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English Level Test

Want to find out which online TEFL course is best for you? Take our test today and we’ll match your abilities and goals to your ideal TEFL course. 


Learn how to get started as an online TEFL teacher and teach English anywhere in the world. With the online teaching market booming, there’s never been a better time to get qualified.  

Our Professional TEFL Online Expert Course is split into four separate courses, making your learning manageable and preparing you for every online teaching scenario. You’ll get your primary 120-hour TEFL certificate, observed teaching practicum and two 30-hour specialist courses that focus on setting you up to teach English online. In short, everything you need to deliver engaging and confident lessons as an online TEFL teacher.

Whether you want to travel the world or set your own hours working from home, anything is possible with our TEFL online expert course. Get started today and take the first step towards living life on your terms. 


Four professional TEFL courses are rolled into one package, providing you with 190 hours of in-depth TEFL online training. You can complete your training on any device with internet, wherever you are in the world. Plus, you’ll have six months to complete your course – plenty of time to fit it around your busy lifestyle! 


120 Hour Premier TEFL Course 

As part of the advanced TEFL online course, your core studies centre around 10 modules of expert teacher training. This is the minimum you need to become a qualified online teacher. 

30 Hour Teaching Young Learners 

There are thousands of opportunities for teaching children, and this course will give you everything you need to become a fun and creative TEFL teacher to your younger students. 

30 Hour Teaching English Online 

Exceed TEFL standards and stand out with a certification that focuses specifically on how to TEFL online. Our course walks you through every part of teaching English online. 

10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course  

Join our live webinar classroom training delivered over Zoom by our experienced TEFL tutors. You’ll communicate with other learners, have live discussions and practice real-life scenarios. The course takes place over two 3.5-hour sessions plus three hours of private study.

Upcoming Dates

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Who can take this course?

You're a native or a fluent English speaker
You want to set your own working hours
You’re interested in teaching from home
You're looking to travel and earn at the same time

Preview Your Certificate

Take a look at your future Accredited TEFL Certificate
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  • Optimal for Jobs

The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL) has strict standards that TEFL course providers must follow. It’s not just the quality of our courses that the ACDL assesses, but the whole process from start to finish. Our ACDL specific course accreditation means that the course has passed a rigorous evaluation, meets high standards, and is monitored regularly. Average completion time: 5-7 weeks

What Our Graduates Say

TEFL Institute of Ireland
TEFL Institute of Ireland
TEFL Institute of Ireland
TEFL Institute of Ireland

On Demand Webinar

I highly recommend The TEFL Institute. They are an exceptional organisation. A very big "Thank You!" to Emma for her outstanding customer service :)
Ruth Shortt
Ruth Shortt
11:37 23 Sep 21
I am very happy with my decision to study for a TEFL qualification with The TEFL Institute of Ireland. Throughtout my course the support team were extremely engaging, helpful and always encouraging, in particular I would like to mention and say thanks to Sarah Foley and Rachel Hammond for all their support. They were also really prompt with their responses so I was never waiting too long for help. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in a TEFL course to enrol with them and I am looking forward to starting my next course with them and expanding my skills!
Emily Coll
Emily Coll
10:29 22 Sep 21
I have had such an amazing experience doing the tefl course, tefl institute of ireland have been very helpful and have had good communication throughout the time I have been doing the course. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.
Rachel mangan
Rachel mangan
08:57 22 Sep 21
Thank you so much! This was such a good experience and has helped me in my career to becoming an English teacher. The Webinars were so informative about lots of teaching opportunities around the world. This has also allowed me to gain more confidence in my teaching career. I would highly recommend this to anyone deciding to become an English teacher.
Angelica Guardiano
Angelica Guardiano
23:29 21 Sep 21
I am really enjoying my course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland. The team, especially Kate and Sarah, have been very helpful in enabling my study and letting me know of the different opportunities available with the course. The content is engaging and there are plenty resources to make the most of the course. Thanks very much especially to Sarah for your recent help!
Sinéad Liston
Sinéad Liston
14:36 21 Sep 21
I am currently completing the 120 hour TEFL course. I am enjoying this course and received good support during it. Would recommend.
Aoife Ryan
Aoife Ryan
14:03 21 Sep 21
Great opportunity for someone who would like to teach abroad. Tutors are so helpful if you are struggling. Highly recommend.
Brenda Daly
Brenda Daly
16:15 20 Sep 21
Really enjoyed the process I undertook to recieve my TEFL certificate. I look forward to using it in the near future to teach English to students.
cathy cahalane
cathy cahalane
15:18 20 Sep 21
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