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Tips for Recording student data

One of the most essential aspects of teaching is recording and grading students material. As a first time teacher, this can be a bit confusing as you won’t know exactly what to do. Some schools require you to use specific percentages for each aspect of a class. In addition, when you are teaching hundreds of students, it can be a bit overwhelming having to grade all of their tests. However, there are several ways to grade tests and record student data, that will make your life easier. 

Grading Student’s Work

First and foremost, you are responsible for grading the tests, quizzes, and homework. If you are teaching hundreds of students, this can be a difficult task. However, one way to relieve the burden on yourself and review the material for the students is to go over the tests, quizzes, and homework in class. Before going over the answers, be sure to collect and redistribute the tests, this way each student grades one that is not their own. When going through the answers, you can ask the students what they have written down to determine their understanding of the vocabulary. At the end of the class, simply collect the tests and they will already be graded, making your life easier!

Recording Student Data

Each school will require different percentages for each aspect of the class. For example, one school may require you to have attendance be worth 10%, quizzes worth 25%, homework worth 20%, class participation is worth 15%, and a final worth 30%. While another school may have attendance be worth 15%, quizzes worth 15%, homework worth 20%, class participation is worth 25%, and a final worth 25%. 

A great way to keep track is via Microsoft Excel, it is easy to keep track of all of the grades in the document and have Microsoft calculate the overall grade. We have formatted a basic Microsoft Excel sheet that you can download and customize yourself! The basic excel sheet is based on attendance as 25% (including class participation), quizzes are 20%, the midterm is 20%, and the final is 35%.

If you’re not familiar with Microsoft Excel, you can also use the Additio app. It tracks all of your grades and attendance to help make your teaching life easier! 

Both Addito and Microsoft Excel will make your life easier by tracking the grades and information along the way rather than simply using a piece of paper. At the end of the semester, you will not have hours of grading and calculating because it will be done throughout the term. 

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