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How should a TEFL CV look?

March 2, 2022

A well-crafted TEFL CV is essential to landing your dream TEFL job. Here are some guidelines for perfecting your CV:

Contact info: make sure your name and contact details are included at the top of your CV so they’re easy to find. 

Include a photo: use a photo of yourself that’s simple, professional and current. And don’t forget to smile!

Education and training: Include all your qualifications, starting from the most recent.

Work history: similar to above, list all your jobs starting with the most recent. If you have a lot of work history, we recommend only going back to around 10 years prior. 

References: include the details of two references or “references available on request” at the bottom of your CV.  

Other information: it’s a good idea to include any other skills and interests. Including your hobbies gives an insight into the kind or person you are.

Proofread: grammar mistakes and typos are unforgiveable on a TEFL CV. Don’t forget to proofread your CV and ask someone to read it for you to double-check.

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