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If you have ever considered traveling to Southeast Asia, Vietnam should be at the top of your list. This amazing country has everything to offer, from white sand beaches, limestone mountains, and rice fields to crazy nights out and even sand dunes. To make sure you make the most of your time in Vietnam, we have put together a list of the top 10 must have experiences in Vietnam.

1. Visit Train Street in Hanoi

When you visit Hanoi, one of the best experiences to have while there is visiting Train Street. It is a narrow street, outside of the Old Quarter with a train running through the middle. Snap a few photos before grabbing a beer and watching the train whiz by you. Please note that the train only comes through twice a day, at 15:30 and 19:30.

2. Go Trekking in Sapa

A few hours outside of Hanoi is the beautiful countryside town of Sapa. Sapa is most notable for its hundreds of rice fields that line the mountainside. When you visit, a local guide will take you through the fields and small villages to truly experience life in a rural village in Vietnam.

3. Drive the Ha Giang Loop

Probably the most scenic route in all of Vietnam is the Ha Giang loop. It is roughly 450 km, takes 3-5 days to drive on a motorbike, and is one of the most memorable experiences in Vietnam. With the scenery constantly changing from rolling mountains and hills to hundreds of rice fields, the Ha Giang loop is something from a movie.

4. Go on an overnight Ha Long Bay Cruise

Ha Long Bay

One of the seven wonders of the world, Ha Long Bay is a must-see in Vietnam. However, there are different ways to visit this unique landmark. We recommend doing an overnight party cruise. When you book an overnight cruise, you will be able to swim and kayak through the islands, spend the night on a lavish boat, and have a great night out all in one!

5. Visit Hoi An

This stunning old coastal town is a top destination for most who visit Vietnam. Its old architecture, stunning beaches, and fabulous markets are no wonder why it is on everyone’s itinerary for Vietnam.

6. Try Egg Coffee and Coconut Coffee

Something unique to Vietnam is their version of coffee, most notably, Egg Coffee and Coconut Coffee. Please note that both are very sweet but 100% worth trying at least once.

7. Try the Local Food

The top local foods to try in Vietnam are Banh Mi, Phò, and Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich, stemming from the country’s history of French Colonialism, with different meats and veggies. Phò is a noodle soup with beef or chicken (however, it can be made vegetarian as well). Vietnamese Spring Rolls is vegetables and occasionally pork wrapped in rice paper and deep-fried. All of these dishes are delicious and a must try while in Vietnam.

8. Ride a Quad Bike at Mui Ne Sand Dunes

When in Southeast Asia, you would not think that you would be able to visit a place similar to the desert. However, only six hours outside of Ho Chi Min City, you will feel as though you were in the Middle East. While visiting this magical place, be sure to rent a quad bike and race through these dessert sand dunes.

9. Stay overnight in a Homestay and try rice wine

Staying at a homestay is the best way to learn about Vietnamese from a local. Have family dinner, with ingredients from their garden, learn a few Vietnamese phrases and try rice wine.

10. Visit Phong Nha National Park

Located close to Hue, Phong Nha national park has unique sights to see while in Vietnam. From hiking to kayaking in caves, Phong Nha has something for everyone to enjoy.

These are just a few of the top 10 unique experiences to have while in Vietnam. However, the country has so much more to offer! Come for a few weeks and end up staying a few months.

What is a must-see for you in Vietnam?

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