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30 Hour Teaching Business English Specialist Course
GREAT FOR: Teaching professionals English
30 Hour Teaching Business English Specialist Course

Become a specialist in teaching business English with 30 hours of advanced online training. Did you know that there’s a difference between teaching business English and teaching general English? Our accredited course will teach you how to adapt your TEFL skills to deliver practical lessons to this unique group of learners. 

Broken down into seven modules, you’ll learn everything you need to teach the business language of the world. On completion, you’ll be prepared to teach in a variety of settings. Teach business English online from the comfort of your home or address a class of business professionals – the choice is yours! 

The demand for professional business English teachers is on the rise. And, with no signs of it slow down, now is the ideal time to expand your knowledge and enter this growing TEFL market. What are you waiting for? Add this specialist qualification to your CV and stand out to TEFL employers worldwide. 

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Once you have completed our course, you are gaining a lifetime certification.
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Our Course Style

We know life can get busy. That’s why we’re firm believers of self-paced learning. With all our online TEFL courses, you can set your own study schedule and learn when it suits you. With 24/7 online access to your course, you can proceed from one module to the next at your own pace using any device. 

Why This Course

With the growth of global business practices, speaking English in the workplace is a highly sought-after skill. This continuing trend means the demand for specialist business English teachers is on the rise. Get your teaching business English certificate, and you’ll have access to higher-paying, motivated students, too! 

Our Accreditations


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ODLQC was founded in 1969 as the Council for the Accreditation of Correspondence Colleges, becoming the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council in 1995.

Accreditation follows a rigorous assessment of a provider’s administrative and tutorial methods, educational materials and publicity, to ensure that all Standards are met.


ACDL – Accreditation number: 2854-2540

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL), an accreditation body which specialises in distance learning courses. Thus our accreditation by ACDL reflects the high quality distance learning offered by The TEFL Institute.

To learn more, visit their website: ACDL

Irelands Leading TEFL Provider

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is one of the most respected TEFL course providers. Our high-quality learning experiences and internationally recognised courses have earned us a solid reputation in the TEFL industry. Trusted by TEFL employers worldwide, a qualification with us opens doors in the TEFL world. 

What's Included
Our courses are built with students’ experience in mind - proven learning principles, mentorship. Once you complete our training you are unlocking all the tools you need to begin your English teaching career.
Internationally recognised
TEFL certifcate Digital Completion Certificate Included
Full Suite of Tutor Support
Personal Tutor Assigned to Each learner + Discord Board to connect with other learners
Accredited Courses
TEFL training approved by ODLQC & ACDL
Job Support
6 Months Access to our Jobs Board
Employer Certificate Verification
Your future employer can verify if your certificate is on our database and accredited
TEFL on the Go App
All Students can complete their training from any device, from anywhere in the world
24/7 Access
Self-paced online TEFL Course. Complete the course at your own pace, and at times that suit you. Even if you are working or studying you can complete the course at ease with our 6 months study time.
Course Content Breakdown
1-2 weeks • TEFL Institute mentorship • approx. 4-5 hrs/week time commitment
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Module 1: Introduction to Teaching Business English

Want to find out which online TEFL course is best for you? Take our test today and we’ll match your abilities and goals to your ideal TEFL course. 

Module 1: Introduction to Teaching Business English

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of how learning and teaching Business English differs from General English.
  • Have considered a range of different teaching contexts from classroom-based lessons to distance learning.
  • Have a clearer understanding of the role of the Business English teacher.
  • Have a greater understanding of the need to present language in context and focus on specific business communication skills.
Module 2: Needs Analysis & Course Design

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of how to conduct an effective needs analysis or language audit.
  • Be able to confidently design a course with appropriate objectives and syllabus components.
Module 3: Selecting & Developing Materials

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have a greater awareness of the range of materials used to teach Business English.
  • Be better able to select appropriate materials when planning Business English classes.
Module 4: Teaching Business Speaking Skills

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have a greater awareness of the range of Business English speaking skills taught in class.
  • Be more confident about teaching a range of Business English speaking skills.
Module 5: Teaching Business Writing Skills

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Have a greater awareness of the range of Business English writing skills taught in class.
  • Be more confident about teaching a range of Business English writing skills.
Module 6: Intercultural Training

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand the need for intercultural training and different cultural dimensions.
  • Know how to use practical activities in class to help learners understand their own culture, other cultures and how to cope with different cultures.
Module 7: Teaching English for Specific Purposes

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Understand what is involved in teaching an ESP course and how this differs from teaching a General Business English course.
  • Have gained more confidence in teaching ESP.
  • Be able to consider the need for a clear needs analysis, subject knowledge and choosing suitable materials.
  • Have gained confidence in planning an ESP course and individual lessons

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Includes end of course test with multiple questions, requiring a pass mark of 80% or above.
Meet your instructors
You’re not in this alone, as part of this course youll be matched with a mentor from our academic team. Mentors are CELTA & DELTA qualified, and have at least 4 years of teaching experience. Whenever you will need help our tutor team is there to guide you. create alongside them, and receive weekly live & asynchronous feedback on real-world projects.
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I unfortunately recently lost my certificate from when I completed my TEFL course, but Rachel was able to help me and sent me a replacement soon after I emailed. The company are overall very helpful and I really enjoy studying with them.Thank you Rachel!
Lauren Dunne
Lauren Dunne
11:15 01 Feb 23
I have just purchased a TEFL course with the help of Emma who was lovely to deal with and very informed and helpful. I would suggest using the live chat facility to anyone booking.
Anne Singleton
Anne Singleton
09:41 01 Feb 23
I’m happy i made a decision to study with TEFL Institute,Much more helpful to have people like Annelies Veenhouwer who are just a mail away for any questions you may have, she is such a helpful soul especially as a beginner in this journey, if you’re planning to start your English career TEFL Istitute is the right place and hope that you get yourself an Annelies to help you with all your questions 💫
Rebecca Ndlovu
Rebecca Ndlovu
15:15 30 Jan 23
I would like to share my awesome experience in dealing with Annelies at TEFL Institute London, she quickly came to my assistance and swiftly solved my problem. She was friendly, informative and thorough and I highly commend Annelies, the TEFL Institute and their staff. If you are considering doing a TEFL course, this is the site to do it on.
angeline smit
angeline smit
14:57 30 Jan 23
I really enjoyed the course I took at the TEFL Institute recently. The information is valuable, well organized and of great importance. For experienced teachers, it will be a good way to check out their knowledge.
Tatjana Baschkatowa
Tatjana Baschkatowa
05:58 30 Jan 23
My experience of the TEFL Institute has been excellent so far. It is outstanding in the following ways: Efficient, friendly and helpful customer service; well-designed website and course portal; amazing value for money; high standard of professionalism; high quality training resources and materials. Thank you TEFL Institute! I look forward to continuing my studies with you.
06:59 28 Jan 23
I am currently studying with this company and find them fantastic .They are very helpful and respond so quickly to any questions I have had in the past and present . I recently had an issue where I managed to pay for something 5 times 🤦🏽‍♀️ as you can imagine it was a stressful situation. Rachel was AMAZING she called me first thing the next morning to let me know she had seen my emails and that she was sorting it. She was just so so lovely, understanding and so helpful and to top it off had the issue sorted in minutes. Honestly the support that’s provided is so good, I am so glad that I’ve chosen to study with them.Thanks again guys for your ongoing supportShirley
Shirley Larkin
Shirley Larkin
17:02 27 Jan 23
The course that is extremely useful for independent teaching
Gabriel 63
Gabriel 63
13:57 27 Jan 23
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