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TEFL Jobs in Summer camps

Teaching English in Summer Camps

English summer camp teacher vacancies are popping up left right and centre on various job forums. I have seen many language schools currently recruiting camp teachers, counsellors and managers who...


Culture shock is real, but also easily remedied

How to Avoid Culture Shock

Culture Shock is a misleading term. It happens. But it is rarely a shock to the system. At most it is a zap or zing. As a TEFL certified...


TEFL Certificate Legalisation

TEFL Certificate Legalisation

For many people, arranging TEFL Legalisation and visas to travel can be a completely new experience. Being a TEFL teacher, chances are that you will be living and working...


Five Easy Steps to Improve as an English Teacher

Five Ways to Improve in the Classroom

This is an uncomplicated subject that generates lots of complicated advice. Choosing the right books and avoiding nonsense guru babble can feel daunting. Especially, when what you’re looking for...


The TEFL Institute of Ireland

Teaching Young Learners in Eastern Europe

I’m almost three months into teaching English abroad in Vilnius. My timetable consists of working alternating Saturdays, therefore, as far as travelling is concerned, last weekend I took a...


Technology can useful to TEFL teachers but shouldn't be over used

Five Apps TEFL Teachers Can Actually Use

There are about a million app lists for English teachers. And they all start more or less like this: “Technology is changing the world! If you don’t integrate apps...

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