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30 Hour Teaching Business English Specialist Course

English is the business language of the world. Put aside just 30 hours of online training, and become a specialist in teaching Business English. Add this qualification to your TEFL CV and stand out to employers.


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The TEFL Institute of Ireland

30 Hour Teaching Business English Course

Why take the 30 Hour Teaching Business English Course?

Teaching English is one of the best ways to earn while traveling, this course provides you with the specialist skills to teach the business language of the world.

Due to the rapid growth of global business practices, the ability to speak English in the workplace has become an increasingly sought-after skill. Because of this continuing trend, the demand for teachers who are qualified to teach English in the field of business is rapidly increasing and it is now one of the fastest growing markets in the TEFL industry.

The fully accredited Business English Course will allow you to teach in a variety of settings, from working from home as a tutor, to addressing a class of business professionals wanting to expand their business vocabulary.

As more and more countries emerge as dominant players in the international trade market, there is a mirror effect on the demand for specialist business English teachers.

What you get on the 30 Teaching Business English Course

  • Fully accredited training.
  • Personal tutor support.
  • Internationally recognised certificate.
  • Expert job hunting advice.

240 Hour Master TEFL Course

6 Months Study

240 Hour Master TEFL Course

Use on any device

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Certificate of completion

240 Hour Master TEFL Course

Recognised Worldwide

About your 30 Hour Teaching Business English Course

The 240 Hour Master TEFL Course is structured to be completed online within 6 months. You will have 24 hour online access to the program, allowing you to learn when and where suits you while gaining a lifetime qualification.

Because of our dedication to helping you succeed, our course support team will assist you along your educational journey to becoming TEFL certified.

Did we mention a 14-day money-back guarantee?


Ultimate Flexibility

Online training has become the fastest growing resource for qualifications, and our TEFL training is no different.

The 24/7 access to the program means you can juggle work, family, university and the all-important social life.

The interactive program is structured using a combination of text, audio, and video, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Become an internationally recognised teacher with the TEFL Institute of Ireland and broaden your horizons.



  • Module 1: Introduction to Teaching Business English
    By the end of this module, you will:

    • Have a clearer understanding of how learning and teaching Business English differs from General English.
    • Have considered a range of different teaching contexts from classroom-based lessons to distance learning.
    • Have a clearer understanding of the role of the Business English teacher.
    • Have a greater understanding of the need to present language in context and focus on specific business communication skills.

  • Module 2: Needs analysis and course design
    By the end of this module, you will:

    • Have a clearer understanding of how to conduct an effective needs analysis or language audit.
    • Be able to confidently design a course with appropriate objectives and syllabus components.

  • Module 3: Selecting and developing materials
    By the end of this module, you will:

    • Have a greater awareness of the range of materials used to teach Business English.
    • Be better able to select appropriate materials when planning Business English classes.

  • Module 4: Teaching business speaking skills
    By the end of this module, you will:

    • Have a greater awareness of the range of Business English speaking skills taught in class.
    • Be more confident about teaching a range of Business English speaking skills.

  • Module 5: Teaching business writing skills
    By the end of this module, you will:

    • Have a greater awareness of the range of Business English writing skills taught in class.
    • Be more confident about teaching a range of Business English writing skills.

  • Module 6: Intercultural training
    By the end of this module, you will:

    • Understand the need for intercultural training and different cultural dimensions.
    • Know how to use practical activities in class to help learners understand their own culture, other cultures and how to cope with different cultures.

  • Module 7: Teaching English for specific purposes
    By the end of this module, you will

    • Understand what is involved in teaching an ESP course and how this differs from teaching a General Business English course.
    • Have gained more confidence in teaching ESP.
    • Be able to consider the need for a clear needs analysis, subject knowledge and choosing suitable materials.
    • Have gained confidence in planning an ESP course and individual lessons

  • Assessment

    • Includes end of course test with multiple questions, requiring a pass mark of 80% or above.



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China Internship

I decided to take a gap year after I finished my Leaving Cert. After going through the entire course online and getting accredited to teach english abroad I had the best year of my life in Shanghai. The week was spent teaching and I was able to travel around and explore during the weekends. I’m looking forward to going abroad again once I’m finished college.

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TEFL 120 Hour

Getting accredited to teach english as a second language is one of the best things I have ever done! The entire online course was really easy to follow and I was able to get help whenever I wasn’t sure about anything. I’m planning to go abroad next year to put my newly found knowledge to use! Thanks for all the help guys!

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TEFL Master

I have just completed the 240hr TEFL package and can honestly say I am so glad I chose this package as having learnt so much about the IELTS teacher preparation certification. I can see why it is such an advantage in the TEFL jobs market.

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China Internship

I did an internship for three months in Beijing. It was great fun and I enjoyed my time there. My host family were exceptional and helped me out with any problems I had during my time staying there! The monthly allowance was enough to travel around with as everything is much cheaper over there than at home here. I’d love to go back again to visit but during the summer this time!

Default Avatar100

My first step into teaching was with this programme & exploration into my potential as a teacher of English. The course was very well laid out and easy to follow once I arrived in country the co-ordinators were brilliant & encouraging to Native Speakers & Polish Participants alike. It's an intense experience but one that I will definitely be looking to participate in again. Thank you for the opportunity to teach, touch, learn, share & give.

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TEFL 240 Hour

I am writing this review for the administration. They have been to quick to respond to all my questions and understanding of why I needed help.

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TEFL 240 Hour

I loved doing the TEFL course, especially the fact that I could complete it online as I mind two children and was constantly being interrupted but it was easy to go back over things if I didn’t fully understand. Ian was very helpful throughout the course and made sure all my questions were answered quickly and in detail. I can’t wait to put my new skills to the test in Spain this summer.

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China Internship

I really enjoyed my time abroad after getting accredited to teach english. As a frequent backpacker, this was a different experience as I got to stay in the one place for quite a length of time. I got to know lots of the locals and made tons of friends.

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TEFL 120 Hour

I was very happy with the course and its content. It’s very easy to work your way through it on the online platform. I’m not sure where I will go teaching yet but I’m excited that it’s now a very real possibility. Thanks for all the help.

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Thailand Internship

My now husband and I met before when traveling around Southeast Asia a long time ago. After taking your course we both went back and started teaching english. We have been enjoying ourselves here ever since! I hope to take the more advanced course soon.

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Spain Internship

I completed an internship in Spain during my summer break in University. I couldn’t have done it without all the help from you guys and the lessons I learned on the course. The host family were really nice and I met up with other teachers who where in the area.

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TEFL 240 Hour

Really enjoyed taking the course, I feel much more confident in the classroom now.

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Enrolling on our best TEFL course the 300 Hour Master will give you the best value for your time and money. In fact, we know that each customer has different needs and expectations. Which is why we offer promotions and sales on all courses and internships throughout the year.

30 Hour Teaching Business English

Certificate in Teaching Business English including Methodology, and Linguistic Skills

To become an effective business English teacher it is not at all necessary to have prior experience or an extensive knowledge of the business world as the majority of the language skills you teach will be much the same as for any other language learner.



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