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Jump into this specialist course now and become a Business English expert! Our 60-hour course is asccredited and will provide you with the best training for this area, all from the comfort of your own home! You will study 5 modules which are broken up into shorter manageable lessons. Each lesson covers a key aspect of teaching Business English.

Business English is an important specialism of TEFL and can unlock more lucrative opportunities for TEFL teachers. Business English involves teaching English to professional so that they can communicate and carry out their work responsibilities in the language. Our brand-new Level 5 TEFL Teaching Business English will put you ahead of the rest in this market. The demand for Business English is high, so this course can unlock many opportunities for you!

You will learn the key differences between teaching General English and Business English. That’s not to say that what you have learnt already won’t come in useful, after all, it gave you the foundations of teaching! To teach Business English, you will need to consider the reasons why students study this area, and how to plan effectively for this. You will also look at how to select activities and materials especially for this group – something which is crucial to ensure efficient learning.

You will have 6 months to complete your course.
is the average amount of time it takes to complete this course.
Once you have completed our course, you are gaining a lifetime certification.
Our Course Style

We offer all our courses online and in the form of self-study. This means you can get qualified to teach Business English on your own time. You access the modules when and where you want. You have complete control over when you study and can access your course 24/7, so you can progress through the modules at your own pace.

4 Benefits of Teaching Business English
  1. With the Level 5 Teaching Business English course, you will have the upper hand in the market. Employers will see that you have specialist knowledge in this area and are fully prepared to cater to the needs of Business English students.
  2. The Level 5 Teaching Business English course will give you the confidence to teach Business English. Teaching this specialty requires extra training and the course will give you the necessary skills to teach this level and be prepared for the classroom!
  3. Our course includes a free digital and hard copy certificate (terms and conditions apply!) This means that there is no extra cost to you at the end of the course! The course content is brand new and updated so that you, the learner, can have the best learning experience. Our interactive activities will keep you motivated to learn more and more!
  4. Business English can be a lucrative area of TEFL. If you can break into this market and be successful, then you can earn more money than working in General English. This course will help you get there!
Our Accreditations


Approved Center Number: 21335

Highfield Qualifications are a global leader in compliance and work-based learning and apprenticeship qualifications and one of the UK’s most recognisable awarding organisations. The TEFL Institute is an approved training center by Highfield Qualifications, an independent Ofqual approved Awarding Organization. This means the TEFL Institute has met Highfield’s expectations for developing and delivering high quality courses in the TEFL industry. Every year, Highfield maintains evaluation visits to ensure we are consistently meeting the high standards with our training.


ODLQC was founded in 1969 as the Council for the Accreditation of Correspondence Colleges, becoming the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council in 1995.Accreditation follows a rigorous assessment of a provider’s administrative and tutorial methods, educational materials and publicity, to ensure that all Standards are met. Our courses undergo strict external monitoring and control checks an on ongoing basis to ensure you receive the highest quality teacher training experience.

View the TEFL Institute’s verification on ODLQC website.


ACDL – Accreditation number: 2854-2540

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL), an accreditation body which specialises in distance learning courses. Our accreditation by ACDL reflects the high-quality distance learning offered by The TEFL Institute.

To learn more, visit their website: ACDL

Ireland's Leading TEFL Provider

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is one of the most respected TEFL course providers. Our high-quality learning experiences and internationally recognised courses have earned us a solid reputation in the TEFL industry. Trusted by TEFL employers worldwide, a qualification with us opens doors in the TEFL world. 

What’s included
Our courses are built with students’ experience in mind - proven learning principles, mentorship. Once you complete our training you are unlocking all the tools you need to begin your English teaching career.
Internationally recognised TEFL certifcate
Digital Completion Certificate Included
Full Suite of Tutor Support
Weekly Zoom Classes, Personal Tutor Assigned to Each learner + Discord Board to connect with other learners
Accredited TEFL Training
TEFL training approved by ODLQC & ACDL
Job Support
Lifetime Access to our Jobs Board & recruitment team ready to help you kickstart your TEFL career
Employer Certificate Verification
Your future employer can verify if your certificate is on our database and accredited
TEFL on the Go App
All Students can complete their training from any device, from anywhere in the world
24/7 Access
Self-paced online TEFL Course. Complete the course at your own pace, and at times that suit you. Even if you are working or studying you can complete the course at ease with our 6 months study time.
Zoom Sessions with Your Mentor
Weekly coom classes with our academic team.
Course Content Breakdown
3-6 weeks • TEFL Institute of Ireland mentorship • approx. 4-5 hrs/week time commitment
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Module 1: The Principles of Teaching Business English

In this module, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Teaching Business English including the key motivations for these learners and how your role as the teacher can influence these lessons. You’ll also look at the type of language typically taught in these courses and how this differs from General English.

Module 2: The Principles of Needs Analyses, Course Design, and Materials for Teaching Business English

In Module 2, you’ll learn all about Business English syllabuses and how to understand and implement these in courses that you teach. You’ll also look at classroom management techniques and how to use materials for teaching Business English.

Module 3: The Principles of Teaching Business English Skills

In the third module of the course, you’ll look at the key skills in English and how to teach these for the Business English context. You’ll examine how these are important for Business English learners and how to adapt you materials to suit the needs of the learners for these skills.

Module 4: The Principles of Teaching Business English Grammar, Vocabulary and English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

In Module 4, you will look more closely at how we teach grammar and vocabulary in Business English classes, and how important these are for this context. You’ll also look at the branch of English for Special Purposes (ESP)  and what materials you might use if you decide to teach this niche are of TEFL.

Module 5: The Principles of Business English Lesson Planning

In the final module of the Teaching Business English course, you will focus on how to incorporate everything you’ve learnt so far into lesson planning for this context. You will practise writing lesson plans for Business English classes and also reflect on your work to make you a better teacher.


60 Hour Level 5 Awards: This is a Level 5 Award which includes progress quizzes after each module that are graded instantly. They require a 100% grade to pass. After studying all 5 Modules, you will have to submit one final written assessment that is assessed. The written assessment is approximately 25 questions and will be marked by The TEFL Institute academic assessors. A grate of 100% is required to pass. If any answers are not correct, you may be required to complete a resubmission.

Meet your instructors
Youre not in this alone, as part of this course youll be matched with a mentor from our academic team. Mentors are CELTA & DELTA qualified, and have at least 4 years of teaching experience. Whenever you will need help our tutor team is there to guide you. create alongside them, and receive weekly live & asynchronous feedback on real-world projects.
The TEFL Institute mentor network
Academic Director
Academic Assessor & Tutor
Academic Assessor
Academic Assessor
Academic Assessor
Academic Assessor
Out of 1,840 global reviews
5 Star
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1 Star
The institute is responsible.. the courses are so interesting and practical. The people are so helpful specifically leo and of course emma.. thank you dear friends
Arash Mousavi
Arash Mousavi
12:36 03 Oct 23
I enjoyed the TEFL course and learnt loads about teaching English, both in the classroom and online. The material was comprehensive, clear and engaging. The quizzes were easy to follow and the website's interface was easy to use. If you are thinking of doing a course with the TEFL institute you should, it has interesting courses.
J-Lee reilly
J-Lee reilly
14:45 02 Oct 23
Good interactive course
E O'Machaoidh
E O'Machaoidh
14:36 02 Oct 23
Had some extension issues but Leo helped me immensely!
09:53 02 Oct 23
It has been a great and educational experience so far. The whole team are very supportive and the course is very easy to navigate!
Toni Reilly
Toni Reilly
13:01 30 Sep 23
I have completed the 180hr Highfield TEFL course. The course itself was organized really good and with great content. I enjoyed receiving helpful feedback on my exams. My written assessments were always graded quickly and sent to me with the feedback shortly after I submitted them. Hardly any waiting at all. I would like to thank Rachel for informing me of my success in passing this course.
10:29 29 Sep 23
I have completed the 180hr Highfield TEFL course. The course itself was organized really good and with great content. I enjoyed receiving helpful feedback on my exams. My written assessments were always graded quickly and sent to me with the feedback shortly after I submitted them. Hardly any waiting at all. I would like to thank Rachel for informing me of my success in passing this course.
Kimberly Hodge
Kimberly Hodge
06:51 29 Sep 23
I just finished the 10 hour Virtual TEFL course tonight. It was brilliant from start to finish. Michelle Benson is an excellent presenter and teacher. She really engaged us and put us at ease, and she spent time answering our questions. As I only started TEFL at the start of September , I noticed as well that she explained the complicated verb tenses in English really well. It was very inspiring to listen to her, and I loved the way she explained the different parts of teaching. I'm so happy I've started this course. The 10 hour virtual course makes you feel much more enthusiastic too. Michelle has the magic!
Joanne Fleming
Joanne Fleming
21:26 28 Sep 23
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What are the technological requirements to complete this course?

This Level 5 course can be completed on a desktop/ laptop PC or on a mobile device via our app (available on the Apple and Google Play stores). In general, we recommend a good internet connection with a minimum of 10mbps download speed and 2mbps upload speed. In order to complete the course, you will need to be connected to the internet at all times.

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