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How to deal with a difficult student

Let’s face it when you are a teacher, you’re bound to come across a student who misbehaves in class. Growing up we were all familiar with the class clown, or the one who would always talk back to the teacher. Almost every class had them. However, now, rather than being a peer, you are the teacher who has to deal with this difficult student. As a new teacher, this can be a daunting task. How exactly do you deal with a difficult student? Don’t worry, we have put together a list of ways to stop a student or students from disrupting the class. 

Have them sit in the front row

This is a great tactic to use when multiple students are misbehaving. Generally, these students like to sit in the back to talk and joke around. However, by moving them to the first row, you will be able to keep a closer eye on them. This simple act will help you to keep them from disrupting the class.

Set rules as a class

At the beginning of the semester or term, it is a good idea to set boundaries or rules as a class. By having the class get involved in determining the rules, it also makes them feel more responsible and accountable. This will help to have students follow the rules in general. 

Use peers to enforce rules 

You might be surprised at how students can help you to keep others from misbehaving. On the same note as creating the rules together as a class, by doing this the other students will generally help to ensure that everyone follows them. 

Reward good behavior

When attending school, we all remember the teachers that gave us sweets when we did well or after playing a game. This is another great way to get students to behave in class. If students do particularly well or are actively participating, rewarding them with a sweet or no homework can be a great incentive and will encourage similar behavior. If the misbehaving student sees all of his peers getting sweets, he will be more likely to stop misbehaving. 

Have them present to the class

Another way to get the student to stop misbehaving and disrupting class is by having them present to the class. You can ask them to repeat what you have been going through or ask them to answer a question relating to the material. This will have them engage with the material and being called on will cause them to pay closer attention. 

Pull them aside after class

If the behavior persists, you can always pull them aside and talk to them at the end of the class. Having a one-on-one discussion can help you to get to the bottom of why the child is misbehaving and hopefully help to stop them from disrupting the class. 

These are simply a few of the ways you can deal with a difficult student. What ways have you tried that have worked?

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