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Online Level 5 TEFL Course

We have some exciting news here at the TEFL Institute. We have launched a whole range of brand-new Level 5 60-hour specialist courses! These courses will make your CV stand out and give you the edge when applying for jobs online and worldwide! Our Level 5 accredited courses show your employers will see you’ve undertaken the best possible training for your TEFL goals. One of our exciting new courses is our Level 5 60-hour Teaching Online and One-to-One English course, aimed at those who want to get into online teaching and teaching individuals (both in the classroom and online). Ideally, it would be best if you had a TEFL qualification already (such as the 120-hour or 180-hour qualification). This will give you the foundations to build on. This course will enhance your knowledge and make you a top specialist in this area!

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Why take this course?

You might have your initial teacher training completed and feel ready to take on a new TEFL role; great! However, if you want to get into a particular area of TEFL and set yourself apart from the applications in an employer’s email inbox, you should take a specialized course. This will give you the knowledge you need and show your employer (and your students!) that you are highly qualified to take on these types of classes.

Our course will help you gain the confidence to deliver excellent online lessons and learn how to plan and prepare the classes so that your students make the most out of them, even if they are on the other side of the world! You will learn how to work one-to-one with students and cater to their needs, making you a top private English teacher! Teaching these lessons can be daunting if you haven’t done it before.  So taking a specialist course can help you overcome the nerves and feel prepared.

There is a tremendous demand for TEFL teachers in these areas. Many teachers are looking to break into these specialties. You can set yourself apart from the rest if you have additional qualifications, such as our 60-hour specialist course. As a TEFL teacher, it’s always essential to continue learning and keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and methods. Our Teaching Online and One-to-One English course contains tips and information from our highly experienced and qualified TEFL course developers. You will get valuable advice and content from within the TEFL industry itself!

Why should I consider online Teaching?

Online Teaching is a vast market in the world of TEFL, and many jobs are posted daily calling for English teachers. You can work with many nationalities and cultures, making the job more interesting if you enjoy meeting new people! Just because you’re the teacher doesn’t mean you can’t take the opportunity to learn something too! Work with students from all over the world and learn about them and their cultures.

Online Teaching can also give you great flexibility in your work. You can choose what time of day you want to work and where you want to work! If you’ve imagined yourself teaching on the go and going to new places, then online Teaching is an excellent opportunity. Many online teaching companies cover different countries and time zones, meaning there are options for you to choose from to adapt to your new, remote way of living!

Online Teaching can also give you access to more opportunities if you live in a location where there may not be many language schools or English teaching companies. Many companies specialize in teaching English online; you can be a part of however many you’d like to be! You also gain access to individuals worldwide, increasing your potential to grow your class load. 

Why should I consider one-to-one Teaching?

One-to-one Teaching can help you foster positive teacher-student relationships with your private students.  Helping them specifically to achieve their English language goals. You tend to get to know your students better this way, and with the right student, it sometimes doesn’t feel like teaching! 

 You can specialize in more specific areas by teaching one-to-one classes. Suppose you already have qualifications in another subject. In that case, you can combine this with your TEFL skills and teach a niche area of TEFL, such as medical English, aviation English and many more! The nicer your specialty, the more in demand you will be! 

Let’s not forget one-to-one classes are generally charged at higher rates too! If you decide to take on your students, as opposed to working for a company, you can set your rate for the lessons. This way, you can earn more as a TEFL teacher and even build a successful business teaching one-to-one classes!

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Why do I need a specialist course?

Teaching online and one-to-one classes can be different from General English classes. How you handle and prepare your online classes needs special consideration to make them successful. Will you get your learners talking? How will you prepare your materials? How can you make sure your learners enjoy your lessons? All of this will be answered in our 60-hour Level 5 course!

One-to-one classes can be overwhelming to plan for newbie TEFL teachers; it’s not always as simple as following a coursebook, as you might in group classes. Your students have their own needs you need to cater to – this is why they are paying you. This might be focusing on conversation, exams, or even classes to hone their English pronunciation. Whatever they need, you need to adapt to, or they won’t stay with you for long! This means you need a deeper understanding of how to assess their needs and plan classes accordingly – all of which you will become a pro at with our Teaching Online and One-to-One English course!

What will you study?

As the title suggests, you will gain expert knowledge of teaching English lessons online and personalized one-to-one classes. Our course comprises five jam-packed modules with knowledge about online and individual tasks. Our lessons contain fun, interactive activities to help you learn the content and enjoy the experience!

The first module will take you through teaching English online, what you need to know and why you need to know it! You’ll discover why this type of Teaching is so in demand and where you might fit into the job market for online English teaching. This will give you a good idea of what market you’re heading into and prepare you for things you need to consider when teaching English online. 

Next, in the second module, you’ll learn about one-to-one English. You’ll gain insight into these types of classes and their current demand. Not only will you know how they differ from group classes, but also about extra considerations for teaching individuals. To get into this teaching area, being informed is the first step!

In the third module, you’ll learn a crucial skill for teaching online and one-to-one classes; how to find out the needs of your students and plan your courses for them. This is a particular aspect of TEFL that teachers can struggle with, so in-depth knowledge of how to do this is the key to delivering successful English lessons online and one-to-one! If your classes aren’t meeting your students’ needs, they won’t benefit from them and will find another teacher! So if you want to become a successful teacher for your online and one-to-one students, upskill with a course that will help you!

In the fourth module, you’ll learn how to use different tools and materials in the virtual and one-to-one environment. As a teacher, you need to select materials that will help you meet your lesson’s objectives and motivate your students, keeping them interested in learning. It’s often the case that we need to adapt materials to use online or with one-to-one classes. So this module will teach you how to ensure the material works for your classroom!

In the final module, you’ll focus on lesson planning. You might have already learned how to create lesson plans or have experience as a teacher doing this, but that’s not to say that you won’t make use of learning how to prepare lessons for online and one-to-one classes! You’ll practice creating lesson plans and gain valuable feedback, preparing you to be the ultimate online and one-to-one TEFL teacher!

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In Conclusion

Getting into the online and one-to-one TEFL teaching market will be an excellent move for your TEFL career. There are so many opportunities available. With a specialized Level 5 course, you will be fully equipped to tackle this market head-on, with knowledge and confidence! Remember, a prepared TEFL teacher is a great TEFL teacher!

Remember that all our courses are online and self-study. Meaning that you can access them 24/7 and study in your own time when it suits you! If you’re already working as a TEFL teacher or any other job, you can fit our 60-hour course at your convenience. Upskilling has never been easier with our system. So check out the Teaching Online and One-to-One 60-hour Level 5 class today!

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