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Teach English in Spain

Suppose you have completed or are considering completing an online TEFL certification and don’t have a degree. In that case, you might be concerned when you see job adverts asking for applicants with a degree qualification. Although there are indeed some opportunities that may be denied you, there are many countries and opportunities that will welcome you with open arms!

Firstly, it’s crucial that you consider what sort of TEFL job you are looking for and whether this is accessible to you. Unfortunately, countries such as South Korea and China require a degree as part of their visa application, so you might have to look elsewhere if you are interested in going here. Not having a degree doesn’t mean that the doors are closed; you might have to focus more carefully on the excellent TEFL paths you can go down!

At the TEFL Institute, we have many opportunities open for TEFL applications without a degree and can help you through this process. Check out some of the fantastic options that we have! These options do not require a degree and are available on our website!

1. Teach English in Spain – Volunteer Internship

Join our exciting volunteer internship in Spain and discover a rich and complex culture. Spain isn’t just about the sea, sand and sun (although this can be a significant part of it)! You’ll find yourself discovering Catalunya, where they also speak Catalan, in addition to Castilian Spanish. You can explore Barcelona or Valencia and many beautiful towns in this region.

During the two to three-month internship, you’ll stay with a local family who will introduce you to true Spanish culture and provide you with authentic Spanish meals! You’ll work as a language assistant during the weekdays, helping students improve their conversational English skills. You’ll only work Monday to Friday so at the weekends you’ll have plenty of time to explore the local area and more! Spain has an extensive bus and train network, so no matter where you are, you will see more exciting cities nearby!

If you fall in love with Spain during your internship, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s one of the countries that are more relaxed about degree requirements for TEFL jobs. If you decide to stay, there are many jobs around the country. In particular, staying out there full-time is easy if you have an EU passport.

2. Teach English in Thailand – Volunteer Programme

If you’ve always dreamed of working in Asia and are looking for an alternative to South Korea, then look towards Thailand for a land of adventure! If you’ve thought about how TEFL can help make a difference in local communities, then our volunteer programme in Thailand might be the thing you’ve been looking for. 

Our 12-week internship will take place in lesser-known cities in Thailand where young students will not have had as much exposure to native-level English speakers. You will work Monday to Friday, helping students with pronunciation and making their learning fun! Students in Thailand appreciate their teachers so that loving students in your classroom will surround you!

Thailand is a beautiful country to explore, with warm and welcoming people. This internship will allow you to get to know an exciting culture and use your weekends to explore. You’ll also have assistance pre-departure, with visas and ongoing support while in Thailand.

3. Teach English in Italy 

Who hasn’t dreamed of teaching English in the land of la dolce vita? Now you have your chance with our Italy internship. Our 9-12 month placement includes a monthly allowance along with accommodation assistance and a complete orientation provided. Many positions are available in beautiful cities in Italy, including Milan, Rome and Florence! 

Teaching 15-20 hours a week, you’ll have enough time to take advantage of Italy’s extensive train system and explore many beautiful places in Italy! Let’s not forget the opportunity to indulge in Italy’s fine cuisine, sample all the country’s pizza and pasta, and more! 

If you decide it’s the place for you during your time in Italy, you can look into finding more permanent employment there. Italy is flexible with its requirements for a degree, and there are jobs in many different cities. If you have an EU passport, you can stay for longer reasonably quickly.

4. Teach English in Myanmar 

Myanmar is a more off-the-beaten-track destination in Asia and one of the lesser-known countries. It has little Western influence and is a genuine, authentic gem of Southeast Asia. Suppose you’re looking for something a little different and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In that case, you should seriously consider our internship in Myanmar, which will change your life!

Our internship placement comes with a generous monthly allowance, allowing you to explore Myanmar’s charms in your free time. Your work week will be around 25 hours a week with two consecutive days off so that you can take advantage of your unique surroundings!

You will teach your class and focus on improving your students’ English skills. Heading far away might seem daunting, but you don’t need to worry; you’ll have full support during your stay. We help with visas, airport pick-ups and accommodation assistance, making your trip stress-free and helping you enjoy this wonderful experience!

Apart from our fantastic internships, you still have plenty of opportunities as a non-degree holder if you want to get into TEFL. Consider whether you’d prefer to teach online or start a new life abroad to teach in a classroom.

Teaching online:

Some companies require their teachers to have a degree; for most of these, it will be instant rejection if you apply, as they have criteria to tick off. If you don’t meet this, they won’t consider any exceptions.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t teach online. Many companies accept non-degree holders, which is a great way to get a foot in the door and experience teaching English online. Make yourself aware of the requirements before you apply anywhere.

Some companies that you can consider are:

Cambly: This site matches teachers with students to take part in conversation classes. You can work as much or as little as you want, so it’s a flexible option if you have other courses. As the systems are conversation based, you don’t have to prepare anything and have the chance to talk with students from all over the world!

Palfish – This company offers flexible teaching hours with no set minimum. You set your rates, which can be advantageous, with Palfish taking a percentage of these rates. Palfish has a handy app you can use from your iPad or phone – that’s right, get paid to teach from your mobile!

Lingoda – You can teach as little or as much as you want for Lingoda, with teachers working between 5-25 hours per week. You can allocate your time in advance or with little notice, so it’s great if you suddenly find yourself with a few spare hours and want to fill them with classes to earn extra cash. Lingoda offers prepared materials for classes which means no preparation – a bonus!

Open English – If you’re looking to teach some classes in the Latin American market, then Open English is an excellent way to do this. Teachers should be available at least 10 hours a week, and the assigned hours can fluctuate weekly. The company has classes 24/7, so you can work from wherever you are.

How to prepare for your online english teaching interview

Teaching in a language school

If you don’t fancy online teaching, many options are still available to you without a degree involving face-to-face teaching. Many countries accept TEFL teachers without a degree that will offer you an exciting life abroad. Each has a lot to offer a new or experienced teacher. No matter what your preferences are, there is somewhere for everyone!

As we’ve seen, Spain and Italy are popular European choices for teachers with no degree. Both offer a relaxed way of living and have many jobs available in all major cities and towns. Other European countries include Greece, Romania and Poland. These countries require a TEFL certification and a good level of English, but no degree is required! Your next great European TEFL destination might be around the corner!

If you want to explore further and don’t have a degree, then you can consider Costa Rica, Mexico or Brazil as exciting TEFL options. These countries don’t require a degree. You should have a TEFL certification which will help you a lot when job hunting. A native-like level of English will attract the attention of potential employers.

If this article piqued your interest in Southeast Asia, you could consider Cambodia for your TEFL adventures. This small but exciting country could offer you the life you never knew you needed! Cambodia is a beautiful country that is perhaps not as explored as neighbouring Vietnam and Thailand, but it has a lot to offer.

Remember that just because you don’t have a degree doesn’t mean you can’t start a fulfilling and successful TEFL career. Many options are available to you; you need to know where to look! If you want a stress-free adventure, consider one of our internships, where our team will look after you during the process, leaving you to enjoy your teaching placement!

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