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Stay in Shape

Interested in moving abroad but worried about staying in shape? I get it! When most people think about traveling abroad or going abroad, they think about how people can gain weight. I mean, you’re trying new foods, going out, and meeting new people. Exercising is not high on your list while abroad. Not to fret! Here are several ways to stay in shape while teaching English abroad!

Join a club at your school 

It’s not only a great opportunity to stay in shape but also to learn a new part of the culture! For example, if you are in Thailand, you can join a Muay Thai club! You would be able to get a great workout in and learn a unique aspect of the culture!

Create your own club at school

If there aren’t any clubs that interest you at your school, you can actually create your own club! As a teacher, you would simply need to talk to your boss and work it out with your school to create an after-school club. This would be a fantastic way to integrate into your school and to bring a bit of your culture to your new home country. For example, one intern began a Zumba class at her school! It is a great way to stay in shape and have a lot of fun with your students.

Join a local sports club

If you are looking to stay active outside of school, you can always join a local sports club! For example, Football is a popular sport globally! If you are passionate about the sport or simply interested in staying in shape, there are usually clubs that scrimmage in different towns. You can join a local sports team or club to make local friends and stay in shape!

Explore your new town

Another unique way to stay in shape is to simply explore your town! By walking around your town, you will be exercising and getting to know your new home better. If you want to get more of a workout in, you can jog or run rather than walk. 

YouTube Videos

With the popularity of YouTube, there are thousands of videos online with free workout videos! If you want to workout at home or outside, YouTube is a great resource for you. In addition, you can find different workouts on Pinterest or various blogs as well!

These are only a few ways for you to stay in shape while abroad teaching English! 

How do you like to stay fit?

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