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If you’ve decided that 2023 is your year for making a change, then now is the time to strike! An exciting new TEFL career is waiting for you. How do you make a start? By becoming TEFL qualified! With our interactive, self-paced online courses, it’s easier than ever. Please don’t put it off any longer; start researching the best TEFL course for 2023! 

Once you’re TEFL qualified, many opportunities are waiting for you. Whether you want to teach in your own country, move to an exciting new country or teach online, there are many fascinating job offers for TEFL-qualified teachers. Teaching English is constantly changing, so there is something for everyone, and you will find yourself a fascinating career!

How to pick a TEFL course?

To pick the best TEFL course, you need to consider whether it is the right fit for your needs based. What’s right for one person might not work for another. However, there are some key aspects that you should look out for when you are looking for a TEFL course:

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This is one of the most important things to check when picking the best TEFL course. Accreditation means that the course is officially recognised by an awarding body and deemed valid for learning. This is important as it means the system is validated and is held to a high standard of education. Your potential employer can verify this and check you have undertaken proper training. If you haven’t and the course is not accredited, then it won’t be seen as worth anything in the eyes of the employer.

To check if a course is accredited, you can look on your TEFL provider’s website and verify the awarding body and the number. You should then be able to go to the awarding organisation’s website and verify it there. If you’re unsure if you can find this information, email the provider, and they will provide it. If they are unwilling to give you this information, it’s a red flag and likely that the course is not accredited!

All of the courses at the TEFL Institute are accredited, and you can find this information on our website. Highfield also awards our Level 5 courses. This means that they have gone through rigorous checks and are up to the standard you want for the best TEFL course! Your employers can verify this on the website or check with us so they know you have undertaken the best training for the job!

Support available 

Most online TEFL courses are self-study meaning that you access the courses as and when you want to. You then study at your own pace and progress through the modules. You are also responsible for completing quizzes and assessments within the time frame. This is a significant advantage: you can fit your course around your existing commitments and get TEFL qualified in no time!

However independent you may be in your studies, it’s always a significant benefit to having academic support available to you in case you need to ask any questions. It can sometimes be overwhelming to organise what you need to study, so having access to support is critical here.

At the TEFL Institute, we offer many channels of support to help you get TEFL qualified in the most enjoyable process possible. We have Tutor Support available for all courses, where you can ask questions about the course content, assessments or even TEFL. You can also attend a live Zoom session with a qualified assessor if you prefer to get your questions asked face-to-face! 

If you need more support, you can join our student Discord network to chat with other learners! Just because you are studying online doesn’t mean you can’t get to know your study peers! You can also reach out there and ask our assessors any questions! We have many different support networks for our learners, making the study process even easier! You are never alone in studying your TEFL course!

Who are your assessors?

The people who are helping you and marking your coursework matter too! They should be qualified people who have TEFL experience! Our assessors are all Master’s/ Delta level qualified and have many years of teaching experience in TEFL, including face-to-face teaching abroad, online teaching volunteering and running their teaching businesses! Our assessors have experience as TEFL teachers, teacher trainers and official examiners! Between them, our assessors have been introduced worldwide, from Ecuador to Thailand! This means that not only do they have the highest Level of knowledge about teaching English, but they also have solid practical knowledge. All of this will add to you having the best TEFL course experience!

Certificate costs 

Usually, there may be an extra charge at the end of your course to get a certificate or a hard copy of your PDF certificate. The benefit of studying with the TEFL Institute is that your digital and hard copy certificates are included in your course for free! This means that no extra certificate fees are waiting for you! 

If you’re ready to take the TEFL plunge with us, check out some of our top courses below to ensure you are taking the best TEFL course for your future career!


Our 180-hour Level, 5 Diploma award is a new, exciting course that will put you at the front of the TEFL job market. Our Diploma course is fully comprehensive. It will give you a solid foundation in TEFL and leave you prepared and confident to teach! The course is self-study and features a range of interactive lessons to make learning fun! You’ll have six months to access the system at your own pace. Which means you can fit the system in around your other commitments- what could be easier than that?!

Our course covers everything from grammar to teaching activities and how to prepare lesson plans for your classes. There is also an online focus so you can learn how traditional classroom teaching compares to online education, giving you that extra knowledge to get started in the virtual classroom too! Our expert developers have created our Level 5 Diploma, and you will work with our top-qualified assessors. 

The benefit of the Level 5 Diploma is that it is the best TEFL course to make your CV stand out. Our government-regulated system will show your potential employer that you have undertaken the best possible training! Not to mention that your certificates are included for free – what’s not to love about this course!?


If you want to challenge yourself even more, check out our Level 5 Advanced Diploma! This course comprises not only the entire 180-hour system and other Level 5 specialist courses, giving you the complete TEFL package.

Once you start teaching, getting into a more niche teaching area is always a good idea. This increases your earning potential and shows your employer that you can undertake other types of classes! The Advanced Diploma is the best choice if you want to get qualified and expand your subject area knowledge!

You can choose from many great specialist courses, from Teaching Business English to Teaching English in Other Subjects. We’ve got something for everyone!

You will study two of these specialist courses and the 180-hour main course. Of course, your certificates are free, so you will receive your Advanced Diploma at the end of your system at no extra cost! The Advanced Diploma is a great way to cover many areas, making your CV stand out from the TEFL pile. You can choose the courses that interest you, or those that you think will help you when applying for TEFL jobs. 

In Conclusion

Whatever course you choose, you must ensure it’s the right option based on your future goals and preferences. Take the time to read about the system to know exactly what’s involved and what will require you during the process. It’s never too early to start thinking about where you want to go with your TEFL qualification. If you have some ideas, you can decide more easily which course would be best suited for your needs. Other factors to consider are your Level of English, prior experience and educational background.

If you feel inspired to make some TEFL progress in 2023. Start that TEFL course you’ve been thinking of. Check out the wide range of courses we have available. We have classes for students of all ages and backgrounds, so there are no excuses! If you’re unsure about the best TEFL course for you, then speak to a member of our team. They will help you achieve your TEFL dreams in no time!

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