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Upskill to Teaching English Online & One-to-One
60 Hour Specialist Course in Teaching Online & One-to-One
Great for : TEACHING All Ages
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Upskill to Teaching English Online & One-to-One

Our brand-new Level 5 Teaching Online and One-to-One English is the best in the market if you want to teach online or teach English for specialised individual classes. The course will give you a deeper insight into this market and teach you the skills you need to be able to deliver these lessons.

Online teaching and one-to-one classes are a big part of the TEFL market. If you master the necessary skills to be able to teach these classes, you wil find yourself more employable. One of the more lucrative areas of TEFL is to run your own teaching business online with your own students. This course is ideal for you to develop your online teaching skills and start your own empire!

Our course consists of 5 modules each broken down into individual, manageable lessons which cover the key content for this teaching area. Our interactive activities will help you learn the content and test your knowledge on what you’ve studied. The course will explain the key difference between classroom teaching and online teaching, and what this means for you as the teacher, and the students. You will learn how to prepare specially for these lessons and plan a curriculum for taking on your own students.


Our courses are all online and self-study so you can access your course whenever and wherever you want to. You can study at your own pace and take your time with the lessons. We fully believe that this is the best way to study. It’s easier than ever to get qualified whilst juggling other commitments with our online courses!

The course is a Level 5 course meaning it is regulated of Ofqual according to their qualifications framework. Undertaking an accredited, Level 5 course like this one, will give you the best training for this context.

  1. Our course is brand new and updated to reflect today’s online and one-to-one teaching market. This means you will learn the latest techniques and methods which will help you gain employment in today’s TEFL job market.
  2. Having this specialised course on your CV will push your application to the top of the pile when applying for online jobs especially. Employers will see that you have gained extra knowledge in this area and are very qualified to work for them.
  3. The course is a Level 5 course involving a written assessment. This will impress your employers as you have undertaken a high-quality course to further your TEFL training.
  4. Your digital and hard copy certificates are included for free! This minimalizes the costs for you. Getting qualified just became even more cost efficient!

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is one of the most respected TEFL course providers. Our high-quality learning experiences and internationally recognised courses have earned us a solid reputation in the TEFL industry. Trusted by TEFL employers worldwide, a qualification with us opens doors in the TEFL world. 

Who can take this course?

You're a native or fluent English speaker
You’re looking to teach adults online or abroad
You’re interested in advancing your TEFL skills
You want to teach business professionals English

Preview Your Certificate

Take a look at your future Accredited TEFL Certificate
I enrolled in the 30 hour Teaching Business English Course. It was very straightforward and a good addition to my 120 hour TEFL certificate. There are recommendations for resources and websites at the end of most modules which will be very helpful in my teaching career.
Astrid K
Astrid K
10:15 08 Dec 22
I had a nice experience with Annelies via chat. Her response was prompt, she was quite helpful and guided me to the best option to continue my learning journey which was in a bit of a rut. Thank you, keep it up.
Hadiza Dahiru
Hadiza Dahiru
13:23 07 Dec 22
A great company - Rachel in particular is super helpful!
Nicole Dillon
Nicole Dillon
12:27 07 Dec 22
really enjoyed my tefl experience with this academy! huge amount of support available for all students and would definitely recommend to a friend! feel very prepared to teach after this course.
Rachel Hurley
Rachel Hurley
16:26 06 Dec 22
I have just finished the course for teaching young learners with The TEFL Institute of Ireland. I liked the content which was well organised providing additional materials and reference for reading on the online platform. You can study on your own pace and time which is very comfortable. I'd like to add my special thanks for support to customer support adviser Rachel Walch. Thank you for a course!
Roza R
Roza R
12:42 06 Dec 22
Really helpful and east to follow.
Ciara Burke
Ciara Burke
12:16 06 Dec 22
I've recently completed the 30 Hour IELTS Preparation Specialist Course, and I'd happily recommend it to anyone who's thinking of working with IELTS candidates. The course is laid our clearly, and is both stimulating and encouraging. All in all, a great course!
Rosalie Marshall
Rosalie Marshall
00:04 06 Dec 22
I have been very pleased with the Tefl 30 hour course I chose. I had to extend the time on the course due to a bereavement and the team couldn’t have been more helpful. Rachel Walsh sorted things out for me very efficiently. Many thanks 🙏🏻
Lisa Davies
Lisa Davies
10:45 05 Dec 22

The Highfield Qualifications in the United Kingdom have strict standards that TEFL course providers must follow. It’s not just the quality of our courses that the Highfield assesses, but the whole process from start to finish. Our Highfield specific course accreditation means that the course has passed a rigorous evaluation, meets high standards, and is monitored regularly. Average completion time: 3-6 weeks

Course benefits

60 hours of accredited Level 5 online training
Internationally recognised TEFL certificate
TEFL training approved by Highfield & Ofqual
Personal online TEFL tutor support
Lifetime TEFL qualification
6 Months TEFL job hunting advice
24/7 access to our student portal
6 Months Access to our Alumni Group
Access to your course via TEFL on the Go app!
Employer certificate verification
14-day money back guarantee
Complete the course at your own pace
6 months of study time
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