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Accredited 180 Hour TEFL Course
English Level Test

Want to find out which online TEFL course is best for you? Take our test today and we’ll match your abilities and goals to your ideal TEFL course. 


The TEFL jobs market is growing each year. And that means TEFL employers are always on the lookout for the right people with the right qualifications. That could be you with our Advanced 180 Hour TEFL Course! We’ve combined our 120 Hour Premier TEFL Course with two specialist 30-hour courses: IELTS and TOEIC Preparation.  

With this TEFL 180-hour course, you’ll be qualified to prepare your students for the popular IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) tests. Remember, the 30-hour IELTS and TOEIC courses are standalone modules. So, you can easily break down your TEFL training into manageable chunks.  

What’s more, like all our TEFL courses, this advanced 180-hour course is online. That means you can complete your TEFL training on any device, at a time that suits you. Along with this course flexibility, your personal tutor will support you throughout your studies (and after!) to help you achieve your TEFL goals.    


Don’t worry, therere no boring lectures or rigid timetables here. Your 180 Hour TEFL Course training is delivered online through videos, quizzes and real-life scenarios to help what you learn stick. Use our handy online learning platform to study anytime, anywhere, with support from your tutor every step of the way. 


Did you know that your accredited TEFL certification is measured in hours? Most employers worldwide require you to have at least 120 hours of TEFL training. By taking a step up with the 180 Hour TEFL Course, you’ll be boosting your knowledge and earning potential. And, in just four weeks, you can be ready to TEFL! 


With training from The TEFL Institute of Ireland, you can be confident that you’re gaining a certification that’s modelled to the highest standards in the industry. Our TEFL courses are trusted worldwide and have been developed by our dedicated team that has over 20 years of EFL training and teaching experience. 

Who can take this course?

You're passionate about the English language
You want to broaden your teaching skills and earn more
You're interested in teaching but unsure about taking a degree
You want to be more flexible with your teaching hours

Preview Your Certificate

Take a look at your future Accredited TEFL Certificate
  • Teach Abroad
  • Teach Anywhere
  • Online Teaching
  • Higher Salary
  • Optimal for Jobs

The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL) has strict standards that TEFL course providers must follow. It’s not just the quality of our courses that the ACDL assesses, but the whole process from start to finish. Our ACDL specific course accreditation means that the course has passed a rigorous evaluation, meets high standards, and is monitored regularly. Average completion time: 4-6 weeks

Course benefits

180 hours of accredited online training
Three internationally-recognised certificates
TEFL training approved by TQUK & ACDL
Personal online TEFL tutor support
Lifetime TEFL qualification
Downloadable TEFL coursebook
Letter of reference
Lifetime TEFL job hunting advice
24/7 access to our student portal
Access to our Alumni Group
Access to your course via TEFL on the Go app!
Employer certificate verification
14-day money back guarantee
Complete the course at your own pace
Get qualified to travel the world and teach
Six months study time, with extension possible

What Our Graduates Say

TEFL Institute of Ireland
TEFL Institute of Ireland
TEFL Institute of Ireland
TEFL Institute of Ireland
I would like to thank Mrs Sarah Foley for her guidance and assistance during the enrollement process. Thank you TEFL Institute for this wonderful experience.
Wassila Na
Wassila Na
22:55 14 Jan 22
I purchased the 120 hour TEFL course. TEFL often offers its courses at discounted rates so you get really good value for money. I found the online platform very easy to use and the material is well explained. I am in Final Year college and required an extension to complete the TEFL course. TEFL were very professional and understanding and granted me an extension after just one phone call. Sarah Foley could not have been more friendly and helpful over the phone. It took no time at all. This is a great service that they provide and makes it easier to complete the course alongside your current workload. Thanks TEFL! Looking forward to finishing my course.
Laura Kilmartin
Laura Kilmartin
13:02 14 Jan 22
Courses are well laid out. There are loads of links to information and resources available to you. Definitely recommend for beginner TEFL 120 hour and online teaching course.
SaraLouise Fuery
SaraLouise Fuery
15:42 12 Jan 22
Very professional and detailed course, interesting and engaging. Would highly recommend
Georgia Timmins
Georgia Timmins
07:14 10 Jan 22
The course has been very enjoyable with lots of interesting information. Also the support provided by the TEFL Institute team is incredible!
Idalia Steczkiewicz
Idalia Steczkiewicz
20:26 07 Jan 22
Great course, very thorough and informative and the software is easy to use.
Shane Lally
Shane Lally
18:15 07 Jan 22
This course was very well organised and shared a lot of useful information. I hope to teach English now although it is harder to find a job without a bachelors degree.
Therese McCormack
Therese McCormack
14:07 07 Jan 22
TEFL has been great for opening up the opportunity to travel and work, for me in particular for heading to Indonesia in 2022. The course so far is very user friendly and is very flexible with the option to extend your study time where needed. Sarah Foley was particularly helpful in sorting this out for me! Would definitely recommend TEFL!
Leah Farrell
Leah Farrell
17:50 05 Jan 22

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