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Teach English Online

Online learning and teaching have become the new norm in the last few years.You can take one of our online courses and become qualified within a month. Once you’ve obtained your TEFL qualification, you can research the numerous online TEFL opportunities available to you. As you decide to study for your TEFL qualification online, so will your future students. You might teach adults or children and can also specialise in more niche areas such as Business English or private classes.

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Teach English Abroad

Do you want to teach in a different country? The internships we offer at the TEFL Institute of Ireland will help you start your TEFL career without the stress. Our team of TEFL experts will help find you the perfect internship/job for your profile. We have a job board and connections with over 200 schools worldwide. Our internships include assistance with any necessary visas or accommodation and in-country support. Allow Ireland’s best TEFL provider to help you toward your TEFL goals.

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World Class TEFL Training - Fully Accredited and Government Regulated TEFL Courses

The TEFL Institute of Ireland has over 30 years of experience in the field and is Ireland’s leading TEFL course provider. Our small Irish business aims to help you find the online TEFL course that is right for you, with the help of our TEFL experts. Our online TEFL certifications can help you start your TEFL career, whether abroad or online. Our internationally-recognised and accredited so your future employers will know you have undertaken the best possible TEFL training and are ready for the (virtual) classroom.

With our many years of experience and our high-quality courses, employers respect our online TEFL qualifications. They can also verify any certificates with us or the corresponding registers (as can you) so you know that your qualification will be recognised by your future employer. Our online TEFL courses can be completed from any device on the go. This can fit in perfectly with your busy schedule.

With outstanding reviews worldwide and a 4.9 rating on Google and other sites, you can be confident that our training and certificates are worth it. Our customer support is unmatched, ensuring you receive the best experience possible.

At the TEFL Institute of Ireland, we pride ourselves on our unparalleled support system, which sets us apart from other TEFL providers. From the moment you express interest in our courses, we offer personalised guidance to help you choose the program that best fits your needs. Once enrolled, you become part of the TEFL Institute family, receiving continuous support throughout your TEFL journey.

We offer the best suite of tutor support, including a dedicated personal tutor, a Discord board for students, a Facebook alumni group, and live Zoom sessions with experienced ESL tutors. Upon completing your course, we provide lifetime access to our TEFL Institute Jobs Board, offering job opportunities worldwide and online. Our recruitment division is dedicated to helping you find work.

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Ireland’s Only OFQUAL Regulated
Teacher Trainer
Awards And Accreditations

The TEFL Institute of Ireland holds Level 5 qualification accreditation with Highfield Qualifications. This means that your Level 5 qualifications are valid and recognized worldwide. You and your future employers can verify your Level 5 Diplomas with Highfield, ensuring that your qualification will help you gain employment as a TEFL teacher.

[Approved Centre Number: 21335]

OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation)

Ofqual gives formal recognition to Awarding Organisations and regulates qualifications, examinations, and assessments. Ofqual has approved Highfield, the Awarding Organisation (AO), to provide a wide range of regulated qualifications in various sectors, including Education and Training.

DEAC, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission

DEAC, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, is a prestigious accrediting agency headquartered in the United States. Their Approval Quality Curriculum (AQC) status indicates that a program or course has successfully met their rigorous quality standards. At teflinstitute.com, we are thrilled to announce that our Level 5 TEFL Courses have received approval from DEAC, underscoring our dedication to delivering top-tier education in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). This approval ensures that our curriculum, assessments, and overall standards align with those set by US educational authorities, providing our students with the highest quality training. DEAC’s AQC designation validates our commitment to excellence and ensures that our students receive the finest TEFL education, meeting global quality standards.


The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council is an independent guardian of quality in open and distance learning. To achieve accreditation, a provider must submit to regular assessment by ODLQC and show that the education or training offered meets those standards. This accreditation offers proof of quality, which is then reflected in our graduates.

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No.1 TEFL Provider in Ireland

By choosing us you’re supporting Irish business & we are grateful for that

Global Recognition

Gain one of the most trusted & accredited certificates worldwide

Personal Advice & Jobs Board

Get certified with a minimum 120 hour TEFL course and we will help with job research

120 Hour Advanced
TEFL Course
International Standard

Original price was: USD$429.00.Current price is: USD$146.00. Save 66%
Split the purchase into 3 payments of USD$48.67 (0% APR). Learn more
120 hour TEFL course is the international standard and is considered one of the cheapest and best TEFL courses online. With this accredited course you can get TEFL certified and start teaching English online or abroad in less than 4 weeks.
  • 24/7 study access
  • Internationally recognised TEFL certificate
  • Ideal for teaching English in Asia and online Entry Level

240 Hour Professional TEFL Course
international Standard

Original price was: USD$539.00.Current price is: USD$186.00. Save 65%
Split the purchase into 3 payments of USD$62.00 (0% APR). Learn more
Get off to the best start with a TEFL course that has it all. Most TEFL employers require a minimum of 120 hours of teacher training. With this course, you’ll get twice the amount to really impress future TEFL employers.
  • 24/7 Study Access
  • Internationally recognised TEFL certificates
  • High-demand specialist 30 hour courses included
  • Highly regarded by employers

180 Hour Level 5
Ofqual Regulated TEFL

Original price was: USD$685.00.Current price is: USD$266.00. Save 61%
Split the purchase into 3 payments of USD$88.67 (0% APR). Learn more
Get the best TEFL jobs worldwide with the 180 Hour Level 5 TEFL Course. This diploma course is the most comprehensive online TEFL course out there. If you want to get into the best-paid TEFL jobs abroad or online, this course is for you!
  • 24/7 Study Access
  • Internationally recognised TEFL diploma
  • Perfect for teaching worldwide and online
  • Highly regarded by employers
  • Engaging Learning Experience: Includes videos, quizzes, and real-life scenarios


Testimonials from students who have taken courses through the website and found success teaching English online or abroad.
(4.84) Out of 1819 global reviews
5 Star
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1 Star
Thanks Jessica and Olivia - very informative and helpful!
Trish Leibowitz
Trish Leibowitz
16:48 16 Jul 24
I had the opportunity of attending an insightful webinar - "How to gain TEFL Experience" by Jessica and Olivia.
Izabela Januszkiewicz
Izabela Januszkiewicz
16:33 16 Jul 24
TEFL Institute keeps on getting better and better, I obtained my diploma level 5 due to the kindness they were giving me and... support, and now the webinars are one of a kind they keep on updating us and giving insights on how to be a great TEFL Teacher and where to startread more
Vuyo Kwazi Mncube
Vuyo Kwazi Mncube
16:16 16 Jul 24
the support I got when choosing the right course has been exceptional!
Marzia Ruggeri
Marzia Ruggeri
16:08 16 Jul 24
Had a wonderful experience talking to Tracy today. Very lovely and helpful, answered all my questions and can't wait to start my... FEFL course!read more
Eleonora Milevska
Eleonora Milevska
11:38 16 Jul 24
It's been very good, Learning is easy if you make your own notes. Really helpful resources and study material. Very simple and... effective.read more
Amy Marreiros
Amy Marreiros
19:11 15 Jul 24
I recently contacted the TEFL Institute of Ireland to enquire about the various courses offered. Tracy was fantastic! She was so... friendly and professional, answered all my questions comprehensively and followed up our call with a detailed email, recapping our conversation. I explained to Tracy what my previous TEFL experience was & what my future plans are, and she recommended exactly what course to do. Thank you!Friendly, professional customer service / Product Knowledge / Advice & recommendations ✔⭐read more
11:10 15 Jul 24
Have yet to enroll so cannot comment on the course but the customer service was very informative and helpful. Spoke with Tracy in... the chat on their website and had all my questions answered.read more
colm culleton
colm culleton
15:42 11 Jul 24


See what our satisfied students have to say about their TEFL experience with The TEFL Institute of Ireland.


Let us help you find the perfect teaching position working from home or travelling around the world.

TEFL Institute Study Prospectus

Our 24-page TEFL brochure has everything you need to know to get started as an English teacher. Find out which TEFL course is best for you and hear from our alumni.


TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” – TEFL is the most commonly accepted certificate worldwide.

A TEFL certification is a qualification that demonstrates an individual’s ability to teach English to non-native speakers. This certification equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach English language learners in various settings, such as language schools, private tutoring, or international schools.

TEFL courses typically cover topics such as English language teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management, language assessment, and understanding learner needs.

The minimum required worldwide is to have at least the 120 Hour TEFL training.

You can choose between fully accredited TEFL courses, Government Regulated Level 5 TEFL courses or combined TEFL courses. View all our courses here.

Online TEFL courses are the most affordable & flexible way to launch your teaching career. This is a perfect way to study theoretical material at your own time & your own pace.



Before you choose your TEFL certificate, be aware to check if:

  • It is fully accredited & recognised worldwide.
  • You will gain at least 120 hours of training.
  • You will have a tutor’s assistance.
  • It is approved by an official body, such as Ofqual in the United Kingdom.
  • Make sure to check TEFL provider reviews on Google or
  • You will have job support after completion.

You can blend a comprehensive online TEFL self-study course (available in 120-hour, 180-hour, or 300-hour formats) with our highly recommended 10-hour Virtual TEFL Course which includes teaching practice.

Our live Virtual TEFL Course is conducted live by experienced tutors. It allows you to learn essential classroom teaching skills, interact with fellow aspiring teachers, and get your TEFL questions answered. 

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is a reputable provider of TEFL courses with worldwide recognition. As an Irish-based business, we offer top-notch training for individuals looking to become certified English language teachers. We are known for our high-quality courses, experienced instructors, and comprehensive curriculum, making us an excellent choice for anyone seeking TEFL certification in Ireland.

To take TEFL courses with us, visit our course overview or request a free callback to speak with our team. We will explain our course offerings, pricing, and enrollment process. We provide both online and hybrid training options, allowing flexibility for students with various schedules and preferences. With our stellar reputation, boasting 4.9 reviews based on over 1500 opinions, we strive for a commitment to excellence. The TEFL Institute of Ireland stands out as one of the best choices for TEFL certification in Ireland.

For teaching English online in Ireland, I recommend taking at least a 120-hour TEFL course. This comprehensive course will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed for online teaching. Consider combining it with a 10-hour Virtual TEFL Course for practical teaching experience.

And of course, adding our 30-hour Teaching English Online course is a huge benefit as it focuses to prepare you (the teacher) on how to enter the online tutoring world.

We do not offer free TEFL courses, but the TEFL Institute of Ireland offers funding options for unemployed individuals through the TESG (Training and Employment Support Grant) program administered by the Department of Social Protection. This program aims to support unemployed individuals in acquiring new skills and qualifications to enhance their employability.

If you are unemployed and interested in pursuing a TEFL course, you may be eligible for funding assistance through the TESG program. The TEFL Institute of Ireland can guide the application process.

Please contact The TEFL Institute of Ireland directly for more information on how to apply for funding assistance for TEFL courses through the TESG program.

More information on the social welfare grant can be found at this link: Local Social Welfare Office

This scheme is designed to fund quick access to short-term training or related interventions and obtain/renew certification/permits for individual job seekers who have identified work opportunities or where Case Officers have identified an immediate skills gap that represents an obstacle to taking up a job offer or accessing other activations.

A Level 5 TEFL Diploma refers to a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification recognised at level 5 on a national qualifications framework.

In many countries, qualifications are categorized into levels on national frameworks to indicate their complexity, difficulty, and depth of learning. A Level 5 qualification typically signifies a level of study equivalent to that of the second year of undergraduate study in a university or college.

A Level 5 TEFL Diploma is considered to be a more advanced and comprehensive TEFL certification compared to basic TEFL certificates. It indicates that the holder has undergone extensive training and has acquired a deeper understanding of English language teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management, assessment techniques, and other relevant areas.

Individuals who hold a Level 5 TEFL Diploma may be better equipped for more specialised teaching positions, such as teaching English for specific purposes (e.g., business English, academic English) or working in higher education institutions. Additionally, some employers may prefer or require candidates with a Level 5 TEFL Diploma for certain teaching positions, particularly in competitive job markets or for roles that involve teaching more advanced learners.

Ofqual regulates a Level 5 TEFL course with the TEFL Institute of Ireland according to its qualifications framework and approves it by Highfield Qualifications in the UK. Another Level 5 teaching qualification is the CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Our TEFL diploma is a level 5 award meaning it is on the same level as an undergraduate degree or a CELTA qualification, which means employers will see the hard work you have put into your qualifications. Once you’ve obtained a Level 5 TEFL qualification, you’ll have access to the most competitive jobs worldwide.

A regulated qualification means that it is officially recognised by the government and sits on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications.

DEAC stands for the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. It is a recognized accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education. DEAC evaluates and accredits distance education programs offered by various educational institutions, ensuring that they meet specific quality standards and criteria.

AQC stands for Approved Quality Curriculum. It is a status granted by DEAC to signify that a particular curriculum or course offered by an educational institution meets the rigorous quality standards set by DEAC. Essentially, AQC indicates that the curriculum has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by DEAC for its quality and adherence to educational standards.

TEFL – “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” certificate, is the most commonly accepted certificate worldwide. This certificate allows you to teach English to non-native speakers across the globe. The main qualifications to get a TEFL is to have the ability to speak English at a native-level and then complete a course. You can complete a TEFL course either online or in a classroom. The different courses vary based on the number of hours it takes to complete.

TESOL – “Teaching English as a Second Language” aka TESL. Similar to TESOL students, as a TESL teacher, you would likely be teaching English in your home country to students who have moved or live in an English speaking country. In other words, they are continuously surrounded by the language and will be using it everyday outside of the classroom, unlike TEFL students who are likely learning in their home country.

CELTA stands for “Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults” and is a very prestigious certification. In order to receive a CELTA, you must complete a 120-hour course along with six hours of teaching real ESL students. The majority of the programs are held over one-month and are full time. However, you may be able to find some courses that are part-time and are spread out over three months. The CELTA program must follow a strict regulation created by Cambridge University. Due to its intense nature and requirements, the cost also tends to be much higher and can be up to €1700!

Confused about which TEFL course to enrol in? Don’t worry, as long as you can speak English at a fluent or near-fluent level, then you are eligible to take one of the TEFL Institute of Ireland’s regulated TEFL courses.

Non-native speakers do sometimes find the Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL course quite challenging and we understand it is essential for you to be sure that you are comfortable with your English language abilities before choosing which course to take. As a guide, we recommend that that non-native speakers have a minimum IELTS 6.5 score. If you are unsure you should take our FREE online level test below

Complete The TEFL Institute of Ireland’s FREE English Level Test which has been designed to assist you with making this important decision.  If you have any doubts, request a call, and we can discuss which course would suit your needs.

The great news is that you don’t need a degree to take a TEFL course! This is a common worry. Anyone with fluent English can enrol in one of our courses to become a qualified and confident English teacher.
It’s good to know that a degree is a requirement in some countries to get a work permit such as Japan and Korea, but there are many opportunities for those without a degree to be hired.
Even if you see an employer preference for degree holders I still recommend applying as they may not get their full quota and you may have so many additional skills that will appeal to hiring managers.

Lots of people ask about the difference between our courses. For example, the 120-hour Premier TEFL course is what we would call one of our  fast track courses. This is the minimum recognised worldwide.

• You have 10 modules to complete usually taking 4 – 6 weeks
• Each module has a multiple-choice test at the end and you need 80% to pass
• You’ll get your digital certificate on completion and can buy a hard copy from us if you’d like one with an embossed logo immediately

Looking at the 180-hour level 5 Ofqual-regulated TEFL course by comparison:

• Learners spend typically 10 – 12 weeks to complete the 11 modules
• Since it’s a UK government regulated level 5 course the pass mark is 100% and assessments are multiple-choice plus open-ended answers. Don’t worry, you can re-attempt quizzes in order to get 100%. Our academic team will review your answers at the end of your 11 modules and may ask for some questions to be reattempted (absolutely normal). Some questions may require providing Academic references.
• You’ll get your digital coursework completion certificate from us after module 11, and following a successful assessment from our academic team, we’ll be able to claim the licence for your Ofqual (government) certificate from our accreditation body Highfield.

The Ofqual-regulated course range is certainly for those people who want to gain a higher-level more recognised qualification.

Read our blog to learn more about the Level 5 TEFL course here.

If you are looking for a professional, globally recognised, Government Regulated TEFL qualification; you should consider the online level 5 TEFL course. The Government Regulated Level 5 TEFL course is the same level as CELTA and Trinity Cert TESOL. Ofqual government-regulated (UK) Level 5 Highfield qualification.

The course has 180 hours of TEFL training, more than the minimum required and it’s a higher standard course and therefore, is more competitive.

There is none really, we usually say that if you are over 16yrs old, you can start completing a TEFL course. If you are looking for jobs abroad then the minimum age requirement is 18 yrs old or higher.

The TEFL institute of Ireland is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL), an accreditation body which specialises in distance learning courses. Thus our accreditation by ACDL reflects the high-quality distance learning offered by the TEFL institute.

ACDL – Accreditation number: 2854-2540

To learn more, visit their website: ACDL

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation.

Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland.

To learn more about Ofqual or to verify Highfield status, visit their website: Ofqual

We would always recommend attending practical training. If you have the time to attend one of our 10 hour classroom courses, then do! This will give you more confidence and it will put the theory from your online course into practice. The day course is run by our experienced TEFL’s teachers and you will learn the most important skills for executing lessons, from how to warm up the class, to using grammar in a clear and concise manner. This course is perfect if you have already TEFL cert and you would like to put it in practice. Some people prefer to start from the practical course and then do a 120-300hour TEFL course after.

We have 4 locations where we hold our day courses in Ireland:

TEFL Course Dublin, Jurys Inn, Parnell Street

TEFL Course in Galway, The Clayton Hotel

TEFL Course Cork, Radisson Blu Hotel

TEFL Course In Limerick, The Maldron Hotel

You are never too old to gain new qualifications. Some employers might have age restrictions but others won’t. There are always options to teach English from home, private tutor, online tutor.

No, it is not necessary to have knowledge of other languages. You will be able to find a job and work comfortably without knowing the language spoken in that particular country. The real question is, should you make an effort to learn a foreign language? Basic language is always a plus and we would always recommend learning a few phrases before you move abroad. Learn to say Hi, Thank you, Goodbye, Sorry. If you can order a meal and pay for that meal without automatically handing over the biggest bill in your wallet (whilst looking adorably confused) you’ll survive.

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