Recruit TEFL Teachers

Recruit TEFL Teachers


– Recruit talented individuals who are committed to achieving a real impact on your students
– Work with a company which is passionate about delivering quality education
– Access a range of teachers without dealing with the complications of recruitment

Our team of experts:

Our expert team have, between them, over 30 years’ experience in the delivery of high-quality language teaching training, the distribution of English language programmes around the world and also the support and development of teachers while overseas. This experience has been gained in both large international businesses and small bespoke organisations, giving breadth of expertise required to deliver high-quality programmes of this nature.

Each year, our students participate in programs around the world, teaching English to learners of all ages and levels. The TEFL Institute of Ireland has built a strong relationship with many schools, language academies and other educational organisations.

The TEFL Institute inspires young trained people to travel and help others to improve their language skills, through the teaching of English as a foreign language.

Our teachers:

We conduct a thorough recruitment process to select the highest quality teachers. Not only are our teachers highly qualified, but they are also handpicked based on their positive attitudes towards working and living in a foreign country. Our teachers complete a 120 hours theoretical course online before arrival and will complete a practical training day in the country of destination, taught by expert teachers, in which they learn techniques and methodology that will help them work with the students in class, in pairs or groups, proposing roles, dialogues and games to practice the language in an oral way.
They will be able to use any personal knowledge or hobby to create a classroom activity that motivates students to practice English, helping to improve both vocabulary and pronunciation.

We recruit teachers for Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, and Universities both in Government and private sectors.

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