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It’s that time of year again when red banners are popping up on every website you go to, queues are forming outside of shops, and you’re receiving more emails than ever from companies and stores – that’s right, it’s Black Friday! Whether you’re a regular shopper, everyone knows something about Black Friday! Black Friday (closely followed by Cyber Monday) can be an excellent opportunity to finally purchase that TEFL course you’ve been thinking about doing. By the end of November, you could be on the path to your dream TEFL career!

Amongst the excitement, Black Friday can also be overwhelming. There are many TEFL courses out there, and with many of them offering “great deals,” it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Of course, price is essential, but using the cheapest method alone might not be the best idea. You might find out that it’s not for you or will not get you anywhere, and you might buy another one down the line. If this happens, then Black Friday can turn out to be more expensive than you thought!

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to take advantage and get the course you want cheaper, but it shouldn’t be that you go with any old system just because it’s down to €20. If you see 120 or 180-hour TEFL courses for this price (especially on sites such as Groupon), it’s most likely not a good course and won’t help you get anywhere serious with TEFL anytime soon. Don’t fall into the classic TEFL trap!

For all these reasons, it’s important not to get distracted by Black Friday deals and know how to pick a course that will work for you and then get it at a better price! Let’s see what you should consider and look out for when shopping for a TEFL course on Black Friday!

Accredited course

The first big thing to look out for is choosing an accredited course.

What is accreditation? The course has been officially verified and recognized by an excellent external body. An accredited course has undergone the necessary checks to ensure that it is accurate, recognized, and a good quality course that meets the requirements for the level you are studying. You and your potential employers can check the validity of your system on the awarding body’s website and know that your system is internationally recognized.


Why is this important?

Unfortunately, anyone can “write” a TEFL course, put it on a website claiming it is internationally recognized, and sell it to you (maybe at a meager Black Friday price!). However, if it is not accredited, it will likely cause problems later on when you want to get a job. Your employer will not think that you have undertaken proper training. You will probably have to buy another course, costing you more money and time!

If you are unsure, ask the TEFL company for their accreditation number and where you can verify this information. If they don’t have one or try to convince you that you don’t need one, it’s best to stay away! These are major red flags! All courses at the TEFL Institute are accredited, and you can find our accreditation numbers online and double-check these for yourself.

  • Check certificates

It’s not unusual for a TEFL course to have additional charges, and it’s not uncommon for one of these to be that you pay extra for your certificate. You should check and ask about this before you start to avoid surprises towards the end of your course. If you buy a cheaper system in the sales, you don’t want to pay just as much to get your certificate towards the end of the course. Ask about this upfront. Then you can make an informed decision and plan your budget accordingly if you need to buy this later. If your certificate is included in the course, this is a significant saving!

  • Is the course suited to how you learn best?

Everyone learns differently, and each student has different needs and considerations when looking for a TEFL course. Are you looking for an in-person or online course? Are you looking for one that has programmed lessons or self-study? All of these are important to think about before buying the system. You need to pick the way that works best for you and will help you achieve your TEFL certification.

Taking an online self-study TEFL course is an excellent option for many with other commitments such as work, family, etc. However, it would be best if you were sure to organize your time and study the necessary amount every week. Online TEFL courses usually have a set amount of time to complete. Plan your time around this and see if this is realistic for you to do with your schedule.

You should also ask what options are available if you need guidance during the course. Although you will be expected to study alone, if there is a support system available for you, like a tutor or a group to join, this will help you a lot. Informing yourself about the support you can use during the course will set realistic expectations for your studies.

  • Will the course help you achieve your TEFL goals?

This is a significant factor to consider before you make any purchases. Not all TEFL certifications are the same or lead to the same opportunities. Similarly, not all TEFL jobs have the exact requirements. You might not know exactly where or what sort of job you would be interested in pursuing but having an idea will help you go in the right direction. Do you want to teach online? What about Asia? Do you want to teach refugees in Ireland? Are you looking to do this short-term or long-term?

Having some ideas is beneficial as it will help your TEFL provider recommend the best course for you and your needs. It would be a big shame if you spent money and time studying a class only to find out you can’t get hired because you don’t have the necessary training for that role. It’s always a good idea to talk to a company representative and get their advice. After all, they are the experts! This will also give you a feel of the company and how helpful and responsive they are. If they take a month to reply to an inquiry when you want to buy a product, it’s not a good sign of how they operate.

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  • What will you learn?

This is related to choosing a course that will help you teach in the area that you want to teach. If you aim to teach online, it would be good to check if the course you are interested in has an online focus. You should be able to view the content of your potential TEFL course online under the course information. If not, you can ask the TEFL provider for an overview, and they will direct you to this. It’s always wise to know what you’ll be studying after all! You don’t want to start a TEFL course and find out it’s unrelated to what you need.

You can take a general TEFL course to teach online, but it always helps if you have that extra knowledge. If not, consider looking for a deal on a specialist approach to enhance your understanding. This is the same with specialties such as Business English or Teaching English for Exams. Black Friday can be the opportune time to upskill your existing TEFL CV and take additional courses. Again, ensure that your chosen courses are accredited and suit how you want to learn.


In Conclusion

If you’ve been thinking about taking an online TEFL certification for a while, then Black Friday can be a great chance to strike and get a good deal on this. Don’t be too drawn in by really cheap deals without research. This can cost you more later if you need to buy another course. Whatever time of year you decide to take the TEFL plunge, spend some time learning the path you’re about to invest your money and time in. Research the TEFL provider carefully, looking at the website and any reviews on Google or other review websites. If the provider has no reviews, consider whether this is the right choice.

It’s advisable to contact the team at your chosen TEFL provider so that you can ask any questions you have about the course before buying. That way, they can guide you more about the course and whether it’s the right option. It’s also an excellent way to get a sense of their customer service. This can make all the difference when choosing a TEFL provider.

Get on the ball now and take a look at the courses available! Obtaining a TEFL certification might be the key to making the change you’ve been thinking of. So don’t hesitate to take advantage of Black Friday and get yourself a good deal on an accredited course today!

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