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Teach English in Cambodia
Teach English in Cambodia

Prepare yourself for 10 unforgettable weeks in the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh. Where you will be teaching English in Cambodia´s legendary capital city.

Have your heart stolen by the immense beauty of the country and its people. Famed for its underground ancient cities, awe-inspiring temples and incredible cuisine.

The Khmer culture is one of South East Asia´s most captivating practices. Go discover for yourself at the UNESCO world heritage site of the Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap. And celebrate during Buddhist New Year in April.

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Ready to teach English in China? This could be your next adventure. Embark on an exciting paid internship to one of the world’s most fascinating countries.

Spend 5 months living among the famous Chinese pandas in Western China. Fill your weekends with hikes in the Qionglai Mountains, visit neighbouring Tibet or immerse yourself in the culture alongside other TEFL teachers.

So why wait? Teach English in China with the TEFL institute!

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Teaching English in China
Teach English in Hong Kong
Teach English in India
TEFL Jobs in India

Teach English in India with the TEFL institute and stimulate your senses in Asia’s most colourful and diverse country. With our paid internship you could be teaching in Kerala, spending your evenings in its famous Elephant spa. Or in other locations such as Punjab or Tail Nadu. You haven’t experienced India’s beauty and vibrancy unless you step foot in its sacred lands.

Only 10% of the population speak English, so take up a teaching position and see for yourself why the world is enchanted by India´s people and culture.

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The world is your oyster with our TEFL internships

Thailand is one of the top destinations to teach English. It offers some of the highest salaries and a taste of tropical paradise. Boasting a coastline of 3219km in length, 1,430 islands and home to the ‘Venice of the East’ (Bangkok), it’s no surprise that Thailand is a dream destination for travellers.

Thailand is a country which is proud of its heritage. Its name in Thai meaning ‘Land of the Free’. Explore the Buddhist temples, cuddle up to some Siamese cats, dance all night at the full moon party, or even try your hand at elephant polo! Your travel itinerary will be spoilt for choice.

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TEFL teaching in Thailand
Teach English in Vietnam
English Teaching Vietnam

If you want to teach English in Vietnam, a country filled with ancient art and architecture, its lands dotted with cascading rice fields and delicious food, then you’ve come to the right place.

In Vietnam each school recognises the importance of learning English. English is considered the working language of the world, paving the way for an economy and population that is more and more international.

The demand for TEFL teachers has never been greater. But don’t overlook the country’s sheer beauty and history when deciding to teach in Vietnam. It really is a traveller’s paradise.

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Colombia is a country of diversity and charm. Its history is full of mystery and adventure. So take on this fantastic opportunity to teach English in Colombia and explore all this beautiful country has to offer.

Enjoy the geography of a country boasting a pacific coastline and the Amazon rain-forest. In addition, Columbia has links to central America and the Caribbean. Consequently, it is a great hub to explore all the America’s have to offer.

Will you go on this new adventure to teach in one of South America’s most exciting and beautiful countries?

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Teaching Jobs in Colombia
teach English in Colombia
Teaching Jobs in Spain

Do you want to live and teach English in a region hugging the Mediterranean coast? A place with the most dazzling architecture in the world and where food is so rich the air is infused with its scent? Come teach English in Spain and enjoy your new life in Catalonia and Valencia.

Our TEFL internhip in Spain offers all our applicants a chance to soak up the sun, bathe in the blue sea, experience exquisite flavors and all that Spain has to offer.

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Experience culture and rich heritage with our TEFL Internships

Live and teach in Sao Paolo, experiencing the culture and infectious chaos of this famous city.

If you have ever fantasized of exploring the Amazon, tracing colonial history or just want to swim on the no.1 beach in the world (Baia do Sancho), enroll and teach English in Brazil with us today!

For 4 months your Brazilian host family will show you what it truly means to be Brazilian, but don´t worry if Portuguese isn´t your forte, we give you free weekly Portuguese lessons!

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Teaching English in Brazil
Brazilian flag and surfboard  at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.
National Congress building, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina, with its vast landscapes and rich cultures, will surprise you at every turn. It truly is a sight to behold, and only by experiencing it first-hand will you ever find the words to describe this extraordinary place.

It may be far, but each day you will thank yourself for embarking on such a unique journey. Ride into the sunset on horseback with Gauchos, dance like Tango has been forever in your blood, climb Aconcagua, the highest peak of the America’s

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Have you ever wanted to live in a place where one day the desert sands warm your feet and the next freezing temperatures turn your breath instantly to ice?

This internship in Chile was made for you. Come and teach English in Chile with the TEFL institute of Ireland and create memories you have never imagined. Being the longest country in the world it is a travellers dream; walk amongst Penguins in Punta Arenas, sip on pisco sours in the Uco Valley and become hypnotised by the world´s best street art in Valparaiso.


Vintage Cerro Santa Lucia in Downtown Santiago, Chile.