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I had a great day with friends marking the 100-year anniversary of the restoration of independence for Lithuania. The day consisted of celebrating with eating some Lithuanian food, seeing 100 bonfires on Gediminas Avenue and then in the evening attending a free concert at Cathedral Square.

How to take your TEFL qualification to a new level when teaching English abroad

I’m still growing as a native English language teacher here in Vilnius. I’ve noticed that teaching becomes easier as I find new ways of doing things.Teaching English in Europe Planning/ preparation time can be addressed by recycling material used in previous lessons, consequently, it’s a great way to recap on taught grammar rules, new vocabulary learnt and to help absent students who may have missed the previous lesson. With regard to the latter, it’s useful to ask students why they have missed certain lessons, this shows genuine interest in the student. Another way I assess my students is by putting together different types of ESL tests and using online assessments to help my students see whether they know, understand the units covered. I’m not only teaching Lithuanians, I was surprised to find that some classes consist of students from different Nationalities: Polish, Ukrainian, Italian and Mexican this is really exciting as it brings energy and fun to the class with an enthusiasm to learn/ be full of creative ideas.

My ESL class schedule is intense, with a minimum of 25 hours of class time per week. Completing a TEFL qualification has enabled me to be confident in teaching English in Central Europe and challenge myself; as a result, I have started teaching one-to-one in-company business English classes to different clients within corporate companies in Vilnius. These lessons consist of purpose-planned material, which relates to the clients need. For example, I have one client who works within Real Estate, therefore, the classes focus on vocabulary relating to his work and having conversations/ role plays/ listening exercises and correction of any errors made in speaking, grammar and pronunciation.
Teaching in Vilnius

Next weekend I will travel to Riga, Latvia for two days. I’ve always wanted to see the city and experience it’s amazing architecture and history. Plus there are good travel routes via Vilnius and bus tickets are relatively cheap.

The second winter has hit, today the temperature is -18.


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