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Teach English in Spain.

With its stunning beaches, rich culture, and salivating Sangria, it is no surprise that Spain is one of Europe’s most popular destinations for TEFL teachers. However, if you are yet to discover why thousands of English teachers are flocking to its shores each year, take a moment to read why Spain might be the perfect place for you to kickstart your TEFL career. 

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  1. The requirements to teach English are easy! 

It may surprise you but you can teach English in Spain without a degree. Yes, you read that correctly a bachelor’s degree is not necessary to secure a job, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. Óle! This means that once you have completed your 120 hour TEFL course you are ready to go. It doesn’t matter if you have just finished High School or if you are 50 years old, once your TEFL course is completed you are qualified to teach. 

However, that is not to say having a bachelor’s degree goes unnoticed in Spain. In fact, it is usually a requirement if you want to work in an International or Private school. Plus, it will help you earn a higher wage. But it is not a necessity to have one. 

However, there are some requirements you must have to teach English Spain, these are:

  • Fluency in English ( being a Native speaker is not mandatory )
  • A TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate (Check out our TEFL courses here)
  • *Be an EU passport holder (preferred but not essential) 

*Although Spain employs English teachers from across the world, it is easier for EU passport holders to secure a job as they do not have to secure a work visa to start teaching, while non-EU citizens do. 

  1. There are lots of English teaching jobs!

Contrary to popular belief, English is not widely spoken in Spain. Once you leave the tourist hotspots and main cities, you will discover that the level of English amongst Spaniards is very low, especially if you compare it to English fluency levels found in the countries of Northern Europe. As a result, there is a constant demand for English language teachers across Spain in various different forms. You could end up teaching English in a Private school, a language center, as part of an Internship, or in private tutoring lessons to name a few. There will be a position that suits you and your teaching preferences you just need to look around. 

However, if moving abroad AND finding a place to live AND getting a job seems too intense for you, check out our 9 month Internship program in Spain. You will be placed with a host family and given a monthly allowance to get by, to learn more click here

  1. Spanish culture is captivating 


Spain is the land of fiestas and siestas, which means if you love partying and napping, Spain is the perfect place for you. Famous for its nightlife and love of Reguetón music, you are sure to have a blast as you dance into the early hours of the morning with your fellow teachers. But, if its wild nightlife is not for you, then you can explore what else Spain has to offer. 

From Gaudi’s beautiful architecture to Picasso’s paintings to flamenco dancing, Spain has an abundance of diverse and varied cultural experiences. Seeing how the country’s history is deeply complicated and layered, it is not surprising that Spain has become home to a melting pot of different cultures and experiences. 

Top tip: Whenever you go to a new city, be sure to check if there is a free walking tour available there so you can gain an insight into the history of the city. 

  1. Low cost of living = A high quality of life

Typically the monthly wage for an English language teacher in Spain ranges between 700-2500. This figure differs depending on your experience, working hours, teaching position, and where you live. For example, it is more expensive to live in the larger cities in Spain such as Madrid or Barcelona in comparison to Valencia or smaller coastal towns in the South. It is important to keep in mind that your wage will reflect the cost of living in your new home. 

But no matter what your wage is, your money will go quite a long way in Spain. In fact, compared to other European countries the cost of living in this Mediterranean paradise is quite low. You will pay less for almost all the basics including food, transport, utilities, and accommodation in comparison to the rest of Europe (which means you can save it all for exploring the different cities and towns across the country, Olé!) 

In regards to your rent, you can expect to pay between 300-600 per month for a room in a house-share including in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. However, once you leave these metropolitan cities, rent prices drop by a lot. So if you ever dreamed of living in an apartment with sea views, a small village in Spain may be the ideal place for you. 

  1. The sunny weather 

Did we mention how amazing the weather is? Because it is fab-u-lous. One of the best things about being located on the Meditarrien means you are guaranteed to get plenty of Vitamin D. In fact, Costa Del Sol enjoys 320 days of sun a year! Be sure to pack your swimsuit, your sunnies, and some factor 50!

sunny weather

  1. You can travel across Europe easily

Now, it may be hard to imagine that you would ever want to leave the sun kissed beaches of Spain but there may come a time you want to set your adventures a little further afield. Well lucky you, as Spain is an excellent base to discover Europe. You only have to jump on a bus, train, or plane and within 2 hours you can explore the neighbouring countries of Portugal, Andorra, France, Italy, or Morocco. 

  1. Tasty Tapas!

If you are a foodie then Spain’s tasty traditional dishes are going to be a big reason why you should teach English there. Patata Bravas, tortillas, paella, Iberian ham, and churros are just a flavor of what Spanish restaurants have to offer. Be prepared to share your food with your friends as these tapas dishes are designed to be split between a group and washed down with a glass of Sangria or Estrella. Little cafes and restaurants line the streets of the cities, and dining goes on into the night, with people typically sitting down to their dinner at 9 pm. 

You will be happy to hear that even on a tight budget you can treat yourself every week to a meal out. However, if eating in restaurants isn’t your preference then head to the local food markets. Here you will find an array of different delicacies, fresh fruit, and vegetables. La Boquería in Barcelona is one of the oldest and largest food markets in Spain. 

There you have it,  7 reasons why you should teach English in Spain! If that isn’t enough to convince you then contact our team to learn more about how the Spanish lifestyle is the one for you. 


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