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Teach English in South Korea

Earn up to €1,800 per month

I can’t speak Korean well – 한국말 잘 못해요

TEFL Job in South Korea

Teach English in South Korea whilst experiencing its rich heritage and culture
Year Round
Includes 180 Hour Accredited TEFL Course
Salary of up ₩2,400,000
120 Hour Accredited TEFL Course
30 Hour IELTS Preparation Course
30 Hour TOEIC Preparation Course
Accommodation Included

Teach English in South Korea

Experience the best of both worlds right here in Korea. Whether it’s the ancient history or the future of technology that strikes your interest, it can be found right here!

Karaoke your thing? No fear, you’ll be happy to hear you can sing til your heart’s content in one of the many karaoke bars in Seoul.

Maybe the sand between your toes is what has inspired your TEFL adventure, Busan is the answer to your wanderlust. The stunning beaches outline the South coast will have you in your swimsuit before you can say “paddle”!

Experience street food that will have you spicing up the rest of your life. There’s something for everyone in Korea. Have Irish sun-kissed skin in the summer and enjoy the stunning white winters during your time here. We can’t wait to hear all about your Korean adventure once you’ve settled in.

TEFL experience requirements

  • Aged between 21 – 62
  • Native English speaker
  • Passport holder from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand
  • Successful completion of bachelors degree or higher
  • TEFL qualified (included)
  • Both physically and mentally healthy
  • Have the ability and willingness to adapt to the Korean culture

How it works?

Check the requirements, get in contact with us, submit an application. Once you submit all necessary documents and you’re accepted you can start making plans for the exciting move to Korea.

Getting there

  • This is a government-sponsored program, you really can’t get any better than that.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from when you leave Korea.
  • You will need to attain an E-2 visa prior to your arrival in Korea. Having an offer from an Education Office in Korea is a requirement for the E-2 visa. You will be given guidance on how to apply for the visa at your nearest Korean Consulate or Embassy once you have been offered a position.
  • If successful in your application you will be required to submit an apostilled copy of your bachelors degree. NOTE: the submitted document will not be returned, ensure you apostille a copy

What do you need to organize?

  • International flights
  • Police check: You’ll need a clean criminal record
  • Vaccines: Consult your local doctor for advice
  • Budget: Bring enough money to allow you settle in and go on excursions
  • Insurance: It’s really important to get travel insurance before you embark on this exciting adventure

Your teaching experience

You’ll be co-teaching with a fluent licensed Korean English teacher who will supervise you during your teaching time. Together you’ll plan and conduct English lessons. Your co-teacher will be right there to help you along the way.

Depending on the region you are based, classes can range from 10 – 40 students per class. The age range you’ll be teaching will be anywhere from 6 – 18 years of age. You’ll truly gain amazing teaching experience with the variety of class sizes and student ages.

  • Elementary school students range from 6 – 12 years old with 40 minute classes
  • Middle school students range from 12 – 15 years old with 45 minute classes
  • High school students range from 15 – 18 years old with 50 minute classes

You’ll also enjoy some vacation time in both the summer and winter seasons. Summer holidays begin at the end of July and finish at the end of August while winter holidays start at the end of December and last until the end of January or early February, depending on your school. You will be expected to assist at English camps during the holidays, but you’ll definitely fit in that much-needed break from the classroom.


You could be placed anywhere in Korea, from the capital of Seoul in the North to the large metropolitan city of Busan in the South. Wherever you’re placed, you’re sure to experience the magic of this Asian gem.

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