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30 Hour IELTS Preparation
GREAT FOR: Teaching all ages and levels in their IELTS exam
30 Hour IELTS Preparation Specialist Course

Teach IELTS and lead your students to exam success. The 30 Hour Teaching IELTS Course is what you need to upskill your TEFL knowledge and enhance your earning potential. We look at theoretical and practical strategies to help you create and deliver confident lessons that prepare your students for IELTS effectively. 

Most students you meet during your TEFL career will strive towards passing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. It’s one of the leading tests taken by non-native English speakers to prove their English proficiency for work, education and migration. With millions of students taking the test each year, it’s no surprise that preparation teachers are in high demand! 

Teachers trained to teach IELTS are usually better paid and sought after, particularly across Asia, than teachers without specialist training. What’s more, you’ll have much greater opportunities by becoming an expert in this field. Teach IELTS online or abroad – the possibilities are endless with this certificate. 

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Once you have completed our course, you are gaining a lifetime certification.
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You’ll have six months to complete your 30 Hour Teaching IELTS Course. But, with 24/7 online access and tutor support, the average completion time is just 1-2 weeks. There are no set lesson times here. Access your course on any device, anytime and move from one module to the next at your own pace. 

Why This Course

IELTS is a gateway for millions of people worldwide to achieve their life goals. So, you’ll have access to some of the most highly motivated and well-paying students. Having an IELTS teaching certificate also opens doors for your TEFL career. Become an expert in IELTS prep and set yourself apart from other candidates. 

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Irelands Leading TEFL Provider

An IELTS teaching certificate from The TEFL Institute of Ireland is recognised and trusted by TEFL employers worldwide. Our expert team has over 20 years of experience and are committed to helping aspiring teachers like you achieve their TEFL goals. Enrol today and see why thousands of students put their trust in us.  

What's Included
Our courses are built with students’ experience in mind - proven learning principles, mentorship. Once you complete our training you are unlocking all the tools you need to begin your English teaching career.
Internationally recognised
TEFL certifcate Digital Completion Certificate Included
Full Suite of Tutor Support
Personal Tutor Assigned to Each learner + Discord Board to connect with other learners
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TEFL training approved by ODLQC & ACDL
Job Support
6 months access to our jobs board to help you kickstart your TEFL career.
Employer Certificate Verification
Your future employer can verify if your certificate is on our database and accredited
TEFL on the Go App
All Students can complete their training from any device, from anywhere in the world
24/7 Access
Self-paced online TEFL Course. Complete the course at your own pace, and at times that suit you. Even if you are working or studying you can complete the course at ease with our 6 months study time.
Course Content Breakdown
1-2 weeks • TEFL Institute mentorship • approx. 4-5 hrs/week time commitment
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Module 1: Introduction to IELTS

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have an understanding of what IELTS is and how it operates.
  • Understand what is assessed in the IELTS exam and how does assessment work.
  • Learn who takes the IELTS exam and what scores will they need.
Module 2: Teaching Listening for IELTS

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand what the IELTS Listening test consists of.
  • Be aware of the types of questions in the IELTS Listening test.
  • Be able to help students prepare for the IELTS Listening test.
  • Gain 20 essential tips for teaching IELTS Listening.
Module 3: Teaching Reading for IELTS

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand what the IELTS Reading test consists of.
  • Understand what is different about the IELTS Academic Reading test and the IELTS General Training Reading Test.
  • Be aware of types of questions in the IELTS Reading test.
  • Be aware of what reading skills are assessed.
  • Gain 20 tips for the IELTS Reading test.
Module 4: Teaching Writing for IELTS

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand what the IELTS Writing test consists of.
  • Have an overview of the IELTS Academic and GT Writing tests.
  • Be aware of how IELTS Writing is assessed.
  • Be able to help students with Academic Writing Task 1.
  • Be able to prepare students for GT IELTS Writing Task 1.
  • Be aware of IELTS Academic and GT Writing Task 2.
  • Have possible IELTS Essay Topics (GT and Academic Task 2).
  • Have topics to consider.
  • Have a summary of IELTS Writing strategies Task 1 (for students).
  • Have a summary of IELTS Writing strategies Task 2 (for students).
Module 5: Teaching Speaking for IELTS

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand what the IELTS Speaking test consists of.
  • Be aware of the speaking skills assessed in the IELTS Speaking test.
  • Be able to help your students prepare for the IELTS Speaking test.
  • Have common IELTS Speaking topics.
  • Have examples of Part 2 Candidate tasks.
Module 6: Teaching Vocabulary for IELTS

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have an overview of Vocabulary for IELTS.
  • What vocabulary students preparing for IELTS need to know.
  • Be able to help your students learn vocabulary.
Module 7: Possible Challenges

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand possible challenges with teaching for IELTS.
  • Understand and preparing for mixed-level classes.
  • Understand teaching low-level IELTS students, mixed GT and Academic classes, and very high-level IELTS students. Be able to make IELTS interesting.
Meet your instructors
You’re not in this alone, as part of this course youll be matched with a mentor from our academic team. Mentors are CELTA & DELTA qualified, and have at least 4 years of teaching experience. Whenever you will need help our tutor team is there to guide you. create alongside them, and receive weekly live & asynchronous feedback on real-world projects.
The TEFL Institute mentor network
Academic Director
Academic Assessor & Tutor
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Out of 1,000 global reviews
5 Star
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3 Star
2 Star
1 Star
I asked for an extension on my 180 hour degree so that I could download my information and Emma was happy to assist. Thanks to her and all of the other staff that helped me throughout my journey.
Jamie Ruxon
Jamie Ruxon
15:14 20 Mar 23
I have just signed up to do a TEFL course and I'm really looking forward to it. Emma was extremely helpful and professional. Emma was definitely instrumental in helping me to make my decision. Thank you so much, I can't wait to start!
AnneM S
AnneM S
11:42 20 Mar 23
One of my friends told me about TEFL and I was immediately intrigued. I was doing a gap year and wasn’t sure what to do about it, Once I heard about it I started doing a 180 hours level 5 course and I was very impressed. I was great to have the learning experience but still have the freedom to do day to day things. So happy I decided to do this course. Would recommend if you’re not sure what you next step is in your career.
Aisling Joyce
Aisling Joyce
21:38 18 Mar 23
Thank you so much again to Emma Coleman for helping me, not only today, but for assisting me throughout my TEFL course journey. I had a problem that had been causing me a lot of stress, and Emma was an absolute lifesaver! She went above and beyond to help me sort it out and was incredibly patient and understanding throughout the whole process. I cannot thank her enough for her help and for being so kind. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in need. Thank you so much, Emma!"
Sarah O'Brien
Sarah O'Brien
13:37 16 Mar 23
Great course, providing a good foundation for teaching English as a foreign language. Tefl staff themselves provide wonderful support.
Ciara Murphy
Ciara Murphy
15:28 15 Mar 23
Amazing assistance and support on the basic needs. You get a lot more for what you initially signed up as it is clear your success is there success. I have no regrets signing up to refresh my skills as a educator.
Rudi Beukes
Rudi Beukes
07:02 15 Mar 23
Just completed my 180 Hour Course and cannot recommend it enough! It is really well structured, straightforward and enjoyable and prepares you well for teaching English! Great support from Rachel Walsh and all TEFL institute when needed and tons of extra webinars and materials that I found very useful
Olya Popova
Olya Popova
14:40 14 Mar 23
If you are considering teaching English abroad or online, and are looking for a comprehensive course to provide you with the knowledge and understanding needed to do this, then the TEFL Institute is the perfect course for you! I have just completed the 120hr course. The content is well laid out, and is peppered with interactive features and detailed lesson plans and activities to help guide you through the course. While it may be challenging in parts, overall, the course is easy to understand and follow. The tutor support throughout and after the course has been friendly, prompt and the tutors are always readily available to answer any and all questions. My interactions with Rachel in particular were great, she has been incredibly helpful throughout. Overall, I'm really happy I signed up to the TEFL Institute and highly recommend this course to anyone.
Ciara Harlin
Ciara Harlin
11:08 14 Mar 23
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