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Travel and teach across four continents with our internationally recognised and approved TEFL qualification. What are you waiting for?

Dive into the discipline of teaching with 120 hours of advanced lesson planning, grammar structure, writing strategies and so much more through your computer, laptop or phone! 24/7 access means you can balance everyday life whilst gaining a life-long qualification.

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Gain the edge with our range of specialist TEFL qualifications

Every TEFL student knows of IELTS, the International English Language Testing System. But not every student knows how to score highly. Each year over 2 million IELTS tests are taken, creating a highly demanded market for expertly trained IELTS teachers.

With just 30 hours of study you can enhance your teacher profile and earning potential by $30. Our IELTS course will give you the specialized training needed to prepare students for this test, helping them to achieve high grades and succeed in an English speaking environment.

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IELTS Preparation Teacher
TOEIC Students and Tutors TEFL
TOEIC Preparation Teacher

The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an an English test so popular that over 6 million TEFL students sit it every year. With our TOEIC specialty course you can develop your teaching credentials and position yourself as a top English tutor.

TOEIC is a popular test for ESL students who aim to use their grade in the business and corporate English world. Our TOEIC specialist training course will make your teaching CV stand out, open up a wider variety of employment opportunities and give you a competitive edge over other TEFL teachers.

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1,500 million people globally speak English, however only 375 million speak English as their first language. Of the remainder the majority begin to learn English as their second language from a very young age. That is why ESL teachers must be trained and prepared to take on students of all ages, from kindergarten to teenagers.

Our Teaching Young Learners course will equip you with the best practices and strategies to make your English classes for young learners as effective and engaging as possible. Expand your teaching opportunities and use this qualification in summer camps, homestays and beyond!

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Teaching English to Children
Teach Young Learners Tutor Student TEFL
Business English Course Students TEFL
Teach Business English

English is the business language of the world. Businesses recognize that to expand and develop internationally English must be at the forefront of their activities. One only needs to look at countries such as China which is the fastest growing economy in the world.

The teaching of business English is a highly specialized market, with many large international corporations hiring in-house ESL teachers on some of the best salaries.

Our business English course will allow you to prepare students to succeed in the business world, from networking, public presentations and drawing up business reports. Who knows, maybe you will find your future business partner in your next business English class?

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Become a tutor with our range of home and online tutoring courses

Teaching one to one is a flexible and well-paid way to use your English skills. Take our specialist tutor course to boost your confidence and expertise with individual students in person or online.

Over 10 modules this course prepares you for the challenges and demands in a tutoring role, opening up employment opportunities at home or abroad. Many of our language tutors use their qualification for online lessons, or for a flexible work timetable while travelling the world.

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Teaching English at Home
Course for home tutoring
Become a home tutor course
Online TEFL courses

Being an English tutor at home will no longer seem such a daunting task with our Home Tutoring Course. Build on your natural language skills with specialized training and lesson planning for classes carried out from the comfort of your own home.

Our course has been tailored especially for ESL teachers in a host family setting, helping you to develop and instruct lessons for students of all ages. Rewarding results require rewarding education, enroll today and gain a life-long qualification.

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