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TEFL teachers and the visa run

That’s Not a Visa Run, That’s a Border Hop!

Visa run. Border hop. Spend about two seconds abroad and you’ll hear these phrases casually thrown around. One is important to you as a TEFL certified English teacher. The other is not. Let’s start by getting border hop out of the way. A border hop simply means crossing the border and coming back in order […]


Summertime TEFL jobs are a great way to give back and travel cheap.

The Truth About Summertime TEFL Jobs

Summertime TEFL jobs all sound so sexy; free room and board at a hotel in the Alps, stay with a host family in Peru, kayak and camp just a short drive from St. Petersburg. As alluring as they sound you can’t look at them as traditional jobs in the sense of earn and save. They […]


Technology can useful to TEFL teachers but shouldn't be over used

Five Apps TEFL Teachers Can Actually Use

There are about a million app lists for English teachers. And they all start more or less like this: “Technology is changing the world! If you don’t integrate apps into your classroom you’ll be left behind!” Allow us to translate: “I work for an app developer! I’ve never set foot in an ESL classroom in […]


Teaching English abroad can be a complicated transition, but the TEFL Institute of Ireland Paid Internship programme makes it easy.

Paid Internship: A Great Place to Start

Completing your online TEFL course is the hard part. After that it gets easy. You just have to: Arrange travel to a foreign country Arrange transportation within that country Find accommodation in a strange new city where you do not speak the language Shop for food, clothes and other necessities Communicate with your new bosses […]


The vast majority of people teaching English abroad and dedicated and professional. But bad apples are out there. Beware!

A Failure’s Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is like any other business; occasionally a dud slips through the cracks. These tricksters, who pretend just long enough to get a plane ticket and a visa, can cause real problems. They can pull other teachers down with them and make the break room and shared living spaces uncomfortable. While the vast […]


Make sure your family understands why you have made the decision to teach English abroad.

How to Tell Your Family You’re Moving Abroad

You did it! You completed your TEFL Training! You are ready to teach English abroad! One small problem–you have no idea how to tell your family. You’ve told all your friends and a bunch of random strangers, “I’m going to teach English abroad!” But you haven’t said a word to mom and dad. Because because […]


Teaching English abroad requires people to live without many of the comforts of home, which often leads to greater happiness.

A Minimalist’s Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Everyone teaching English abroad is a minimalist. Because that is the life. And because you only have to overpack once. We know what you’re thinking. But what if I need… But what if they don’t have… You don’t. And they probably do. Overthinking is a slippery slope that dumps all of your crap into luggage […]


You do not need to speak a foreign language to teach English abroad, but if you want to live abroad, it definitely helps.

TEFL FAQ: Do I Need to Speak a Foreign Language?

No. You do not NEED to speak a foreign language to teach English abroad. You will be able to find a job and work comfortably without knowing the language spoken in that particular country. The real question is, should you make an effort to learn a foreign language? We are supposed to say, “Learn as […]


Teaching English abroad is a job that you escaped to not from. If you aren't committed, stay home.

Teaching English Abroad is not a Job for Runaways

It used to be. Ten or fifteen years ago the TEFL community was split into three categories; dedicated individuals with a real interest in teaching English abroad, backpackers killing time before the next long bus ride and people running away from whatever back home. The backpackers and the runaways were a minority but a consistent […]

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