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TEFL certified English Teachers with a strong understanding of how English has adapted over the centuries are better prepared to answer the tough questions.

History of the English Language: A TEFL Guide

A precocious young student raises her hand. She is squirming in her seat. She has a question and it’s ready to pop. Finally, the TEFL teacher notices her. The girl lets out a deep sigh of relief. “Why do meet, m-e-e-t and meat, m-e-a-t, sound the same?” she asks. The TEFL teacher takes a quizzical […]


High-paid English teaching jobs are available in China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Brunei. Here are the details you need.

The Highest Paid English Teaching Jobs Worldwide

Nobody starts their TEFL career with the intention of making loads of money. Teaching English abroad is a job with purpose. It allows you to see the world and change your perspective on life, happiness and all the rest. It is a job with a clear and observable value. At this exact moment, millions of […]