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Summertime TEFL jobs all sound so sexy; free room and board at a hotel in the Alps, stay with a host family in Peru, kayak and camp just a short drive from St. Petersburg. As alluring as they sound you can’t look at them as traditional jobs in the sense of earn and save. They are volunteer opportunities that occasionally include a small stipend.

So why do it?

Because it’s Fun

The summertime TEFL jobs are always informal and light. They are centred on games, arts & crafts, field trips, etc. You are much more likely to muddle your way through the lyrics of “Yellow Submarine” than you are to muddle through the details of the Past Perfect.

Because it Will Reduce Your Travel Budget

If you were planning to go to Italy, Russia, Vietnam, Costa Rica anyway, accepting a summertime TEFL job will help you save money on room and board, allow you get to know the local community and still leave you time to travel.

Because it’s a Great Way to Give Back

As a TEFL certified English teacher you have a skill set that is very much in demand. If you are going to spend your free time travelling, why not leave words, phrases, grammar and inspiration behind?

In the Broadest Terms Summertime TEFL Jobs Fall into These Categories:

Teach English in the Glossy Places

There are TEFL summer camp opportunities throughout France, Italy, Central Europe and Russia. They are short-term, focused on fun and they might even pay a stipend. They are also in high demand and fill up quickly.

There are plenty of opportunities in Asia as well, especially China and Vietnam. Some programs even pay a decent wage. Spend your savings travelling locally when you’re finished!

Volunteer in the Gritty Places

There are volunteer opportunities pretty much anywhere that NGO work is being done. Teaching English will certainly be part of the experience, but so will community building, health and sanitation, etc. Expect to rough it. Expect the unexpected.

Pick a Summer Hub and Teach English Online

You could hop from hostel to hostel. Or you could go local. Rent a cheap room and pay for high-speed internet. Teach English online for a few hours a day and spend the rest of your time exploring. You might have to get up early or stay up late. But if you can break even for the summer it’s an interesting option.

Get Your Feet Wet with a Paid Internship

If you haven’t gotten your TEFL certification and you’re thinking about summertime jobs as a way to test the waters consider a paid internship instead. The TEFL Institute of Ireland has internship opportunities all over the world. You’ll get your TEFL certification. Accommodation is provided. You’ll earn a real salary. And it’s a short-term commitment. Our Thailand internship, for instance, is only 4 months.

Simple Advice to End On

Get specific with your research. A lot of opportunities won’t be listed on the TEFL job boards, especially those focused on volunteer work. Search by country and region. And mix up your search terms to ensure that you’re getting both teaching and volunteer results.

Start early. These jobs fill up fast. You should already be looking.

Good Luck!


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