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Tefl Jobs In Peru

Other than being famous for being the home of Paddington Bear, Peru has many other attractions, including the Inca ruins. You will also find Machu Picchu, and the country remains steeped in traditional Peruvian culture. The meeting of this ancient history with new modern lifestyles creates a fantastic destination and an excellent choice for those who want to teach English abroad.

The great news is while spending time as an English teacher in Peru; you will have plenty of spare time to explore the fantastic local area, so be sure to take a trip on a rainforest riverboat where you can feed macaws as you pass, climb to the top of the Andes or swim in the Pacific. It is also an amazing place to taste some of the finest cuisines, often as you explore the many city-wide festivals that take place throughout the year. Although you may not have enough expendable income to hoard away vast savings, the salary offered to English teachers in Peru will give you a comfortable lifestyle and enough spare cash to do some exploration and enjoy yourself.

Since 1993 the economic growth has continued in Peru, and now the area is more financially stable, which has led to a higher demand for TEFL teachers. From international schools to business classes, the demand for highly skilled English teachers in Peru is definitely on the rise. Even if you are a newcomer or have little to no experience, the voluntary organisations that teach English to locals in the rural mountains will be delighted to see you. The tourist industry is booming, so many locals understand the importance of good English skills. From a business point of view, English is needed to participate in a global market, and Peru has many natural resources that it can export.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about teaching English in Peru, including the types of jobs on offer, visa requirements, the qualifications you need and fitting in with the lifestyle and culture so that you can decide whether this country is the next destination of choice for your English teaching adventures.

Job types


From state schools to private schools, there are plenty of opportunities for English teachers in Peru to find work. Provided you meet the requirements, Peru has one of the easiest starter processes, as there are no particularly complicated visa rules to deal with. You will often find that you are offered a six-month contract which is perfect for many people, but they are also happy if you choose to renew your contract and stay longer. If you have a Masters’s level qualification, you may want to consider teaching at the university level, and these are the most prestigious jobs on offer. For that reason, the requirements are very strict, and a lot of people will apply. They tend to be awarded to people who are looking to make a more permanent life for themselves in Peru on a longer-term basis.

English Language Schools

In Peru, international schools tend to be found in Lima. In order to apply to an international school, you will need to be a qualified teacher with around two years of experience under your belt. Schedules can be fairly busy, and generally, you will be working five days a week teaching around six classes each day in order to make ends meet. But, it will still allow you a good amount of time to explore the local area.

Private language lessons

Another option is to set yourself up as a private language tutor, but of course, this is less stable, so it depends on your situation. Teaching English in Peru on a part-time private basis could be the perfect arrangement for those backpacking through the area, giving you some spending money for your travels. You could make a living as a freelance English teacher in Peru, and in this case, you should offer discounts if your students are prepared to book blocks of lessons. Be clear on your cancellation rules, and make it known that you charge for those who cancel; otherwise, you will lose money if people don’t turn up. If you can get a stable enough Internet connection, you could also teach English online and then your students could be located anywhere in the world. Many people have full-time jobs and still take on private language lessons in their spare time to make ends meet.


If you have little to no experience teaching English abroad, then you could consider volunteering in one of the outreach programs. They tend to be located in rural areas, but you will get food and accommodation provided.

Finding a job

Finding a job teaching English in Peru is relatively easy, and there are loads of opportunities in the major cities and some of the surrounding villages. In Lima, you will find the most work, but of course, that is because it is the capital. You will find that for all roles except volunteer roles; a TEFL qualification is needed. You can also find work in Cusco, and this is a huge tourist city, so many locals want to speak English well.


In order to teach English in Peru and be paid, you will need to have your TEFL certificate. If English is not your first language, you will find it harder but not impossible, provided you have fluency and the skills of a native. It is more likely that the jobs will be given to people who are citizens of the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. A bachelor’s degree isn’t technically needed but, of course, they do tend to pick the highest qualified candidates, so it works in your favour if you have one.

Visa Requirements for English Teachers in Peru

You are allowed to teach English in Peru on a tourist visa. You do not need to apply for things in advance; when you fly into the country, they simply stamp your passport. Currently, a tourist visa is only valid for 90 days, and there is no application for an extension at the moment. However, things could change again in the future. It is one of the easiest countries to deal with from a visa point of view but do not risk staying on an expired tourist visa.

Need to know

You will be able to teach a wide range of age groups as an English teacher in Peru, including many young people who want to improve their English skills so they can get further education in English-speaking countries.

Teaching in Lima

Lima is both a province and the capital city of Peru. The city is small and located in the metropolitan area, whereas the province is much larger and 25% of people live there. Language schools are found in Lima, and this is a great place to find work, but also, teaching private clients can work well here. Once you build a good reputation, you will find people seeking you out to teach them English. There are also a few university roles for the higher qualified English teachers in Peru, but be warned the competition will be fierce. Do not waste any time if you see a uni role advertised; get your application in quickly. Living in Lima is very urban, so you need to be a fan of city life, but private tutors will find it a minefield of well-off professionals happy to pay for English lessons.

Teaching in Cusco

The younger crowd tend to gather in Cusco, and it is a well-known tourist hotspot. It is famed for street parties in the city square and has some stunning local markets which open late into the night. Once you head out of the centre, things get more chilled, making it a nice place to live and work. There is plenty of demand for English teachers in Peru in Cusco. The tourist implication means that locals often work in the industry and need to learn English. It is not as well paid as Lima, so you cannot charge as much if you offer private lessons. There are language school jobs on offer, but again, everything is relative; you will earn less but pay less to live. There is plenty to see and do here, and it is a wonderful city you will be glad you spent time in.

Culture and Living in Peru

As an English teacher in Peru, you will earn around $500-$1,000/£360-£800/€500-€1000 a month. Although this may not sound that good, remember everything is relative, and you will pay less to live than you will have been used to. If you find your salary is not enough, you could consider teaching privately, either in person or online, to top up your income.

Classroom & work culture

Students in Peru tend to be a dream to work with. They are friendly and warm and welcome outsiders into their family unit. It is nice to work with pupils who are happy and engaged, and keen to learn. However, they can also be a little friendly and not respect the teacher-student relationship. You should not exchange private contact information with students, or you will find they are asking you questions all day and night. Timekeeping isn’t a skill that most locals have, so they will work hard but only after arriving late. As a teacher, you should set an example and make sure you arrive on time.

Culture & etiquette tips

You should keep your wardrobe choices modest as an English teacher in Peru and ensure you are covered up. This is especially true in more rural areas where people will generally be more reserved than city folk.



Peru has relatively cheap living costs when compared to the rest of Latin America. It is 75% cheaper and, on a global scale, 83% cheaper than the rest of the world. This makes it a very appealing destination for travellers and a great location for English teachers abroad. There is a lot of voluntary work on offer, which attracts gap year students looking for a CV-boosting experience. If you do voluntary work, you will get your food and living for free but won’t have much spending money. That said, there is certainly plenty to see and do for free. Peru loves a good festival, and they need no excuse to throw another one. It is a culturally significant country, and there are archaeological sites and museums aplenty. Peru is also something of a surfers paradise, and if you prefer dry land, you can watch from the awesome beaches.

In order to provide the most accurate cost of living figures, we use numbeo.com, the world’s largest cost of living database, updated regularly.

  • Accommodation: £342–£512/$470–$703/€470–€703
  • Utilities: £37/$51/€51
  • Health insurance: Cost of a typical visit to a GP: £14/$20/€20
  • Monthly transport pass: £21/$29/€29
  • Basic dinner out for two: £7/$9/€9
  • Cappuccino in ex-patt area: £2.66/$3.65/€3.50
  • A beer in a pub: £1.42/$1.95/€1.95
  • 1 litre of milk: £0.83/$1.14/€1.14
  • 2 litres of Coca-Cola: £1.42/$1.95/€1.95

Tefl Jobs In Peru: KEY POINTS






Bachelors degree



120-hour TEFL qualification



Public & private schools


  • Popular locations for TEFL jobs: Lima, Cusco, Sullana, Arequipa, Trujillo
  • Average salary for EFL teachers: The basic monthly salary for full-time positions is likely to be in the region of 1,890–2,640 Sol (£360–£800/$800–$1000/€800-€1000) per month. Freelance teaching can earn you around 1-75 Sol ($5–$20/£3–£15/€5-20) per hour.
  • TEFL qualification requirements: A 120-hour TEFL qualification will be required for most positions
  • Prerequisite university degree: Having a degree is preferred but not required for all jobs
  • Term times: March–December
  • Currency: Sol (PEN)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Teaching programmes: Freelance, Voluntary, International Schools, Business English, Private Language Schools
  • Age restrictions: None
  • Previous teaching experience: Not usually required

Facts about Teach English in Peru the Complete Guide for TEFL Teachers | Reviewed May 2022






3.3 crores






Sol (PEN)








Tefl Jobs In Peru: FAQS


How much can I earn as an English teacher in Peru?

English teachers in Peru can expect to earn around $500-$1,000/£360-£800/€500-€1000 per month.

Not really, it is considered one of Latin America’s cheaper countries, and everything is relative, so your wages should cover your lifestyle.

Yes, it is possible to find jobs teaching English in Peru if you don’t have a degree; they want a TEFL certification, though.

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