Best Apps for ESL Teachers

Best Apps for ESL Teachers

Being an English teacher is a learning process and can sometimes be challenging. One way to make your life easier and keep classes fun and engaging are through apps. Here are several great teaching apps to help make your life easier.


This app is great for taking notes, creating recordings, and sharing files. Students and teachers alike can use this across several devices that sync up and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

TEFL on the Go

Our app is the easiest way for you to have complete access to your TEFL course 24/7. Whenever you need to refer to the course while on the go, simply pull out your phone, log in, and you are set to go!


This is a great and fun app to use in your classroom. It turns the class into a game show with the students as your contestants. The teacher enters the question into the program and students can enter their answers on their phone via the app. It is a fun and engaging way to test your students’ knowledge and incorporate technology into the classroom.

G Suite for Education

Everyone has heard of Google, however perhaps not about G Suite for education (aka Google classroom). It is a great platform for teachers to make announcements, send and grade assignments.


Every teacher’s saving grace; Addito keeps track of attendance, notes, and grades. Rather than keeping track of everything via paper, this app keeps everything in one place for you. It is a great alternative to using Excel and coding it yourself.

ABCya Games

This app is perfect for incorporating games into the classroom for younger students. The app is full of games developed by teachers and parents alike and helps to keep students engaged and learning fun.


Quizlet app is great for creating flashcards for students to use to study vocabulary words. Students and teachers can create and share different vocabulary sets to study before an exam.


This app is a great way for students to use a unique and creative way to learn new English vocabulary words. The app uses fun and different ways to help students master English as their second language.

These are simply just a few of the apps to make your life as a teacher easier and your classes fun and engaging.

What is your go-to app for teaching English?

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