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You do not need to speak a foreign language to teach English abroad, but if you want to live abroad, it definitely helps.

TEFL FAQ: Do I Need to Speak a Foreign Language?

No. You do not NEED to speak a foreign language to teach English abroad. You will be able to find a job and work comfortably without knowing the language spoken in that particular country. The real question is, should you make an effort to learn a foreign language? We are supposed to say, “Learn as […]


TEFL certified English Teachers with a strong understanding of how English has adapted over the centuries are better prepared to answer the tough questions.

History of the English Language: A TEFL Guide

A precocious young student raises her hand. She is squirming in her seat. She has a question and it’s ready to pop. Finally, the TEFL teacher notices her. The girl lets out a deep sigh of relief. “Why do meet, m-e-e-t and meat, m-e-a-t, sound the same?” she asks. The TEFL teacher takes a quizzical […]


TEFL Summer Camps

ESL Summer Camp activity ideas

ESL Summer Camp activity ideas Previously, I wrote about ESL summer camps, in particular, one that I worked on last year in Poznan, Poland. The response I got from the blog gave me the idea to highlight how I combine creativity and ESL teaching. In total I delivered a range of activities/lessons for age groups […]


A TEFL guide to getting past reverse culture shock

Reverse Culture Shock is Gonna Get You

EVERYBODY deals with reverse culture shock. For some, it’s a real jolt. For others, it’s an amusing reminder that even home can feel like a foreign place. Either way, it’s 100% guaranteed. Here is our advice on what to expect and how to move past it. The Truth about Story Time You’ll have a thousand […]


Culture shock is real, but also easily remedied

How to Avoid Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a misleading term. It happens. But it is rarely a shock to the system. At most it is a zap or zing. As a TEFL certified English teacher you’re already half immune. You’ve chosen to take the leap and move abroad. That takes guts. Your Uncle Marty who has never left the […]


TEFL Certificate Legalisation

TEFL Certificate Legalisation

For many people, arranging TEFL Legalisation and visas to travel can be a completely new experience. Being a TEFL teacher, chances are that you will be living and working in a foreign country under a working visa. So, get your documents ready, head to an embassy, and start using up some of those blank pages […]


Five Easy Steps to Improve as an English Teacher

Five Ways to Improve in the Classroom

This is an uncomplicated subject that generates lots of complicated advice. Choosing the right books and avoiding nonsense guru babble can feel daunting. Especially, when what you’re looking for is teacher-to-teacher advice. Here you go: five easy ways to improve as an English teacher. Teach It sounds obvious but no amount of studying and mock […]


Legalisation of TEFL Certificates

That’s Not a Visa Run, That’s a Border Hop!

Visa run. Border hop. Spend about two seconds abroad and you’ll hear these phrases casually thrown around. One is important to you as a TEFL certified English teacher. The other is not. Let’s start by getting border hop out of the way. A border hop simply means crossing the border and coming back in order […]

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Summertime TEFL jobs are a great way to give back and travel cheap.

The Truth About Summertime TEFL Jobs

Summertime TEFL jobs all sound so sexy; free room and board at a hotel in the Alps, stay with a host family in Peru, kayak and camp just a short drive from St. Petersburg. As alluring as they sound you can’t look at them as traditional jobs in the sense of earn and save. They […]

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