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Weekend TEFL Course

Highly respected by employers around the world


Get your lifetime foundation qualification of classroom methodologies under your belt in just one day. Our 10-hour day courses are led by some of the TEFL industry’s top trainers and our live TEFL Course is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of TEFL. You will be taught by one of our excellent TEFL Institute trainers who will be able to answer all your TEFL questions, as well as providing you with tons of beneficial training and advice.

No prior teaching experience is necessary; we’ll take you through each module step-by-step. This course was designed specifically to equip you with the skills needed to be confident and successful in your overseas classroom, regardless of your experience level. You don’t need to worry about a thing, all that’s left to do is enrol on the course, and your path to an exciting TEFL adventure will begin.

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Completion time: 1 Day


Completion time: 1 Day


Completion time: 1 Day


Completion time: 1 Day

Why take the 10-hour intensive Classroom TEFL Course?

As the country’s leading TEFL provider, you’ll gain a worldwide recognised qualification that has been developed by industry leaders. Having received the top tips from our trainers who have years of experience, you will be a confident classroom leader from the word go! If you want to get some extra training then you can always check out our online TEFL courses to give your C.V. another boost.

As most employers require applicants to hold at least a 120-hour TEFL qualification, you can combine this classroom course with the 130 Hour Blended or 190 Hour Level 5 Blended Course at a discounted price. Now is the time to sign up and kick start your own TEFL adventure.

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Verified Student Reviews

Stephen Duffy
Stephen D.
15:59 28 Sep 20
The 10 Hour Virtual TEFL course included practical teaching which is good training for teaching online and traditional classroom teaching. I am happy to have completed this course, it was a good experience. I would highly recommend the TEFL Institute of Ireland.
Jennifer Kenny
Jennifer K.
13:50 28 Sep 20
I have just completed the 120 hour course and the 30 hour advanced grammar course. I cannot recommend it enough. It was a great way to keep my mind active and learn new things. I am looking forward to putting what i have learnt to good use.
Ciara Irwin
Ciara I.
18:37 27 Sep 20
Easy to get TEFL qualification
Joy A
Joy A
13:11 26 Sep 20
I just completed the 120 Hour Online TEFL course along with the 30 Hour Teaching Online course and I'm so glad that I did them. I had wanted to study this with years and when the lockdown came I was looking for something to do so I said why not?The course was brilliant, everything was so well layed out with all the information you needed. They provided plenty of links to resources that can be used when teaching English which I thought was really handy to have. There was also great communication - I knew that if I had any problem I only had to ask for help.I'm really glad I did this course and would 100% recommend it to anyone who was think about teaching English!
John Mooney
John M.
15:53 25 Sep 20
The app was great to use on the go and gave me plenty of time to complete my course. I would definitely recommend this company
Celeste Barnard
Celeste B.
12:00 25 Sep 20
I am in the process completing the 120 hour TEFL Ireland course. I want to extend my thanks to the team at TEFL Ireland for the amazing support, encouragement and prompt service. The course itself is easy to follow, well laid out and comprehensive. There are additional webinars which help with all aspects of teaching and progressing. Super people I have not felt alone on this journey to becoming a TEFL teacher! Thanks to all!
conor quearney
conor Q.
10:53 24 Sep 20
I just finished the 10 hour practice teaching online class course. This was a brilliant course to do with like minded people all working towards the same goal for different reasons. Our teacher was kind and engaging and very patient.I could not recommended it more for anyone who is considering teaching in class or online this will accommodate both.It's a good ice breaker to get rid of the nerves you may have on teaching.
Nicole Rogers
Nicole R.
16:08 22 Sep 20
I would highly recommend the TEFL Institute of Ireland. I have really enjoyed the 180-hour, Level 5 course and the 30-hour Online Course. The courses are well structured and easy to navigate. They were both very informative, allowing me to feel confident to begin teaching English as a foreign language. I would recommend taking part in these courses as they are affordable, flexible, and the TEFL team is always there to help with any questions.


We are one of the most accredited course providers in Ireland, with a strong reputation for our high quality learning experiences, and our internationally recognised TEFL courses.

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