 19
I am currently doing the 180 hours online course and I’m very satisfied. The course is very well designed and and easy to access from all devices. The support team is great and very helpful. The material is interesting and educational, it also gives great tips for real life classroom teaching. I can’t wait to graduate and start using the skills I am learning in a working environment. Definitely recommended.read more
Diana Brigida Frasiloaia
Diana Brigida Frasiloaia
16:19 07 Mar 19
The site is really easy to use and staff are very friendly. There are loads of opportunities and deals through the Institute of Ireland! After completing the 120 hr Advanced course I was offered loads of interviews and have even accepted my first job just a week after getting my cert!read more
14:20 07 Mar 19
TEFL is a good course for those who want to teach english worldwide. In the course, it will teach you step by step what you should know. i think it much a worth to spend money on this.read more
Leyi Low
Leyi Low
22:37 06 Mar 19
A very well structured course. Easy to use. And the people at TEFL.ie were very helpful throughout. I would highly recommend this course.read more
Sean Cafferkey
Sean Cafferkey
22:09 26 Feb 19
I have completed the 300hr Tefl course. I really loved how flexible and convenient the course was and how quickly the TEFL Institute of Ireland responded to my queries. The structure of the course and sequence of topics were clear and well integrated, the videos were practical and the additional reading materials provided links to more articles, resources etc. The course is rich with essential tools needed for the classroom.read more
Sarina Small
Sarina Small
09:55 25 Feb 19
Cannot thank TEFL Institute of Ireland enough for making this course very flexible and manageable... I am happy to say I am a fully qualified TEFL teacher and it is all because of this amazing site!read more
21:44 11 Feb 19
Excellent course filled with comprehensive and detailed material. I did the 120Hour course and I feel confident now that I have the core knowledge needed to teach English. At the end I received a certificate which will really set me apart with future employers. You can also download or access the material at any time so you can revise even after completion I would definitely recommend doing this if you want to teach English abroad!read more
Ryan Cullen
Ryan Cullen
09:41 07 Feb 19
Excellent course filled with comprehensive and detailed materiel. I did the 120Hour course and I feel confident now that I have the core knowledge needed to teach English. At the end I received a certificate which will really set me apart with future employers. You can also download or access the material at any time so you can revise even after completion I would definitely recommend doing this if you want to teach English abroad!read more
Ryan Cullen
Ryan Cullen
12:21 23 Jan 19
I found this course very beneficial and a great starting point to get on the path to teaching English effectively. TEFL have many hints and tips along the way, giving us an extra advantage for when we start teaching.read more
Danielle Gallagher
Danielle Gallagher
17:59 21 Jan 19
I am currently enrolled on the 180 hour Level 5 TEFL course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland. The course material is excellent, very organised and very well presented. There is information on job prospects and personal reflections from people who work with the qualification. The help and advice from the course administrators is excellent. I would highly recommend the TEFL Institute of Ireland if you are considering qualifying in the area of TEFL.read more
Mark Don
Mark Don
16:05 31 Oct 18
I am currently doing the 240-hour online course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland. I am really enjoying it so far, it’s easy to navigate around the site and its very comprehensive. Any issues I’ve had, I received quick and helpful responses, which I have greatly appreciated. The modules are clear, and you can follow your progress easily. There are lots of great links to videos and extra reading material for more information which I am finding very useful! The course is full of valuable, interesting and helpful information that will help make my transition from course to classroom much easier and less daunting.read more
Etáin McGurrin
Etáin McGurrin
04:51 30 Oct 18
I am currently completing the 120 hour online Course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland and really enjoying it. The course is easy to follow and is jam-packed with relevant information that is easy to navigate and access. I was a little bit worried that because I was doing the online course (instead of in class) that I wouldn’t have the same access to teachers/help when I needed assistance, but this has been far from the case! Whenever I have had an issue, I’ve received quick and helpful responses, which I have greatly appreciated.I would highly recommend this course, you can fit it around your own time and schedule without loosing out on quality.read more
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown
09:28 28 Oct 18
I have just completed my 120 hr TEFL course with TEFL institute of Ireland. It is an excellent course, providing everything essential towards becoming an EFL teacher and making the transition from course to the classroom less daunting considering the fact it will my first teaching experience. It covers everything you need and breaks each part down ensuring you are well informed. Also providing essential materials and tools you need for a great CV creation. I would highly recommend this course!read more
Anne Davis
Anne Davis
11:28 17 Oct 18
Very Interesting Course. I found it to be well structured and fluid. It has some great resources for English teaching preparation. Staff are all very helpful. This course is helpful if you have a busy schedule.read more
20:05 03 Sep 18
I am currently doing the 300 hour, Masters Level 5 course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland. The course is great, easy to use, easy to navigate and packed full with so much, valuable, interesting information, which makes me so eager to complete my course and get my dream job of being a TEFL teacher! All the times I have been in contact with the TEFL Institute of Ireland they have been supportive, helpful and kind. The price for the course was such a bargain considering the amount of information and valuable courses that I received in my package! I haven't had any second thoughts about doing this course, it's the best decision I have ever made, and I recommend it to anybody considering doing TEFL! Thanks so much!read more
Anna Livchak
Anna Livchak
14:01 28 Aug 18

Advanced Teacher Training

Get it right, download our 44-page career guide free and you will have that interview in no time!

With 120 hours of training, our online TEFL course will prepare you to take on any TEFL role. Learn with text, audio, and video through 10 comprehensive modules. Master the art of grammar structure, plan practical lessons, instruct flowing conversation and build knowledge to make your classes as engaging and stimulating as possible.

You have up to 6 months to complete the course, as the course is entirely online you can fit it around your busy schedule 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our average student completes the full course typically within 2-4 weeks and is fully qualified to teach English abroad. Whether you have one student or as many that can fit into the room, our online TEFL course prepares you for every teaching scenario.

Our Online Teaching Job has one of the best rates available for teaching online. Additionally, you control your schedule to fit around your lifestyle and can work from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection!

The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL) have strict standards to which course providers must conform. It’s not just the quality of our courses that the ACDL assesses, but the whole process from start to finish. Our ACDL express course accreditation means that the course has passed a rigorous evaluation and continues to be monitored regularly. Average completion time: 3-4 weeks

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Increase your awareness of the use of English around the world today.
  • Recognise the varying factors of motivation and needs of English learners.
  • Grasp the historic development of ELT theories, methods and practices and how they have influenced current ELT approaches.
  • Use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to familiarise yourself with the different learner levels and competencies.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Hold a strong understanding of how to become an effective ESL teacher.
  • Gain knowledge to carry out the best classroom management practices.
  • Put your learning to practice with a range of teaching techniques.
  • Master how to adapt your teaching style to cater for different teaching environments.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Train in how to create different lesson plans.
  • Gain a full understanding of the many aspects involved in lesson planning (e.g outlining the goal of the lesson and adapting the lesson to the student profile).
  • Study alternative lesson plan models, using the knowledge for different class styles.
  • Become comfortable with following a curriculum or timetable and work your lessons around these factors
  • Familiarise yourself with the likelihood of using prescribed materials and resources, affecting your own lesson plans

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Gain a full understanding of the term ‘grammar’.
  • Learn how to recognise the grammar level of a student.
  • Recognise the pros and cons of teaching grammar.
  • Study the historical development of grammar and the use of grammar in English today.
  • Gain a strong understanding of the current English grammar system.
  • Understand different approaches to presenting grammar.
  • Build a foundation of varying approaches in teaching grammar.
  • Be able to teach grammar in fluency and accuracy focused styles.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Recognise the significance of teaching vocabulary.
  • Acquire an appreciation for teaching students vocabulary and how the vocabulary is taught.
  • Gain a strong understanding of the numerous layers of English vocabulary, such as lexical chunks.
  • Discover how to present vocabulary and lexical chunks in varying ways.
  • Attain numerous methods of practising vocabulary.
  • Recognise the need to record and re-use vocabulary.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Be aware of pronunciation difficulties faced by English students.
  • Familiarise yourself with the work involved in producing sounds, words and longer utterances.
  • Study the numerous phonological sounds.
  • Discover numerous activities and styles in teaching pronunciation.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Recognise the difference between receptive and productive skills and how to be an effective reader and listener.
  • Understand the primary foundations of teaching reading and listening.
  • Be taught how to create an effective reading or listening comprehension exercise.
  • Master the importance of further learning outside the classroom e.g reading and listening.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of writing and speaking English, using this knowledge in the classroom.
  • Develop techniques in teaching the principles of writing and speaking English.
  • Take in numerous teaching techniques in writing and speaking classes.
  • Add writing and speaking activities to your teaching repertoire.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the motives behind each student in learning English.
  • Have the ability to adapt your lessons in teaching very young learners up to teenagers.
  • Enhance your knowledge of international English language examinations and how to focus your teaching on helping students with these exams.
  • Learn about teaching business English and topic-specific English.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Preparation on planning and applying for your first TEFL job.
  • Recognise the importance of boosting your teaching resume with different resources.
  • Training on entering the job market and how to develop professionally.
  • Identify new ways to improve your teaching style.

TEFL Institute Reviews

The TEFL Institute of Ireland
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Victor Ramirez
I just completed the 120 hour advanced TEFL Qualification. I already have two years of ESL teaching experience, and I wish I had known about this course when I started. The content was well organized and it was easy to go through. Many of the things I learned through this course I had found on my own after many hours of research and reading, but thanks to the Institute of Ireland now I have a certificate to demonstrate that I know a little bit about teaching.
Richard Whelan
The TEFL Institute of Ireland is a fantastic resource for anyone searching for a comprehensive, user friendly and well laid out TEFL course. I completed the 120 hour course, which was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. The videos and multimedia resources were extremely helpful, alongside the real life classroom examples. Highly recommended!
Eilis Cody
I attended the 10 Hour classroom course on the 17th August in Dublin. I really enjoyed the entire day, I learnt alot and the Tutor Michelle Benson was excellent, she made each module fun and easy to follow. I am now looking at the next step of doing the 120 Hour online course. I would highly recommend doing the 10 Hour classroom course to anyone that had any interest in doing a TEFL course
Tunde Racz
I have completed the 30 hours IELTS preparation course; it was well designed into digestible chunks on all areas of IELTS, contained loads of background information and handy videos to reinforce learning and illustrate examples. Overall great course to do, very handy and accessible on the go.
Kateryna Zhukovina
It is my first experience in passing international exams, therefore I`m very excited to take the TEFL exam made by the Institute of Ireland. The contest and module materials are extremely useful and actual for modern English teachers. As a young specialist, I got inevitable experience and knowledge for my future career in teaching. Thank you for a well-planned exam. It is a great helper for teachers worlwide and for me in particular!! 😀😀😀😀😀
Geraldine Byrne
I took the opportunity of doing the advanced 120 hour course; it was very well designed, contained great resources and advice and explained the concepts involved clearly. It also provided good practical examples, and videos of teaching English in action. I feel it was great value for money, and a huge boost
Connor Mc Donagh
what's up, I did the 120 tefl hour course online. it was cheap enough and super easy to complete. I didn't learn anything but was able to blast it out in about 4-5 hours. if you need the qualification fast to work abroad I highly recommend this one.
Michael Akingbade
Moving to Japan in a few months to teach English, had no idea where to even begin when designing lessons or finding a job. The 120hr course has been really beneficial and I feel much more confident in my teaching abilities
Michael Groves
I would recommend. This course gives you all the tools and knowledge to help you succeed!
Isabelle Tara Breslin
I highly recommend the 10 hour classroom with Michelle. The class really prepares you for going into a classroom environment, how to be interactive with the class and provides excellent ideas for lesson plans. Its very well presented, the instructor is fantastic.
Isabella Terrinoni
I would 100% recommend the 10 hour classroom course to anyone in the future. Michelle was super informative and as we went through all the material for the course, I found that all the group activities were enjoyable throughout the day while learning at the same time!! Looking forward to getting the opportunity now to travel abroad while having the experience to teach English to students😀😀
Eoin Baker
I recently completed the 120 hour Advanced TEFL Qualification. I would certainly recommend this course as it was extremely simple to follow, and if you dedicate enough time to the course, you will be able to complete the course in less than 120 hours.
Konrad Polawski
I had completed a 300hr TEFL course and it was absolutely worth it. Staff are super helpful and do their best with any question queries during and after you finish your course. Currently, I had applied for a TEFL teaching position and received a response from Emma, the recruitment manager within a couple of hours. She was extremely helpful and encouraging which made the application process easy. Emma had listed all documents required and once I had forwarded them to her, she had sent off my application within a few hours. I was very impressed with how helpful, positive, fast and eager she was to get my application to the client but also her prompt replies and dedication in getting me placed as a TEFL teacher.I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in becoming a TEFL teacher to take on a course with The TEFL Institute of Ireland as the courses are very interesting and set in a way to give you a clear understanding of each module. Staff are very friendly, dedicated and do their best to get you where you want to be.
Kevin Regan
Great service and user friendly, staff very helpful!
Charlotte Hughes
Really wonderful courses! Staff are also super helpful if you have any questions or queries during your course. Fantastic group!
Niamh Galligan
Really informative, user friendly and helpful staff!
Ridlëy Sprinklër
I did the 120hour online TEFL. I would highly recommend. It was very easy to navigate and the app made it easy to learn whilst away from your computer. You can download and keep materials and lots of extra resources!
Antonia Heffernan
Easy course to follow and so many options available.
David King
Fantastic course and really glad I did it.
Lisa O'Neill
Really informative and overall a great experience!
Kevin Keniry
The 10 hour day course was a Fantastic interactive event. Lots of fun, I highly recommend it. Michelle was brilliant, I couldn’t praise her enough for a job well done.
Danielle Williamson
Did a practical day course with Michelle. I would rate it 10/10. Made me understand the fundamentals of teaching and putting yourself in the shoes of students. Looking forward to starting the online course!
David White
Good people to work with and very genuine.
Natasha Byrne
Super user-friendly; well-executed and spaced-out content; and an amazing customer-service team who genuinely want you to get the best experience from the course. 5*
Saorlaith Ní Nualláin
Very good at outlining grammar aspects in detail, very useful notes overall.
Samina Cullen
I chose to do the 300 hour course and I found it really good. They give you tonnes of resources to help during and after your course and the support team are really helpful. I would recommend it to anyone looking to qualify to teach English abroad.
Kat Kat
I've been a teacher for several years in Korea and when I came across the TEFL Institute of Ireland's Master Course, I had to do it! I decided to pick the 300 hour program to get the best results in my teaching. TEFL Institute of Ireland has a really good course and even though I've taught for so many years, I have learned a great deal. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, I would recommend you do this course. And best of luck for those who are completing their courses.
Sara Doctor
Scam, do NOT give these people any money! I bought the 180 hour course early October. Firstly the course is filled to the brim with typos and grammatical errors. Rather shameful for a tefl course. There are plenty of strange images, like one placing Poland on the physical location of Pakistan. But I finished the course and sent it off. This was late October or early November. I was told it would take 6 to 8 weeks. It wasn't until late in January I heard anything back, that they were backed up. I had to email them repeatedly, whilst being ignored until March. They then asked me to re-take 2 bits of the test, as a soundbit had failed to work and another part was wrong. Re-did both bits and sent it off. This was abiut a month ago. They have now ignored my last 3 emails AGAIN. I took their course and should have been done by end of January, re-take included. We are now halfway though April and they choose to just ignore me. These people will take your money and time and give you nothing for it. Please avoid!
Nikki Nolan
I am so glad to have signed up to this TEFL course, I chose the 120 hour option and have found it to be fantastic! Everything is so clearly laid out for you and easy to understand. I was hesitant in the beginning as I had never undertaken an online course before but can say now that I could not be happier with my choice!
Jack EB
This is a very compact yet concise course which has truly helped me understand the important factors of teaching at the greatest levels- which is wherever your heart takes you! 100% recommend it :D
Marisol Jimenez
Amazing course! It's a very interactive training course and you for sure will get very familiar on how to teach English abroad!
Mia Piccoli
The day course in Dublin was fantastic, really engaging, fun and informative! Michelle is a brilliant teacher and I learned a lot. The online course is really easy to follow and really interesting. 100% would recommend this course!
Denise Kerney
Michelle is a great teacher. Ane batam toru 😁 Great ideas how to teach. very excited to continue on my TEFL journey 👍
Eimear Fitzgerald
I would highly recommend the TEFL 120 hour course. I am currently completing it and I am finding it really enjoyable. The website is easy to navigate and easily accessible, the TEFL app is also great to get some of the course done on the go! Great experience so far.
Aisling Stafford
When I first started considering a tefl course I wasn’t sure which course was right for me and who to get my accreditation with. However with the consistent support and guidance of the Tefl institute of Ireland staff having chosen to do the 120 hour course with them I am confident I made the right choice. The course is jam packed but very well structured making the learning process both accessible and enjoyable!
Laura Cunningham
I had a great experience with Michelle today in Cork at TEFL teaching course. The course was engaging and educational which gave me key skills that have given me confidence to stand in front of a classroom. I would recommend TEFL Institution highly!
Joey Duggan
Very impressed with the day course I attended in Cork! The teacher was very helpful, good sense of humour and brilliant at explaining concepts. Had a good group of people and felt like I learned a lot! Came as a beginner and it was a great introduction to the world of teaching English as a foreign language.
John DePaor
Very good coursework! Excellent teacher! Would recommend to anyone!!
Shireen Dallas
Their courses are very well organised and packed with lots of relevant information. Their deals and specials are a great way to get started and are well worth the money spent. Now on to the next course I have with them.
Trần Thị Thảo Trang
I have just finished the 120 hour TEFL certificate and thanks to the great service and easy-to-use layout I was able to complete it within a week! Thank you!
Fabian Speder
Just completed the 30 hour IELTS Preaparation Qualification and I´m more than happy with their service. It´s well-structured, support answered immediately and I received my certificate right after completing the course! Highly recommended!
Vicki Ní Mhuireadhaigh
Highly recommend this institute and course. The tutors are very helpful and supportive. Enjoyed the course hugely
Lydia Veale
I completed the 120hour online course and I couldn't recommend it enough. The course allowed me to continue working full time as well as completing the course over a 6 month period. The course is laid out in such a way that aided my learning and also made it enjoyable.The institute itself is wonderful- I've had many questions which have been answered quickly and there is always someone to help guide you in picking which course to choose.
Chloe Bambrick
Tefl.ie is brilliant! I got the 300 hour master course on special offer and it’s 100% worth the money. They do such great deals to get you started on your qualification to teach English. They do excellent internships and their instagram gives you a really great Insight into what life could be like with a Tefl qualification. I’ve had a few questions to ask about the course and the staff have been excellent in getting back to me as quickly as possible and helping me out. 100% would recommend Tefl.ie!
Molly Kiely
All the staff at TEFL.ie have been so helpful thoughout the course with speedy responses and tentative care. The course is so in depth and interactive. It also inscludes lots of snippits of the life TEFL teachers are leading for inspiration to keep going.Would definitely recommend!
Sarah Stephens
The course is very good, lots of information. Highly recommended TEFL.
Sinead Lyons
Lots of information to process but easy to understand and they have great staff to help if you have any issues :)
Juliet Pearl L. Kelly
Just completed 2 courses. The 120 hour and 30 hour young learners. Delighted to be finished this fun course. It was easy to navigate, great layout and easy to read. But it was the staff who where really amazing. Always on hand if you ever needed anything. Very quick to respond and extremely helpful. I will be recommending them to anyone who is thinking of doinga tefl course.
David Kelly
Great course overall. Easy to navigate through. Fun to learn. Wonderful support from the online team. Always quick to help you out if you need anything. Would recommend this course to anyone for sure. And let’s hope it gets my wife and I a job teaching in Asia somewhere. Here’s to our new careers.
Aoife Rowley
Just completed the 180 hour course and I found it super easy to follow and full of useful guided information. I found the progression between modules seamless and enjoyed the use of videos and real life classroom examples to further explain some points. Would recommend The TEFL Institute of Ireland to anybody looking for a TEFL qualification!
Robyn Winston
The TEFL course I am doing is very interesting and it gives many different ways to help me teach English to my students through different interactive activities. These help my kids to be included more in my lessons.
Róisín Mc Caffrey
The staff are very helpful and the course layout is easy to follow with clear instructions.
Silvia Szakal
Just completed the 120-hour advanced TEFL course and I highly recommend it! The course is very comprehensive and gives you plenty of advice/activity examples that you'll be able to take into the classroom. It's definitely worth it!
Antje Wagner
Great staff, super supportive and knowledgable, and really easy to get hold of due to the chat on their website.Course is interesting and easy to follow, well explained and gives you all the tools to be able to teach. I found the approach to the course with videos, samples, scenarios, material and soundbites really good and inclusive.
Alicja Alicja
smooth and very useful. There is a lot of tips and examples which can be used later on while teaching. Thank you TEFL
Ray Lloyd
I am currently doing a Level 5 TEFL course which I am finding challenging but hugely enjoyable and informative.
Jack Marcus
120h Advanced level certificate is a great enabler course to introduce you to the world as teaching English as a foreign language. Course content thorough and yet easy to follow
Éamonn Grennan
The 180 hr Advanced Level 5 TEFL suited me so well alongside my current university studies and at times complemented them in terms of critical thinking and resource management. It encouraged high standards and focused on exploring the ways of improving class cohesion and suitability to plans for different students.It also had some really insightful podcasts and interactive videos that round out learning, overall extremely helpful and flexible.
Jason Branley
Got the 240Hr Master Course, easy to follow and explained well with helpful scenarios and videos.It goes into many areas that people wouldn't normally think about in teaching which I found extremely helpful. Staff are friendly and quick to respond as well.Would highly recommend TEFL to anyone considering it.
Jordan English
I would highly recommend TEFL Institute of Ireland accreditation. I am officially qualified as a TEFL teacher and its all thanks to the TEFL Institute of Ireland TEFL qualification course. I completed a 120 hours TEFL Institute of Ireland qualification and +270 hours observed teacher training. As a result, I have been working as an ESL teacher within private language schools and photography summer camps, primarily in Eastern Europe: Poland and the Czech Republic and through online platforms.
Olwen Winter
The TEFL Institute of Ireland has been a fantastic resource and support to me in fulfilling my dream of becoming an English Teacher. The staff are so friendly and someone is always there if you ever need a hand with anything.
Ger O'Regan
The course was easy to follow and the staff were very efficient and helpful. It is a great way to study and gain a really useful recognised qualification. I'm looking forward to starting my next course now!
Joni Spring
My experience with Kate In TEFL Ireland was really helpful. She was always friendly, really efficient and answered my questions as they arose. I will be extending my course time due to outside circumstances but there was no issue. Looking forward to a new qualification and new opportunities.
Meadhbh Ahern
All the staff in TEFL Ireland were so helpful when it came to making my decision to teach abroad. They gave me great advice about my placement and were always so quick to reply to any queries I had. Doing TEFL was the best decision I ever made. It provides a great opportunity to travel and experience different cultures.
John O'Byrne
I have done the 120 hour online and then on 22 Sep I did the 10 hour practical workshop in Dublin. Was really concerned that it started at 9:30 and finished at 7pm that I would be bored and fall asleep.From the outset Michelle (perma smile), Kate and Katie kept the pace going, engaged us all in a great day of practical learning and good fun. It flew and my goals were fully achieved as after the 120 hour I felt good about the content but needed practical help and some experience. There were 12 of us and it was really a good and and a great group of people. Made a show of myself a few times.Thanks again ladies and and look forward to working with you in the future.John
David Gear
very useful certified courses that make you a better teacher and set you on the right track for a rewarding TEFL teaching experience. I was impressed by a great team in the classroom and online
Carmel Jefferies
I completed the 10 hour day course and must say it was far better than I could have imagined. It was very interactive and informative and I would recommend anyone interested in TEFL to do this.
Rí Tee O Mahony
Interesting, interactive classes well explained and good fun.
David Crofts
This is a great programme and covers all of the materials & resources needed to become a TEFL Teacher. Work at your own pace and there is a help section included along with online chat to answer any questions.
Avril Timmins
very nice friendly, helpful staff, who helped me out when i had a little issue with my account😁😁😁😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Derek Meijnhardt
The TEFL institute of Ireland, is fantastic. I have just completed the 30 hour young learners course, and it could not have gone any better. The layout made it easy to understand and whenever I did have a question, I would just contact customer support via live chat and I would receive a response immediately. 10/10. I would definitely received to a friend. Thanks guys 🙂
Anne Sayers
lovely friendly staff who sort any little problems fast and can admit if any errors do happen . in my case there was a small technical issue but it was sorted fast and with no fuss. Thank you I will study with you again
Maria Rapata
I completed the 120h Advanced TEFL Qualification and I strongly recommend it to teachers of English. It provides you with many useful information about the teaching process and management and tips on how to insure a successful learning outcome.
John-lee Heaney
I really enjoyed the online 120 Advanced course very well structured, coherent and consistent. The modules layout flowed well and contained applicable information essential for self-educating oneself. I found this course both exciting and rewarding as I can walk away with a wealth of knowledge of English grammar structure and syntax. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to complete a TEFL, at a pace to best suit yourself.
Vyo Loghinu
msndhzusns s ajuns s s sbsbs
Dáithí O'Ceallaigh
I found the online 120 Advanced course very well structured, concise and clear. The modules flowed well, were diverse and contained the relevant information necessary to self-educate oneself on the nuances of teaching English as a foreign language. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend the course to anyone looking to complete a TEFL course at their own pace and convenience.
Mary Lloyd
I found the 120 Hour Advanced course to be very well laid out and user friendly. Would definitely recommend it to anyone considering teaching online or abroad.
Stefano Taddei
Having finished a degree in theology, I struggled to find work. I came across TEFL Institute of Ireland which was offering a great deal for its 120hr online course. It is clear, accessible, flexible and engaging. I am so grateful to have found it as it has opened doors for me to find work, not only in Ireland, but in interesting and exciting places around the world! I recommend it to anyone who wishes to expand their skills in a practical and manageable way (and for those thirsty for adventure!)
Christopher Cash
Really great course, easy to follow and great interactions via videos and voice lessons!
Scanty Jjames
Brilliant Course , very thourough and easy to navigate
Jordan Fitzpatrick Leijen
I am currently taking the 240 Hour TEFL Course. So far I have completed the 30 Hour IELTS Qualification and the 30 Hour TOEIC Qualification. I will soon complete my 180 Hour Level 5 Qualification, which will make me fully certified. I find the service TEFL Ireland provide very helpful. The website is easy to use and it gives very clear instructions. There are lots of good links for extra information, too! Overall I am very pleased with this course! :-)
Rory Sugrue
Having seen my friends take the course and knowing of their success my curiosity grew, I drove to the office in Youghal and talked with the staff there who are beyond fantastic. Since late January I have been doing the course whilst working and as of an hour ago I have completed the 240hr master course.100% Recommend to anyone!
James Downey
Almost finished a 150 hour specialist TEFL course. The course is very interesting, helpful and will be a very good qualification to have. Customer service very helpful whenever I had any questions.
Carla Devane
I was hesitant to take on an online course for the first time but I can honestly say I am glad that I did. I am doing the 120 hour course and find it to be laid out very well with well presented information. The support from the institute is very good. I also love the flexibility that doing an online course gives me. Would recommend TEFL to anyone looking to take on an exciting new challenge
Ciaran O'shea
So happy to have finished TEFL 120 course, it showed me how much can be done in a classroom to make teaching not only fun but more informative for everyone involved. Also the online resources and book recommendations are beneficial for how and where to start when it comes to entering the classroom for the first time.
Alyona Gutsul
Just completed the 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course. I took it as a revision of my full-time 4-year degree in English Language and Literature obtained years ago. I often take online PD courses, and I found the option to save/print books being extremely useful. (I wish all online courses have this option available.) Looking forward to completing the rest of my 240 Hour Master Course!
Edel Ní Chléir
At first I was very hesitant about committing to an online course with little knowledge of what I wanted to gain from it, but I couldn’t be happier with the course I chose to complete: Tefl 120! Not only was it laid out conveniently and packed full of teaching methodologies and even the history of teaching, but Ian himself behind it proved extremely helpful when I ran into difficulty with the course one day due to a technical glitch. Great content and great customer service! Would recommend!
Nicolas Cabrol
Yesterday, monday march the 12th, I completed my 120 h advanced TEFL courses. Those online courses are well designed and very useful. I've learnt a lot about the methodology, the materials ans the content ! I just hope that not being a native English speaker (french citizenship) won't be an obstacle to find a teaching job of English abroad.
Evelien Lekkerkerk
Very clear course material with a great amount of information at your disposal when taking the TEFL course
Dara Flores McDonagh
Recently completed the 30 hour teaching young learners course. Very insightful with clear and understandable teaching methods. I learned a lot and am looking forward to studying more with TEFL to further my knowledge and qualifications
Katie Ní Móráin
In the process of completing the Masters TEFL course. When deciding which course was most appropriate to me the staff were so helpful and took the time to discuss my options for getting work. Very helpful.
Leo Lynch
Just completed my 30 Hour Teaching Young Learners Qualification. Really easy to access all the information you need. The content is perfectly explained and interesting. Would recommend for anyone that is looking into teaching English abroad.
Alexandra Blahutová
Just completed the TYL Course which is a part of my 240 hour Master Course, The modules are really instructive and full of helpful links and videos. I've learned a lot of new things during completing these courses and I am looking forward to finish them and start teaching English ASAP.
Dáithí Bric
Just completed the 120 hour TEFL component of a 240 Hour Master Class. Modules were informative; well structured and very educational. I learned a lot and have a greater appreciation of written and spoken languages and linguistics. The Great advantage of this system is one can do the training in your own time and start back into a module wherever you left/logged off. The browser, at least in my experience, was initially difficult to navigate. Compatibility was best by accessing the TEFL site using Google Chrome rather that Internet Explorer
Caroline Shea
I have just recently finished the 30 hour IELTS Preparation course and I must say it was very structured with everything that I needed to know over the subject. It is organized and extremely well put to have a clear understanding of it.
Daniel Goodname
TEFL Institute of Ireland is the best place to be trained on TEFL.Therefore, i strongly recommend this institution to anyone that wants to teach English Abroad. Again, i am very grateful to be associated to this noble institution.
Buhegwendzimu Tjedza
I just finished the 30 hour IELTS Preparation Qualification. The material was very informative and easy to understand... I am happy that i chose to do my TEFL qualification with this institute..
Craig Broughton
Just finished up my 120 hour Advance course today. Very handy to have all the information online with easy to print out option. Lots of useful links to sites and books included to make the process a little easier for new people like myself.
Gregory Srikrish Ramanado
A wealth of educational support and knowledge that gently coerces your transformation into a TEFL Ninja!Easy, friendly and well presented.
Patrick J Power
Just finished the 120 hour course. Excellent course. Easy to read, well laid out, informative. I am very excited about this qualification/ I feel well-prepared and enthusiastic about using my new skills. Highly recommended course for anybody interested in teaching as a English as foreign language
Aidan Ashless
Was recommended by a friend to try one of their TEFL courses and was amazed by how engaging and user-friendly the course was. The course is broken up into succinct modules that provided me with a clear indication of my progress and made the completition of the 120 hours an anything but daunting task. I could continue to rave about my overwhelmingly positive experience with The TEFL Institute Ireland except alas I must now dash off to put my new qualification and skills to use in some beautiful exotic part of the world! And so my parting words are that I would 10/10 advise all aspiring English Language Teachers to choose TEFL Institute Ireland!ciao
Aoibhinn Helly
I completed the 120 hour Advanced TEFL course with TEFL Institute Ireland - for me it was extremely accessible and easy to use, with the lessons well laid out. It was a seamless process also thanks to the great customer service. I completed the course in no time and am now using my new skills confidently teaching English in Barcelona. Go for it!!!
Lauren Ní Chorbáin
I would highly recommend this TEFL course to anyone who would like to teach English at home or abroad. The website is user friendly, the course itself is comprehensive and informative and customer care is outstanding. I feel extremely confident taking what I have learnt from this course abroad next summer. If you have an interest in travelling and teaching English I couldn't recommend this course enough.
Kieran O'Neill
Course was absolutely excellent, simple and user-friendly but at the same time comprehensive, topped off with great customer service. I´m confident I can take my learnings around the world or online - go for it!
Jess Knoblauch
This TEFL course is unlike any other I have come across. The customer care was 10/10 and the website was extremely user friendly. The course itself was interesting and informative. If you have an interest in TEFL I would get in touch with the TEFL institute Ireland, they know what they are doing!
Kate Popova
Great Company. Real experiences at affordable prices. Get me on the plane now! :)
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