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I’ve been teaching English online for two years because it provides flexibility to teach from anywhere in the world. It also offers a competitive salary. Here is my top advice on teaching English online, including some of the best websites to find online teaching vacancies.



This is a great website that connects students and professionals with native speakers in Poland and online. You can sign up as a native speaker and create a profile with the following information: about (hobbies and interests), your contact details (location, mobile, email), qualifications, starting price (per clock hour), this and that (online lessons, works during weekend, issues VAT invoices). I’d recommend that you don’t use your full name, instead, use your first name followed by English or your location e.g. Jordan English and set up an email address which is linked to your primary email to avoid any spam.


  • Average cost per clock hour is 80 PLN
  • For TEFL teachers based in Poland and online
  • Not much competition from other native speakers
  • It’s free to sign up


  • It’s a small family-owned website, therefore, you might have to promote your profile via social media



SayABC is one of the leading online education markets in China. The interactive platform connects TEFL teachers from anywhere in the world with children aged between 5 – 12 years old in China. Using pre-uploaded ESL teaching material: Cengage and National Geographic this is a minimum x3 month contract where teachers can earn up to $21 per 40-minute class teaching the same students twice a week.


  • For TEFL teachers who want to teach Chinese young learners online
  • Interactive platform provided
  • You can choose your own working hours
  • It’s free to sign up


  • There aren’t enough hours available
  • A teacher might be asked to cover a class in less than 24-hour notice
  • The platform doesn’t work on tablets and mobile devices



Italki is a growing online language learning website which enables students to be taught on a one-to-one basis with a TEFL teacher via video call. During the sign-up process, Italki requires a short 1-3 minute professional teacher video presentation which is used to market and sell your teaching style, strengths and personality. You will have to plan and prepare your own ESL material such as PDF files, text documents, audio files, image files and video files which would be sent to the student prior to a lesson. My advice to you is to check out examples of profiles from English teachers who are on the website to get an idea of what to write.


  • Italki supports Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts and QQ video calls
  • Flexible working hours
  • You can choose your own hourly rates


  • A lot of competition from native teachers



Searching for online teaching jobs on this website I found 206 jobs. Regularly posted this website advertises vacancies from various companies primarily UTC + 8, China and Korea. Therefore, the jobs vary depending on the requirements: certificate required: yes/ no, degree required: yes/ no, experience required: yes/ no, native speakers only: yes/ no. You will have to search through the database using filters to find what’s best for your needs and then follow up directly via the companies website.


  • Endless amount of online vacancies available


  • It’s not stable employment
  • More time-consuming searching for jobs



Similar to the previous ESL resource website here you can search through the international jobs board and have the ability to upload your resume online for recruiters to find. It’s popular in Asia for both TEFL teachers and students, but, again be aware not to use personal information because anyone who pays for the service can have access to your details.



DaDaABC is where you can teach Chinese kids English online via one of the leading English language platforms in Asia. Lesson material is prepared for you using top ESL suppliers such as National Geographic Learning, Oxford University Press, Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill Education to name a few.


  • Pays between 15$ – 25$ an hour depending on your performance during the trail demo lesson
  • You can choose your own working hours
  • Lesson material is prepared for you


  • If you breach the contract you may be hit with disciplinary violations
  • 22-minutebreak between classes which includes having to write a class report and opening up for the next class
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