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Tefl Jobs In Ukraine

Teach English in Ukraine Overview

Would you like to teach English in Ukraine? Ukraine, the cheapest country in Eastern Europe, is an excellent TEFL option for teachers who enjoy a warm, kind welcome, a low cost of living, and a little adventure. Although not the most accessible country to live in, if you can locate a professional position (complete with all the necessary legal documentation), you may enjoy a good quality of life here, with many teachers staying for several years.

Ukraine is also one of the world’s oldest countries. Over 500 cities were founded over 900 years ago, long before Christopher Columbus set foot on the American continent! As a result, there are plenty of unique archaeological excavations to choose from, ranging from Greek ruins going back to 400 BC to 14th-century outdoor enthusiasts.

TEFL students are frequently young students or young professionals looking to advance their careers. Therefore, experience teaching children and teenagers, as well as a background in Business English, would be beneficial. If you want to attempt to teach English in Ukraine, seek a summer camp position to acquire a taste of the culture before looking for full-time work once you arrive. Qualified English teachers who are already in the nation will find plenty of work. Teachers at all levels can find work in Ukraine: novice non-native teachers can find limited work, while those with qualifications and 3+ years of experience can obtain top-notch positions.

In this guide, you will find information on teaching English in Ukraine, how to find a role, what the living conditions are like and how much money you can earn. It also talks about the culture and cost of living as well as many other helpful pieces of advice for anyone looking to teach English in Ukraine.

Teach English in Ukraine: Types of jobs

Private elementary schools/ High schools

English teachers in private elementary and secondary schools have the advantage of teaching in classrooms for several hours each day, usually the same hours every week. Although some schools demand a bachelor’s degree, most schools require a TEFL certification. Each semester’s hiring begins in January/February and August/September. The pay for this type of English teacher in Ukraine is sufficient to live comfortably. Look for openings at Kyiv’s well regarded International Baccalaureate institution.

Language centres

In Ukraine, language centres are a popular way to learn English. English classes run all year since they are not bound to school semesters. There are dozens across the country, including in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk, as well as in a few smaller towns like Lugansk. A TEFL or CELTA certificate is usually required, but there is plenty of opportunities out there for English teachers in Ukraine. Most classes are held in the evenings. Group talks, business lessons, adult classes, children’s classes, and English classes focusing on vocations such as restaurants, hospitality, or medical are examples of different types of classes. AEC, International House Kyiv, Cicerone, and the British Council are a few schools with locations across the country.

Private lessons

Private classes are another popular option to teach English and make money in Ukraine. Even if a person works for a language centre or a private school, private courses are likely to supplement their income. Current students, friends of students, or recommendations are frequently used to find private pupils. Private sessions are available all year, and you can even teach English in Ukraine online to bring in a little extra money. 

Finding a job in Ukraine

When and where to get a job teaching English in Ukraine

English teaching employment can be found all around Ukraine. However, schools and language centres are more common in major cities. With its attractive parks, monasteries, and monuments, Kyiv, the capital, is brimming with schools and chances to teach. Odesa is known as the Ukrainian Paris and is known as the “capital of funny.” Other cities where English is taught include Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhya.

English teachers abroad in Ukraine can either look for work online ahead of time or within 90 days of arriving in the country without a visa. Teaching employment are plentiful in August and January, but there is a hiring slump over the summer, so this is not a good time to go if you want to stay. On the other hand, it could be the best time to head over to get a feel for the culture and life before returning home and seeking work online. For a modest price, TryUkraine will enter instructors’ information into a database that schools can check and use for employment.


Most private schools and language centres require TEFL/TESOL certification for their teachers. A bachelor’s degree is required by more prestigious schools or higher education institutions. TEFL/CELTA certification programmes are offered by a few organisations, including the British Council and International House Language School, but none guarantee teaching opportunities. Of course, as with most roles, the more qualifications and experience you can bring to the table, the more chance you stand of being a successful candidate when it comes to getting a job teaching English in Ukraine.

Classroom & work culture 

Student-teacher relationships 

In Ukraine, there are no rigid societal rules regarding student-teacher interactions. Because many students are adults, students and professors occasionally interact outside of class. However, you do not have to if you feel more comfortable with maintaining a privacy between your work and private life. 

Dress code

In Ukrainian schools, there is no specific dress code for teachers. However, clothing should be clean and tidy, with no tears or stains. “The general norm for most teaching jobs in Ukraine is smart yet casual,” says International House Kyiv. This doesn’t mean anything goes, and you should ensure for women that dress is kept modest, and men should not wear shorts to work.


Greetings in Ukraine consist of a firm, warm handshake with eye contact. It is also expected that each individual repeats their own name during the handshake, which understandably can feel quite strange to start with. Still, you do get used to these new customs and traditions very quickly once you begin your time teaching English in Ukraine. The welcome you will receive is friendly, and you will be able to make friends easily as Ukrainians look after newcomers well. In addition, Ukraine and Russian are widely spoken, so you will find some basic language skills in either of these will serve you well when you look for a role as a teacher of English in Ukraine.



Ukraine is the most affordable country in Eastern Europe, making it an appealing option for TEFL teachers looking to immerse themselves in another culture on a shoestring budget. While TEFL pay is not great in Ukraine, the low cost of living allows you to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while still saving for the future. Another advantage is that banks in Ukraine sometimes provide high-interest rates, frequently exceeding 10%, allowing you to deposit more money than you budgeted for with a local bank account. Because public transportation is inexpensive, getting around is simple. 

Some schools provide health insurance or free housing as part of the profession; you may also find airfares are included. If your school does not offer accommodation as part of the post, they will have the local knowledge and be best placed to help you find somewhere to rent that meets your needs. Accommodation tends to be quite basic, and generally, you will find that apartment living is your best bet. In Ukraine, a one-bedroom apartment is around €220 in Dneprovski and €380 a month in more expensive, larger cities like Pecherski and Kyiv. At the same time, utility bills like electricity and water for English teachers in Ukraine come out to an average of €50-€100 monthly.

You’ll find the infrastructure lacking in comparison to what you’re used to, as it is in many cheap Eastern European countries, but once you have got used to it, life can be very enjoyable as an English teacher in Ukraine. Unfortunately, you will also get used to expecting a lot of red tape and piles of paperwork every time you try to accomplish anything. Also, some areas of Ukraine are deemed risky for travellers; please check with your embassy for the most up-to-date information before applying for jobs in Ukraine. Finally, it may be tough to get things done without knowing some Ukrainian or Russian, so it’s not the most straightforward area to get by in. Still, it’s a fantastic opportunity if you want a challenge and want to learn a new language.

In order to provide the cost of living comparison figures, we use Numbeo.com, the world’s largest cost of living comparison website.

  • Accommodation: £313–£610/€368–€680
  • Utilities: £57/€67
  • Health insurance: Cost of a typical visit to a GP: £9/€10
  • Monthly transport pass: £12/€14
  • Basic dinner out for two: £13/€14
  • Cappuccino in ex-pat area: £1.17/€1.36
  • A beer in a pub: £1.19/€1.37
  • 1 litre of milk: £0.81/€0.93

Tefl Jobs In Ukraine: KEY POINTS






Bachelors Degree



120-hour TEFL qualification



Private Language Schools, Freelance, Business English, Public Schools, International Schools


  • Popular locations for TEFL jobs: Kiev/Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhya, and Donetsk
  • The average salary for EFL teachers: The basic monthly salary for full-time positions is likely to be in the region of 7,000–30,000 UAH (£215–£920/€240–€980) per month. Hourly rates of 240–360 UAH (£7–11/€8–€10.50) are achievable as tutors or in roles that pay by the hour.
  • TEFL qualification requirements: A 120-hour TEFL qualification will be required for most positions
  • Prerequisite university degree: Most jobs teaching English in Ukraine require a degree
  • Term times: September to June
  • Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
  • Language: Ukrainian or Russian
  • Teaching programmes: Private Language Schools, Freelance, Business English, Public Schools, International Schools
  • Age restrictions: Usually, postgraduate
  • Previous teaching experience: Useful, not always essential

In Ukraine, there is a significant need for TEFL teachers, which has increased after the 2016 DCFTA deal, which has resulted in some modernisation. Although there are many TEFL positions available, it is not always easy to find one. It is costly (and time-consuming) for a school to hire a foreign English teacher in Ukraine with the correct visa. Some schools have developed a practice of recruiting teachers on three-month contracts and having them depart and re-enter the country as tourists each time their visa expires. Obviously, you should avoid institutions that do not give the legal visa required for full-time employment and maintain everything lawful. This problem can be avoided by working with a larger company like International House or the British Council. In January/February and August/September, public schools hire.

Ukrainian students are friendly and enthusiastic. Because young learners make up a major number of TEFL students, finding work as a teacher of children will not be difficult. Teachers are frequently asked to social events with their pupils and are even invited to meet their families at their homes. For more introverted teachers, the unwavering kindness and warmth might be overpowering. Still, if you enjoy meeting new people and immersing yourself in a new culture, Ukraine is a fantastic place to teach. One of the reasons why many TEFL teachers choose to stay in Ukraine for the long haul is the vibrant social scene. In Ukraine, it’s also simple to locate students for one-on-one lessons, which can make you some extra cash—group sessions are an excellent way to supplement your income because freelancing lessons don’t usually pay much. In addition, it is fun to have the students learning together and supporting each other. Creativity is encouraged by English teachers in Ukraine, so don’t be afraid to try new ways to get them to learn English.

Facts about Teach English in Ukraine: the Complete Guide for TEFL Teachers | Reviewed May 2022



Ukrainian or Russian



44.13 Million






Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)






3/5 stars


Tefl Jobs In Ukraine: FAQS


Is Ukraine expensive to live in?

Ukraine is the most affordable country in Eastern Europe, making it an appealing option for TEFL teachers.

The basic monthly salary for full-time positions is likely to be in the region of 7,000–30,000 UAH (£215–£920/€253–€1,082) 

A bachelor’s degree may be preferred for more prestigious teaching positions, but they are not needed.

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