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Make sure your family understands why you have made the decision to teach English abroad.

How to Tell Your Family that You’re Moving Abroad

You did it! You completed your TEFL Training! You are ready to teach English abroad! One small problem–you have no idea how to tell your family. You’ve told all your friends and a bunch of random strangers, “I’m going to teach English abroad!” But you haven’t said a word to mom and dad. Because because […]


Teaching English abroad requires people to live without many of the comforts of home, which often leads to greater happiness.

A Minimalist’s Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Everyone teaching English abroad is a minimalist. Because that is the life. And because you only have to overpack once. We know what you’re thinking. But what if I need… But what if they don’t have… You don’t. And they probably do. Overthinking is a slippery slope that dumps all of your crap into luggage […]


You do not need to speak a foreign language to teach English abroad, but if you want to live abroad, it definitely helps.

TEFL FAQ: Do I Need to Speak a Foreign Language?

No. You do not NEED to speak a foreign language to teach English abroad. You will be able to find a job and work comfortably without knowing the language spoken in that particular country. The real question is, should you make an effort to learn a foreign language? We are supposed to say, “Learn as […]


Teaching English abroad is a job that you escaped to not from. If you aren't committed, stay home.

Teaching English Abroad is not a Job for Runaways

It used to be. Ten or fifteen years ago the TEFL community was split into three categories; dedicated individuals with a real interest in teaching English abroad, backpackers killing time before the next long bus ride and people running away from whatever back home. The backpackers and the runaways were a minority but a consistent […]


TEFL teachers move onto a variety of fascinating careers

Oh the Places TEFL Teachers GO!

TEFL teachers love the English language. And they love sharing the English language with their students. But their reasons for teaching English abroad are more complex than nouns and verbs. It’s about exploring the world, exploring oneself and tapping into an unknown, unthought of future. And that unthought of future isn’t something you can find […]


People often make uninformed assumptions about teaching English abroad. Don't fall for these common misconceptions.

Top Five Misconceptions about Teaching English Abroad

People make assumptions about teaching English abroad and those assumptions often stop them short before they’ve done the research or asked the right questions. The same people tell current TEFL teachers, I could never do what you do. When what they really mean is, I don’t want to. I’m comfortable. But that is not you. […]


TEFL teachers always have interesting and diverse New Year's resolutions. Let us know what you have planned. TEFL Institute of Ireland.

Let’s Talk About New Year’s Resolutions

TEFL teachers and prospective TEFL teachers always have epic New Year’s Resolutions. No one in the TEFL world has ever said, “I’m going to finish Netflix this year. The whole thing.” Generally, resolutions made by TEFL teachers living abroad or planning to live abroad are a wonderful mixture of big and small. I’m going to […]


TEFL teachers celebrate New Year's Eve all over the world. Popular destinations include; Valparaiso, Rio, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Lisbon.

Top Five New Year’s Eve Destinations for TEFL Teachers

Everyone loves a destination New Year’s Eve! And for TEFL teachers living abroad accessing the world’s best New Year’s Eve celebrations is easy. Take a long bus ride. Hitchhike. Hop on a budget flight. Get yourself to one of the great global destinations! There are exceptions of course. TEFL teachers travel on a teachers salary. […]


TEFL certified English Teachers with a strong understanding of how English has adapted over the centuries are better prepared to answer the tough questions.

History of the English Language: A TEFL Guide

A precocious young student raises her hand. She is squirming in her seat. She has a question and it’s ready to pop. Finally, the TEFL teacher notices her. The girl lets out a deep sigh of relief. “Why do meet, m-e-e-t and meat, m-e-a-t, sound the same?” she asks. The TEFL teacher takes a quizzical […]

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