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How to write a cover letter

When you apply for a teaching position, especially as a new English teacher, it is vital to write a good cover letter, along with an epic CV. However, when this is a new position for you (i.e. you have not taught English before) it can be difficult to formulate a well-written cover letter. However, do not fret, we have put together a list of tips to write the perfect cover letter for applying to English teaching positions.

Do your research

First and foremost, the most important aspect of writing a good cover letter is doing your research. Not only should you fully read the job description in detail, but you should also research the company/school itself in depth. By researching the school, you will be able to tailor your cover letter better than the competition. 

Incorporate your previous experience

Although this is your first time applying for a teaching position (i.e. you may not have any teaching experience), you more than likely have lots of experiences that can be applied to teaching. Think about the different skills both soft skills (patience, flexibility, etc) and hard skills (Mastery of the English language, TEFL Certificate, etc), that you can apply to teach English as a second language. Write about these experiences and how they relate to you the position you are applying for. Be sure to incorporate these experiences in a way that addresses the skills they are looking for in their job description.

Tell them how you can help

What people can sometimes forget, is that the cover letter is not about the applicant. Rather, it is about what the applicant can do for the school/company. Although you will be writing about your past experiences, you need to focus on how these skills that you developed will help to benefit the school. 

The layout of the cover letter

Although the details of the cover letter will vary depending on the position itself. The general layout should remain relatively the same. 

Dear Hiring Manager,

First paragraph: Introduce yourself and the reason you are writing to them. Thank them for the opportunity to apply for the position. 

Second paragraph: Write about your previous experience that relates directly to the position. Mainly focus on your hard skills and your educational experience (be sure to address receiving your TEFL) and how this will enable you to help fulfill the position. 

Third paragraph: Write about your previous experience as it pertains to your soft skills. If you are applying for a teaching position overseas, talk about your ability to adapt to a new culture. If you speak the language, be sure to mention it. 

Fourth paragraph: Thank them again for the opportunity to apply for the position and attach your contact information. Ask to schedule an interview as well!


Your name


If you have any specific questions about writing a cover letter, be sure to reach out to one of our specialists or leave your question in the comments below!


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