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Want to find out which online TEFL course is best for you? Take our test today and we’ll match your abilities and goals to your ideal TEFL course. 


Learn how to get started by Teaching English online as a  TEFL teacher and teach English anywhere. With the online English teaching market booming, there’s never been a better time to qualify.  

Our Professional TEFL Online Expert Course is split into four separate courses, making your learning manageable and preparing you for every online teaching scenario. You’ll get your primary 120-hour TEFL certificate, observed teaching practicum and two 30-hour specialist courses that focus on setting you up to teach English online. In short, everything you need to deliver engaging and confident lessons as an online TEFL teacher.

Whether you want to travel the world or set your hours working from home, anything is possible with our TEFL online expert course. Get started today and take the first step towards living life on your terms. 


Four professional TEFL courses are rolled into one package, providing you with 190 hours of in-depth TEFL online training. You can complete your training on any device with internet, wherever you are in the world. Plus, you’ll have six months to complete your course – plenty of time to fit it around your busy lifestyle! 


120 Hour Premier TEFL Course 

As part of the advanced TEFL online course, your core studies centre around 10 modules of expert teacher training. This is the minimum you need to become a qualified online teacher. 

30 Hour Teaching Young Learners 

There are thousands of opportunities for teaching children, and this course will give you everything you need to become a fun and creative TEFL teacher to your younger students. 

30 Hour Teaching English Online

Exceed TEFL standards and stand out with a certification that focuses specifically on how to TEFL online. Our course walks you through every part of teaching English online. 

10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course  

Join our live webinar classroom training delivered over Zoom by our experienced TEFL tutors. You’ll communicate with other learners, have live discussions and practice real-life scenarios. The course takes place over two 3.5-hour sessions plus three hours of private study.

Upcoming Dates

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Wednesday 7th Sep - Thursday 8th Sep5:30 pm - 9:00 pm5 309.00Enrol Now
Saturday 17th Sep - Sunday 18th Sep9:30 am - 1:00 pm5 309.00Enrol Now
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Who can take this course?

You're a native or a fluent English speaker
You want to set your own working hours
You’re interested in teaching from home
You're looking to travel and earn at the same time

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The course for IELTS coaching is well designed with lots of tips and questions to reflect. Highly recommend!
Emma Ha
Emma Ha
08:30 16 Aug 22
Informative courses that are built in a simple comprehensible language which allows ease of study, organized and concise. Would love it if there were audiovisual parts of the lessons themselves, rather than just referral links on youtube or other.
truth seeker
truth seeker
06:58 16 Aug 22
I've chosen the 310 Hybrid course. My first course completed was the 10 hour virtual course with Michelle Benson. I am not from a teaching background and was very nervous with what to expect. I was nervous preparing to do my part of teach the class, but Michelle's energy and enthusiasm made all the nerves disappear, and she has the biggest smile 😃. Her lesson was structured and full of information. I'm looking forward to completing my courses.
Hulita Chaounne
Hulita Chaounne
09:51 15 Aug 22
I recently completed my 10 hour virtual course with Michelle Benson and would recommend taking this course if you want clear insight into what it means to teach English online. I found it very helpful to learn by both observing the teacher and having the opportunity to teach the class myself.
Jake Kelly
Jake Kelly
21:59 14 Aug 22
I just completed the 10 Hour Advanced Certificate in TEFL Classroom Methodologies Course this weekend. It was a fantastic course that was hugely useful for me (as a first time teacher) to learn the methodologies and to gain experience and confidence in delivering a lesson. The tutor Michelle Benson delivered the course in a very structured , professional and well paced manner. She ensured that all of the students were engaged and were involved in all parts of the course. Michelle's enthusiasm and upbeat positive manner made this a very enjoyable course to attend. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wanted to gain more confidence and skills in teaching English as a Foreign Language.
JILL Byrne
JILL Byrne
13:35 14 Aug 22
I have just completed "30 hour Teaching English Course" and I want to say that this course might be useful not only for teacher who are new in teaching online but also for experienced ones. I have been teaching online for 3 years and found a lot of new great sources and tools for my classes. Thanks a lot!
Marina Mo_
Marina Mo_
10:39 14 Aug 22
The course that I took is 120 hour TEFL course, after a period time of study, I have gained the qualified certificate. The course content is well organized and comprehensive, thanks to this platform.
Pengxi Chen
Pengxi Chen
14:49 12 Aug 22
i completed this course in 2 weeks, once you put in a good effort you should complete it and obtain a tefl certifcate in no time. i woud definitly recommend this course to everyone and i cannot wait to see where it brings me !!!
Evan Hunt
Evan Hunt
11:02 12 Aug 22
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  • Teach Online
  • Teach at Home
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The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL) has strict standards that TEFL course providers must follow. It’s not just the quality of our courses that the ACDL assesses, but the whole process from start to finish. Our ACDL specific course accreditation means that the course has passed a rigorous evaluation, meets high standards, and is monitored regularly. Average completion time: 5-7 weeks

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