Best Things To Do In Cambodia

Best Things To Do In Cambodia

So you’re thinking about going to Cambodia? This wonderful southeast asian country has so much to offer it is hard to know where to start! Don’t worry! We have put together a list of the best things to do in Cambodia.

Visit Angkor Wat

This list wouldn’t be complete without of course mentioning this world heritage site. This site is recognized mainly by the main temple with three pillars, however there are hundreds of temples that make up this unique and holy grounds. Your visit can easily take up the entire day, however, we highly recommend beginning the tour at sunrise. When the sun rises above the temple, it truly is breathtaking.

Explore Pub Street

Comparative to Bangkok’s Khao San Road, Beer street is Cambodia’s main party street in Siem Reap. With countless bars, unique street food, and $5 massages, what more can you ask for?! This area is great for an epic night out.

Be Amazed Watching the Phare Cambodian Circus

Thought you could only watch flamethrowers and contortionists in your home country? Think again! The Phare Cambodian Circus in Siem Reap has so much to offer from acrobatics and dance to live theatre! This unique show is a must see while in Siem Reap.

Watch a Traditional Apsara Dance

Don’t fancy the craziness of the circus? Be sure to catch a show of the traditional Cambodian Apsara dance. Watch as the performers move their hands in a beautiful fashion as they call upon the gods. Their fluid movements and bright attire are sure to leave a lasting memory on your trip.

Visit the Killing Fields

Another historical site worth visiting is located outside of the capitol, Phnom Penh. When most people learn history, often times the history of Cambodia is overlooked, including the genocide that occurred only thirty years ago… The Killing Fields tell the story of this sad time in Cambodian history and are imperative to visit while on your trip to Cambodia.

Try Traditional Khmer Cuisine

Any trip to Cambodia wouldn’t be whole without trying the local food. One of the best places to do this is at Romdeng Restaurant in Phnom Penh. This fabulous restaurant serves traditional Khmer dishes in an outdoor garden. Try the delicious amok curry surrounded by Cambodian nature and let your senses embrace this uniquely Cambodian experience.

Swim with Plankton in Koh Rong

Visiting this beautiful and picturesque island in Cambodia is worth the journey in itself. However, a definite highlight of your trip will be swimming with the glow-in-the-dark plankton at night. Imagine swimming in a sea of stars, this is what you have to look forward to off the coast of this island lined with white sand beaches.

These are simply a few of the amazing things that you can do in this beautiful country. Interested in visiting yourself? Be sure to checkout our internship in this fabulous Southeast Asian country!

What are you looking forward to seeing?!

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