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If you’re an Irish passport holder looking for a new adventure teaching abroad, there has never been a better time to get involved with The TEFL Institute of Ireland, there are so many opportunities for jobs teaching and travelling the world and take advantage of the amazing opportunities available to you amongst the EU countries and beyond!

As Ireland’s leading TEFL course provider, we’re here to help you get started with teaching English online. Our globally recognized courses give you all the skills you need to confidently teach adults or young learners. TEFL courses may be accessible from anywhere, providing a portal into experiencing new cities and places while completing rewarding teaching work.

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While teaching English in your native country is appealing, many TEFL teachers desire to spread their wings and start teaching abroad and find a new home somewhere else. This could be a gap year between school and university, a career shift, or a pause between jobs. With over 30 years experience helping Irish citizens get TEFL certified and get teaching abroad in beautiful locations around the world, you could say we know a thing or two and now more than ever, there is an increasing demand for Irish TEFL teachers abroad. With friendly faces and quality education, what’s not to love about us? But there are a few other reasons employers are looking for Irish teachers.

First and foremost, you’re passport, it is your most valuable travel document and having an EU passport is like having a golden ticket these days, that allows you to fly into continental Europe at any time, as well as this, there are plenty of teaching positions available in Europe right now with little competition as you’re able to work and travel without the need for visas and other complicated documentation, hiring non-EU teachers takes a lot of time and money for employers. 

As well as this, moving to Europe is convenient for other EU members, money is required to relocate abroad and begin a new job but fortunately for you, the Euro is a strong currency meaning although you will need to save some money before leaving , you won’t need to sell your car and other prized possessions in order to pack up and relocate to a new country.

This is because of Brexit which is the sad truth for UK teachers looking to start teaching English in Europe. It will no longer be as simple or straightforward as it was before. There are fewer job openings for non EU citizens and at the present, it’s difficult to get a sense of how employers are reacting and their desire to hire from abroad. Teachers with residency or the right to work freely in the EU are going to be prioritised over those who need a work visa and other documentation. Because of this, teachers from the United Kingdom will need a visa to teach and live in any EU country. The UK  is now deemed a “third country,” which means that if you have a British passport and want to work in an EU country, you will be processed the same as any other non-EU applicant.

Employers are going to be more willing to hire individuals who hold EU citizenship to avoid going through the difficulties and necessary paperwork needed when hiring employees from outside the European Union. Europe has been known to be one of the most competitive TEFL employment markets in the world meaning Brexit is going to be massively beneficial to Irish TEFL teachers and even other non-native English teachers from other EU countries by reducing the competition for jobs. 

Because English has become the international language of business and tourism, English teachers are in high demand in both tourist destinations and business centers across Europe. Wherever you go in Europe, there will be someone looking for a qualified English teacher with a recognized TEFL certificate, from language schools in Barcelona, Prague, and Paris to summer camps on the Mediterranean coast and up in the Tuscan hills, Russian towns to the famous frontistiria of Greece.

Secure a teaching job abroad in Europe, your CV will immediately improve. You’ll be in an ideal position to land the best-paying TEFL jobs in locations like Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam  if you have a certified TEFL course plus a few years of European teaching experience on your CV.

Europe is a great stepping stone for Irish teachers abroad to further developing your TEFL career further abroad in Asian countries such as South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand to name a few. Once you have an impressive amount of experience from TEFL teaching in Europe, getting a job secured in Asia will be a breeze. Asia’s job market is booming, with one of the biggest requests for TEFL teachers in the world! You’ll never be alone with TEFL hotspots located in countries like China, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. With thousands of visitors each year, you’ll have no trouble making friends, traveling, and exploring the world 

Employers in Southeast Asia love paperwork, so don’t be surprised if they request your records. They will frequently request a copy of your passport, degree, and TEFL certification. In Asian countries a visa is always required, which allows you to work legally as a foreign language teacher while you’re abroad. It’s extremely critical to obtain one of these before leaving your home country, as it guarantees that you’ll be working for a genuine company. Employers will usually help you in arranging the necessary paperwork and may even sponsor you!

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TEFL teaching is an amazing opportunity for Irish people to get jobs abroad and to see the world as well as make a difference in people lives. Online TEFL courses are the most affordable & flexible way to launch your career teaching English. It is a perfect way to study theoretical material at your own time & your own pace and whether you’re here to launch your TEFL career or travel the world with ease, the team at The TEFL Institute Of Ireland is here to help.  The TEFL Institute of Ireland offers two primary TEFL qualifications to choose from with many additional high-quality courses to add to your resume. If you are not sure which course is right for you, our team is happy to help.

For example, the 120-hour premier TEFL course from the accredited range is what we’d call our range of fast track courses.

  • With the accredited 120 Hour TEFL Course, you can get TEFL certified and start teaching English online or abroad in less than four weeks.
  • this premier TEFL course will put you in the best possible position to land your dream TEFL job.
  • 10 modules to complete with each module has a multiple-choice test at the end and you need 80% to pass
  • all our courses are 100% online, you can fit your studies around your busy lifestyle.  
  • From engaging course material to outstanding personal tutor support, we provide one of the best online courses to get you ready to teach English anywhere in the world.  

Looking at our 180-hour accredited TEFL course by comparison:

  • Learners spend typically 8-10 weeks to complete the 11 modules
  • you’ll be qualified to prepare your students for the popular IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) tests.
  •  advanced 180-hour course is online. That means you can complete your TEFL training on any device, at a time that suits you. Along with this course flexibility, your personal tutor will support you throughout your studies (and after!) to help you achieve your TEFL goals.
  •  can easily break down your TEFL training into manageable chunks.  

If you choose to teach as a career, you will experience  job satisfaction like no other. Most teachers will tell you that they wanted to be able to make a significant difference in their students’ lives when asked why they chose to teach. Working as a teacher, you’ll be able to observe clear improvements in your students abilities, which will leave you with a grin on your face and a sense of accomplishment. It’s the most rewarding job you could have!

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