One month in Poland as a TEFL Montessori teacher

Montessori TEFL teacher I’ve been living in Poland for one month working as a TEFL Montessori Native English language teacher in a bilingual Montessori private English school. I’ve settled into my new role and have grown more confident in teaching this new method of ESL. During the Christmas break I wrote up reports on the … Read moreOne month in Poland as a TEFL Montessori teacher

Montessori teaching classroom observation

As previously mentioned in the blog entitled ‘Montessori teaching method’ I have been observing a Montessori English language school and this blog will discuss the method of teaching a bilingual programme with English learning as a foreign language. Timetable 8:30 Elementary students arrive to school 9:00 Work time (additional activities) 11:00 Clean-up 11:30 Free time … Read moreMontessori teaching classroom observation

Montessori teaching method

Learning through doing.   The Montessori method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, a remarkable woman to research for this blog. Born on the 31st August 1870 in Italy, she was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize and her philosophy of education is Internationally acclaimed, prominent today and relevant for this … Read moreMontessori teaching method

Teach English Online Advice

I’ve been teaching English online for 2 years because it offers flexibility to teach from anywhere in the world and offers a competitive salary. Here is some advice to teach English online including some of the best websites where you can find online English teaching vacancies. NATIVE SPEAKER POLAND This is a great website … Read moreTeach English Online Advice

Art, multimedia and ESL

I’ve previously written about art activities and ESL lesson plans and this blog is no exception to provoking creativity when teaching English as a foreign language. I was scrolling through my social media account and one of those targeted ads popped up, it was a 5-minute crafts video Instagram @5.min.crafts which shown how to create … Read moreArt, multimedia and ESL

One week in Bari as a ESL teacher

  I’ve been in Bari, located in the South of Italy for over a week now and I’ve started working at a private language school teaching English in the city. The first day of teaching began at 17:30 and consisted of evening classes with children, teenagers and adults, finishing at 21:30. I got positive feedback … Read moreOne week in Bari as a ESL teacher

24 hours in Italy

Here I am in the South of Italy, I arrived this morning from the UK (as you can see in the photo) and it’s fair to say that my first 24 hours have been eventful! The moment I stepped off the plane I felt a real buzz of excitement that I’ve finally arrived in Bari … Read more24 hours in Italy

Where can I teach English?

I’m currently travelling through Germany for my own project of work, stopping off in Berlin, Halle (Saale) and Leipzig and then onto Wroclaw, Poland. However, it has made me think about the subject matter of this esl blog and how it’s important to choose the right country to live in and teach English as a … Read moreWhere can I teach English?

How to write a TEFL CV

As previously mentioned many language schools abroad are currently advertising job vacancies for the new academic year 2018/19, therefore, it’s important to make sure that your TEFL CV stands out amongst the rest. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those generic guides which goes from steps 1-5, instead, it’s going to give … Read moreHow to write a TEFL CV

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