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Set your own schedule and earn money anywhere in the world by teaching English online. Our 30 Hour Teaching English Online Course prepares you with everything you need to know to deliver engaging online English lessons, including: 

  • The tools you need to teach online 
  • Classroom management strategies 
  • Tips for teaching one-on-one or small groups 
  • Lesson delivery methods 
  • And more. 

Having a minimum of 120 hours of TEFL training is a great start to becoming an online English teacher. With this specialist teaching English online course, you’ll advance your skills to create and deliver confident, practical English lessons online. This makes it one of the best ways to teach English online with no experience. 

Enrol today to learn more about the growing field of online TEFL. Plus, how to work from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere in the world! 

is the average amount of time it takes to complete this course.
Once you have completed our course, you are gaining a lifetime certification.
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Our Course Style

Be prepared to take on any online teaching role with our 30 Hour Teaching English Online Course. Six modules will take you through everything you need to deliver the best online classes. You’ll get 24/7 online access and six months to complete your course at your own pace. And a personal tutor to support you along the way. 

Why Teach English Online

Thanks to advances in technology and the increasing number of people worldwide wanting to learn English, you can now make a steady income from teaching online. The best part? As an online English teacher, you control your schedule to fit around your lifestyle and work from anywhere with internet. 

Our Accreditations


Approved Center Number: 21335

Highfield Qualifications are a global leader in compliance and work-based learning and apprenticeship qualifications and one of the UK’s most recognisable awarding organisations. The TEFL Institute is an approved training center by Highfield Qualifications, an independent Ofqual approved Awarding Organization. This means the TEFL Institute has met Highfield’s expectations for developing and delivering high quality courses in the TEFL industry. Every year, Highfield maintains evaluation visits to ensure we are consistently meeting the high standards with our training.


ODLQC was founded in 1969 as the Council for the Accreditation of Correspondence Colleges, becoming the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council in 1995.Accreditation follows a rigorous assessment of a provider’s administrative and tutorial methods, educational materials and publicity, to ensure that all Standards are met. Our courses undergo strict external monitoring and control checks an on ongoing basis to ensure you receive the highest quality teacher training experience.

View the TEFL Institute’s verification on ODLQC website.


ACDL – Accreditation number: 2854-2540

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL), an accreditation body which specialises in distance learning courses. Our accreditation by ACDL reflects the high-quality distance learning offered by The TEFL Institute.

To learn more, visit their website: ACDL

Ireland's Leading TEFL Provider

With The TEFL Institute of Ireland, you’ll gain a lifetime qualification that’s recognised by employers worldwide. Our experienced team is passionate about providing outstanding support. From helping you choose the best course for you to TEFL job assistance, we’re here to help you achieve your TEFL goals. 

Who Can Take This Course?
A person who:
  • You’re a native or fluent English speaker
  • You want to advance your online TEFL skills
  • You’re interested in teaching English online from anywhere in the world
  • You want to be more flexible with your teaching hours
What’s included
Our courses are built with students’ experience in mind - proven learning principles, mentorship. Once you complete our training you are unlocking all the tools you need to begin your English teaching career.
Internationally recognised TEFL certifcate
Digital completion certificate included.
Accredited TEFL Training
All of the specialist TEFL courses are accredited by ODLQC & ACDL.
Full Suite of Tutor Support
Personal tutor assigned to each learner + discord board to connect with other learners.
Job Support
6 months access to our jobs board to help you kickstart your TEFL career.
Employer Certificate Verification
Your future employer can verify if your certificate is on our database and accredited
TEFL on the Go App
All students can complete their training from any device, from anywhere in the world
24/7 Access
Self-paced online TEFL Course. Complete the course at your own pace, and at times that suit you. Even if you are working or studying you can complete the course at ease with our 6 months study time.
Free Teaching English Online Start-up Guide
Would you like to start earning from the comfort of your own home? This start-up guide is the perfect starting point to your online career.
Course Content Breakdown
2-4 weeks • approx. 3-5 hrs/week time commitment
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30 Hour Teaching English Online Course
Module 1: Your Virtual Classroom

In module one, you will learn all about your virtual classroom. You’ll start by learning all the necessary tools you need to succeed as an online teacher. Besides, we’ll walk you through all of the different platforms you would use as a teacher so that even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you can still succeed! Lastly, we will walk you through how to set up your virtual classroom and recommend some tools to make your life as a virtual teacher easier.

Module 2: Your Role As The Teacher

Next, we will discuss your role as a teacher, including the different classes you may teach from different levels to subjects (i.e. business English). Also, we walk you through separate classroom management tips to make the most of your time together!

Module 3: One-to-One & Small Group Teaching

In the third module, we discuss teaching one-on-one and in small groups. As an online teacher, the majority of your classes will be with one-on-one courses or small groups of students (3-4), depending on the company you work for. To begin, we give you the pros and cons of teaching one-on-one classes as well as some tips on how to succeed on an individual level. Next, we dive into the actual lessons themselves and different activities that you can use in your virtual classroom. Besides, we give you various topics and examples based on age groups, language level, and course type.

Module 4: How to Give Effective Lessons

In the fourth module, we will teach you how to deliver practical lessons to your students. We start by discussing different delivery methods that you can use before giving you various resources to use to help you plan, prepare, and deliver your lesson. Besides, we will walk you through the seven steps to creating a successful lesson plan as well as provide you with examples of course.

Module 5: Your Role As The Teacher Part 2

Understand your students’ language abilities and why they want to learn English. You’ll learn how to differentiate these different types of students and how to tackle their lessons in a personalized way. Get to know the principles behind online TEFL teaching and advance your knowledge of effective class techniques.

Module 6: Freelance, Digital Nomad, or Self-Employed?

Here you’ll get up-to-date tips on the current employment market. In this module you will receive details about how to choose the best career path, whether you plan to be self-employed or work for an established online teaching platform. You will be ready to jump into any job online whether you are at home or abroad.

Meet your instructors
Youre not in this alone, as part of this course youll be matched with a mentor from our academic team. Mentors are CELTA & DELTA qualified, and have at least 4 years of teaching experience. Whenever you will need help our tutor team is there to guide you. create alongside them, and receive weekly live & asynchronous feedback on real-world projects.
The TEFL Institute mentor network
Academic Director
Academic Assessor & Tutor
Academic Assessor
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Out of 1,840 global reviews
5 Star
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1 Star
So happy after receiving my diploma in an email from Olivia! I very much enjoyed the experience completing my level 5 course, I have learned a lot and I feel prepared to start working as an English teacher. Thank you!
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith
14:32 22 May 24
I recently attended a Webinar hel by Jessica and Walter. It was extremely interactive and I found the information relayed by both very useful. Both were patient, upbeat and had all relevant information readily available when asked a question. Very worthwhile.
Robbie Murphy
Robbie Murphy
12:37 22 May 24
I have enrolled for a course with TEFL institute today, so cannot comment on the course yet. But what is worth mentioning is very competent pre-purchase guidance. I filled in a "call-me-back" form not hoping for much response, but soon was surprised by an actual phone call from Ireland from one of the instructors, Walter Cullinan (I'm in South Africa by the way). He gave me some honest and competent feedback on my points of interest, provided some further comments through timely email interaction and I ended up signing up for the course.
Liliya Galieva
Liliya Galieva
10:16 22 May 24
It was very good!
Niclas Lundberg
Niclas Lundberg
08:48 22 May 24
I recently completed the TEFL course Level 5 with The TEFL Institute Ireland and overall, it was a positive experience (it was rather tough, though :))) ) Instructors were supportive and knowledgeable.I'm also grateful for the ongoing support provided by The TEFL Institute Ireland even after completing the course. The availability of numerous webinars aimed at assisting graduates in finding employment opportunities is highly appreciated.Today's webinar by Jessica and Walter was very informative and interesting.
Salome Gorgiladze
Salome Gorgiladze
18:23 21 May 24
The webinar with Jessica and Walter was brilliant. They introduced some teaching opportunities in Europe, patiently answered every question, gave useful practical advice. All in friendly and supportive environment.
Emese Toth
Emese Toth
17:23 21 May 24
I just attended the webinar Teaching English in Europe: What You Need to Know, hosted by Jessica & Walter. It was informative and very helpful. I was very happy to learn about all of the options for TEFL teachers in Italy, particularly the increasing demand for private teachers.
17:01 21 May 24
I've recently begun my 300+ Hr Level 5 certification and the lessons are clear and straightforward. The process to enroll was also simple and straightforward. TEFL Institute, including specialists and advisors such as Jessica Jeffery and Walter Cullinan, gives its students adequate support/help to complete their certification as well as giving guidance when looking for work overseas. I would highly recommend.
Patrick Cole
Patrick Cole
16:53 21 May 24
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Teaching English Online FAQs
|Wondering About Teaching English Online?
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Do I need a degree to teach English online?

In short, no but it can depend on employers! Although many English teaching companies do require you to have a degree, such as VIPKid, and English First, it is not required for all online English teaching companies. PalFish, which is an app that you can use on your phone to teach English, does not require you to have a college degree.

How much money can I make as an online English teacher?

The amount of money you can make teaching English online will depend on your experience. It varies from company to company. In general, you can make anywhere from $12 to $26 per hour. (€9 -€20 per hour).

Do I have to plan the lessons and create the teaching material?

Nope! The majority of online English teaching companies, if not all, prepare the teaching materials for each lesson. This includes the slides you will use and the games that you will play in each lesson. It is encouraged for you to look over each lesson before going over it with students.

Do I need to have props to teach English online?

It depends on the company! Some English teaching companies may require you to have a prop or two for your lessons with younger students while others may not. However, the majority of online English teaching companies do prefer you to use props. It engages the student and when you are applying for the position, it will help you to get the job!

What are the requirements to teach English online?

This will differ from company to company. For the majority of companies, if you are a native English speaker with your degree, your TEFL certificate, and a clean background check, you will meet the requirements.

How many hours a week do you work?

This is completely up to you! Although some companies may require you to work a minimum of 6-8 hours a week, the total amount of hours that you work is up to you. One of the benefits of teaching English online is that you can choose how many hours a week you wish to work and when you want to work.

Who do you normally teach?

In general, the majority of online English teaching companies have students ages 5 -15. However, there are companies where you could be teaching adult learners. For example, PalFish is an app with an Official Kid’s Course, where you teach children. However, their app, in general, is focused more towards adults where you simply have a conversation with someone on the app and are paid by the minute.

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