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Looking to teach English in South Korea for a year in this beautiful country soaked with rich culture? Then look no further! With this TEFL internship, you’ll gain a lifelong TEFL qualification and enhance your teaching skills while exploring the cultural delights of diverse, vibrant South Korea.

Teaching English in South Korea offers the opportunity of a lifetime. With a one-year contract teaching children from elementary to middle school, there are also opportunities to stay if you’re not ready to leave! We have teaching placements throughout South Korea in both large cities and small towns across the country, with a choice of private or public schools too.

Teach English in South Korea, and you’ll be helping young language learners succeed. But you’ll also get to experience South Korea outside the classroom. Between the festivals, concerts, restaurants and World Heritage Sites, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Your internship kicks off in the beautiful city of Seoul with a whole week of orientation. Along with other TEFL teachers, you’ll learn all about South Korea’s fascinating culture and teaching in the country to prepare you for your exciting new TEFL adventure.

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  • Monthly salary of KRW2.0 million~KRW2.3 million (€1,500~€1,730) depending on qualifications & experience
  • 120 TEFL Course + 30 Hour Teaching Young Learners
  • Korean language lessons & culture course (online)
  • One-way flight reimbursement
  • Rent-free accommodation
  • Medical insurance (school covers 50%)
  • End of contract bonus (equivalent to one month's pay)
  • In-school training on arrival & 2 CPD weekend orientations in the year
  • All public holidays off
  • Airport pick-up
  • Teach in public or private language schools
  • Ongoing in-country support
  • Renewal contract without the fee
  • Native or fluent level English speaker
  • Passport from Ireland, UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, Australia or New Zealand
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate (official hardcopy)
  • TEFL certificate (included)
  • Be aged between 21 - 35 (contact an advisor if you're older)
  • Clean criminal record (police certificate)
  • Must have a clean bill of mental and physical health (please enquire if you are currently on medication or receiving medical treatment)
  • Full vaccination against COVID-19 is required for public school placement (contact an advisor if you're not vaccinated)
  • Available for one year minimum
  • Enthusiastic and flexible on preferences
  • Legalisation of bachelor’s degree : Guidance will be provided but please ensure you have the original copy of your degree readily available before applying. If you are in your final year of studies, please speak to our team.
  • Visa (support provided)
  • Flights (cost is reimbursed, but initial fee is on the applicant)
  • Insurance: It’s really important to sort your travel and health before you go, covering COVID-19 treatment.
  • Budget: Please be prepared until your first paycheck
  • Police check
  • Vaccines: Consult your doctor
  • Should there be regulations in place to enter a country, additional expenses may have to be paid by the applicant. These costs may include: A COVID-19 fit to fly certificate for a test within a certain time frame before departure.
  • Travel insurance covering COVID-19.
  • Quarantine: If you are hired by a public school you will need a reservation for a 10-day Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotel (if required at your time of travel) plus airport pickup. Private school teachers can quarantine at their studio apartment.


1 year placement
Monthly salary between KRW2.0 million to KRW2.3 million
120 Hour Accredited TEFL Course
Rent-free accommodation
Medical insurance


Your TEFL course or teaching qualification may give you the credentials to teach abroad, but preparing yourself for the impending cultural change is a whole new ball game. Before you arrive in South Korea, having a solid understanding of the culture will help you in many ways. You will find it easier to navigate social situations, make friends, perform better at work, and transition into local life.

Where will I be teaching?

Schools are located nationwide, from big cities to small towns. The South Korean HQ is in Seoul. Preferences can be given during the application process, but not guaranteed.

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    Our South Korea TEFL internship couldn’t be simpler – and you’ll have our team of experts to help you every step of the way.

    Apply & Train

    Apply now and schedule your interview. You’ll get instant online access to your 120 Hour TEFL course to get started straight away.    

    Interview & Docs

    If your interview is successful, it’s time to provide all your documents, including: Degree, police record and copy of your valid passport.    

    Go to South Korea

    Once you’ve been formally accepted, you’re ready to go! You’ll be informed to book your flight. 


    As well as your free time while teaching English in South Korea, you can take part in two cultural orientations throughout the year. Classes and excursions will take place over three consecutive weekends. On these weekends, classes and excursions are held in the capital, Seoul.  

    Excursions and experiences may include:  

    • Korean language classes  
    • Gyeongbokgung Palace, commonly known as the Grand Palace, the largest of five grand palaces in South Korea  
    • Traditional South Korean Taekwondo Class  
    • Korean cooking lesson  
    • Jongmyo shrine  
    • Tea tasting 


    Rent-free accommodation is your typical Asian style accommodation complete with kitchenette and you get it all to yourself! The internet in South Korea is one of the fastest in the world and quite cheap. Internet and cable generally cost about $35 (US dollars) a month. Utilities can cost around $40-150 a month, depending on the month and season, which will cover electricity, gas, water and maintenance fees. 


    There are two main options for teaching English in South Korea (depending on your eligibility):  

    Private language centres (Hagwons): Students go to learn English either as a supplement to their public school education or as a replacement for their public school education. Class sizes tend to be around 8-15 students per class. Teachers have access to internal systems where they can share lesson plans. Minimal lesson planning is required at private schools. 

    Public schools: Students go here for their day-to-day schooling. Teachers who work in public schools typically teach at 1-3 different public schools (depending on the province) during the week to fill up their schedules. Working hours are typically in the mornings and afternoons, from Monday-Friday. There are usually around 20-30 students per class at the public schools. There is a South Korean teaching assistant in the class. More lesson planning is required here. 


    Well known for its stunning beaches, rich heritage and ancient temples, it’s no surprise that South Korea is a top TEFL destination. From training to placement locations, our free Guide to South Korea gives you all the info you need about our South Korea TEFL internship and how to teach in Korea. 

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