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How to become a private English Tutor

So you’re thinking about becoming a private English tutor! Congratulations! However, getting started can be confusing and a bit nerve-racking. We have laid out the process on how to find students, prepare for your classes, and receive payments from students.

Where to find clients

This will vary depending on whether you will be teaching online or in person. However, if you are currently teaching English abroad and you wish to start taking on clients in person, one great place to start is your school! You can offer other teachers and coworkers’ private English lessons after school or on the weekends. In addition, you can offer classes to people in your town. Several TEFL teachers have gotten clients from coffee shops and restaurants around their town while living abroad.

However, if you are not living abroad or if you would like to teach English online, you can market your services in person and online. You can join several Facebook groups where people connect can connect with native English teachers to market your classes. In addition, you can find clients on Instagram or even Whatsapp. You would be amazed at how you can find clients through social media.

How to prepare for your class

Before starting private English lessons, it is important for you to talk to your student about their goals for the class. Are your students working on developing their language skills for conversational purposes, business, or to pass a language test? Once you understand their goals, you can better prepare for your class with them. Sometimes, the students simply want to work on their conversational skills and want to talk with you for their lesson!

How to bill students

Depending on whether you will be teaching in person or online, will determine how to bill your students. If you are teaching in person, simple cash exchange is best. If you are working in a developing country, a good way to determine your rate is by determining the hourly you get from your teaching position. For example, if you are teaching in Thailand, a good rate per hour is 200-300 baht (6-9 USD).

However, if you are teaching online, there are several options to receive payment; Venmo, Payoneer, and Paypal. All three are money transfer apps and are useful depending on the country. Venmo, for example, is a great money transfer app in the United States. Payoneer is a commonly used app in China and can be used to receive payment from students in Chinese Yen. Paypal is the most common app and can be used to transfer money internationally and converted to different currencies. All three apps are great options and will be used depending on your clients and where they are from.

Have any specific questions about becoming a private English tutor; don’t be afraid to leave a comment below!

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