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Cambodia can seem like the closed book of South East Asia, with many avid TEFL travellers going first to Thailand and Vietnam (and with good reason of course). Many look at South East Asia as a melting pot of cultures, people and experiences, difficult to set them apart. But here are 5 reasons why Cambodia is a stand-out country and deserves to be singled out as a MUST for teaching and traveling.

Become the tomb raider of Cambodia at the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temple, the highlight of any TEFL teachers time in Siem Reap. expat VietnamThis temple is the largest religious monument on the planet, with thousands of mesmerising carvings, galleries and secret passages. However, if you find that your Instagram perfect shot is ruined by the sea of tourists, pull out your map and hop on a bus to other temples. We promise that you are less likely to get hit by a selfie stick in one of the more remote and undiscovered monuments. Make sure to find the Ta Prohm temple where the roots of trees are intertwined within the temples ancient stone structure. Lara Croft costume optional.

There are entire books, websites and academic research dedicated to the tantalizing Khmer food of Cambodia. We don´t blame you if outside of your teaching hours you do nothing but eat! In Phnom Penh seek out grilled fish and seafood curries, caught fresh in the Mekong River. Finish off the party on your taste buds with some grilled banana and a refreshing Saigon beer. Don´t be surprised if you find yourself wandering along the bustling food markets, marvelling at the exotic produce. Cambodia FoodWhy not pick up some ingredients to cook back in your apartment? Or are you looking for a unique culinary experience? Check out the Bugs Café in Siem Reap, the famed insect’s tapas bar. Toothpicks included.

Your legs might grow tired from standing in class 4 hours a day. Add to this weekend-long site seeing and your calf muscles could become your worst enemy. Buses can be overcrowded and stuffy, but fear not, Cambodia is a country with innovative ways of getting from A to B. Bamboo is abundant in Cambodia, and the locals have engineered its durability into bamboo trains or ´noory´. One look at the simple yet comfy design and you will call it a masterpiece of logistics. Head to the outskirts of Battambang (បាត់ដំបង), Cambodia´s second largest city, to find one of the last remaining bamboo trains in service. Oh, and one last thing; while you are walking around the temples of Siem Reap look up towards the sky for the exhilarating zip line of Angkor!

Each of our teachers will land their dream teaching position in the charming and captivating capital city of Cambodia. Phnom Penh is a culture lovers dream, offering alternative and contemporary activates for tourists and locals alike: art-house cinemas, traditional Khmer dance shows, floating nightclubs and some of the most stand-out eateries in all of South East Asia.Cambodia Beaches Set along the mammoth Mekong River you´re never far from some water activities. Why not enjoy an hour-long river cruise, bringing you to nearby Silk Island, or go to where the river ends; Saigon, Vietnam!

Cambodia is the kind of place where you not only get to see world-famous sites but where you can learn lifelong skills as well! The beauty and tranquillity of Cambodia makes it the perfect location for a handful of days on a yoga and meditation retreat. Once you find your inner zen join a group of culinary aficionados for a Khmer style cooking course. There are courses to cater for all tastes and requirements, from vegetarian to chilli addicts! Finally, to burn off those extra sumptuous plates of fish Amok, put on your hiking boots for expeditions along the Ream national park, the Kalai Jungle or the Cardamom Mountains.

It is tricky for us to give only 5 things not to miss in Cambodia. This country is full of so many wonders and surprises that any TEFL traveller will be overwhelmed with options. Cambodia is one of the most affordable countries for TEFL teachers to live and travel, with great salaries on offer too! If you need any more reasons to visit Cambodia get in touch with us today, we know this experience will be the right one for you.

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