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If you’re looking for a new resolution for 2023, why not make it the year you start your exciting new TEFL career? With travel back up and running, it’s easier to head off and explore the world. If you’re in the middle of your online TEFL certificate, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do with it in 2023. So answer this, where do you see yourself in 6 months?

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language. This means that you learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages and help them learn to communicate in English—taking an online TEFL course will teach you how to break down the language and techniques to make your lessons enjoyable for your students! An online TEFL certification can help you explain grammar to your students and manage your classroom efficiently!

Where can my TEFL certificate take me?

In 2023, many options will be available to you once you are TEFL certified. Even within these options, there are more choices involved! What’s suitable for you depends on your circumstances and ideas. Whatever you choose, take the time to research whether it’s the right option for you and where you see yourself. Remember that you may also need to consider your nationality, English level, educational background and salary expectations.

Teaching English in classrooms abroad 

This is probably the most popular option that TEFL teachers take. After all, if you train to be a teacher, you’d probably imagine yourself physically teaching in a school! There are TEFL jobs all over the world. Most involve you teaching for around nine months, covering the academic year with summers and the main holidays off.

Teaching in a classroom can vary from working in a language school. Some schools will give you a coursebook and scheme of work to follow, and some might ask you to plan your lessons. You might teach anything from General English lessons to conversation lessons or exam preparation for students to undertake an international language exam.

To secure a job teaching in a classroom, you must consider the country’s requirements for TEFL teachers. Some countries require teachers to hold a degree due to visa restrictions, so it’s important to check this before you fill out any applications. The minimum industry standard TEFL requirement is 120 hours, but you might benefit more from taking our Level 5 180-hour Diploma to stand out to your potential employers!

There is a need for TEFL teachers in many countries all over the world! Popular choices for 2023 include Spain, Thailand, Japan and UAE! For more ideas on where TEFL can take you in 2023, check out our top 2023 TEFL countries!


Teaching online

Another trendy choice for 2023. Many students across the world choose to take English lessons online. There are many online opportunities for TEFL teachers. This might involve you teaching via an online platform from your own country or combining travel with teaching and moving around. Teaching online is an excellent way to get into TEFL if you are starting out and still have other commitments, as you can work part-time if you need to.

You can teach online for a more prominent company that typically asks you to teach between 10-15 hours weekly as a minimum requirement. Your students will likely differ every week, and you can choose whether to look for a job teaching adults or young learners online.

You can also find many online websites where you can advertise yourself as a teacher for individual or group lessons. These websites are a good way of getting your profile out there when you begin, although a commission is usually taken. Popular sites to check out are Italki or Amazing Talker. The benefit of doing this is that you can charge higher rates than you might earn teaching for a more prominent company or online school.

Once you have more experience and connections, you might consider building up your network of students and starting your own teaching business. This takes some work and dedication but can be more financially rewarding in the long term.


Volunteering might be the answer if you’re interested in making a difference with your TEFL qualification! Being an English teacher can have a tangible impact on the lives of others. In today’s climate, English is a crucial skill for many worldwide. Helping people obtain employment or enter the world of higher education. There are many migrants and refugees in the world who have been displaced suddenly, and helping them learn English will help them settle into a new environment and get a job to help them earn a living.

If you feel you can help with your TEFL skills, there are different ways you can get involved to help others by teaching them English.

Online: Many organisations look for online English teachers for refugees and asylum seekers worldwide. Some of these include RefuNet, Paper Airplanes and Outreach360. So if you are interested in helping a specific group of people, look online or on social media to see if organisations work in these areas. Volunteering online can be challenging due to a student’s lack of resources (not all students will have a laptop, for example), but it is gratifying. Many positions require just one to two hours a week. So you can get involved and fit it into your current schedule more quickly than you thought.

Face-to-face: If you want to help others face-to-face, some organisations look for teachers to spend a month or two teaching their students in a classroom. For example, you can volunteer to teach in a refugee camp in Greece or on the Mexican-US border, where many families have been displaced.  Volunteering can be an enriching experience and help you gain experience if you are new to the world of TEFL. Remember that there are some challenges when teaching this type of context, but you can help give others a unique opportunity by assisting them to become more fluent in English.


If you feel more apprehensive about taking the plunge and moving abroad for your first TEFL job, then undertaking one of our internships might be a good option. You have the position organised for you and help with accommodation (or homestays arranged in some cases). You will also receive full support regarding visas, essential documents and ongoing support while doing the internship.

The guidance provided during our internships can help remove any nerves if you have never worked as an English teacher. There are some fantastic opportunities available from Thailand to South Korea to Germany. Internships are also an excellent way to get a taste of TEFL in a particular country! You can spend a shorter time there to see how you like it, and then you might stay longer! Check out our exciting internships here! Our team can help you with any questions and determine if you are eligible for what you’re interested in.

TEFL teaching in Italy

Summer camps 

If you want to try something shorter but faster-paced, consider working towards a TEFL summer camp job. Employers typically start advertising for summer positions as early as January and continue until places are filled for summer! So you can start looking for one right now and plan for an adventurous summer!

There are TEFL summer camps all over Europe, with different requirements and duties involved. There are many camps in the UK where you can teach students who visit for the summer. If you want to combine travel with your TEFL work, you can head to another country. Italy, Spain and Bulgaria are popular TEFL summer locations. Always check the requirements as to whether you have the legal right to work in the country.

Working in a summer camp typically comes with accommodation included in your job offer, along with food and in-country transport. The salaries aren’t always the highest because of this, but you’ll have little financial outgoings during the summer. You will often be asked to do other duties. These include running sports or arts, so check the job descriptions so you don’t get a surprise when you arrive!

Teaching in a summer camp is an intense experience but often brings a lot of fun and friends! You’ll learn a lot and have a memorable summer. Teaching short-term can be a good way of testing the TEFL waters and simultaneously making some great connections! If you already have some teaching experience, working at a summer camp can help you break the routine and try something different! Teaching is often more light-hearted or theme-related. It can be nice to get away from the grammar and exam lessons!

In Conclusion

Wherever TEFL takes you in 2023, many opportunities are available. There are many students across the world wanting to learn English in many different ways. Research what you might like to do, and don’t forget the most important thing: get your online TEFL qualification now! Once you get your TEFL qualification, you can start thinking about the different paths available to you!

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