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10 hour Virtual TEFL course with teaching practice
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Want to find out which online TEFL course is best for you? Take our test today and we’ll match your abilities and goals to your ideal TEFL course. 


The right TEFL qualification can take you anywhere in the world. And our live Virtual TEFL Course with teaching practice is the perfect introduction to the exciting world of TEFL. Whether you’re TEFL qualified, studying TEFL or simply want to know more, this course gives you excellent insight. 

Our interactive online TEFL courses are delivered live by our experienced tutors. This gives you the chance to learn classroom teaching skills from the experts, talk to other aspiring teachers and get your burning TEFL questions answered. You’ll come away with top teaching tips from your tutor to ensure you’re a confident classroom leader from day one. 

Spread over two days, you’ll join a 3.5-hour session per day on Zoom plus get three hours of personal study. With regular dates for our virtual classes, you can join us at a time that suits you. Our team can’t wait to meet you and help you along your TEFL journey.


This Virtual TEFL Course is packed full of engaging and practical activities to get you fully prepared to confidently lead your own TEFL classes. One of our experienced TEFL tutors will take you through the best teaching methods. Whether you want to teach online or in a class, you’ll have the TEFL techniques to deliver fun and practical lessons. 

This course goes perfectly with one of our self-paced TEFL courses to give you a thorough introduction to life as a TEFL teacher. Join our virtual classroom during your course, after or even before you start! 


As the country’s leading TEFL provider, you’ll gain an globally recognised qualification developed by industry experts. From choosing the right TEFL course for you to lifetime job assistance, our team is here to support you. All that’s left to do is enrol on the Virtual TEFL Course, and you can look forward to successfully teaching students of all ages worldwide. 

Upcoming Dates

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Wednesday 5th Oct - Thursday 6th Oct5:30 pm - 9:00 pm5 109.00Enrol Now
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Saturday 3rd Dec - Sunday 4th Dec7:00 pm - 10:30 pm5 109.00Enrol Now
Saturday 10th Dec - Sunday 11th Dec9:30 am - 1:00 am5 109.00Enrol Now

Who can take this course?

You're a native or a fluent English speaker
You are at the start of your TEFL journey
You don’t have prior training but would like an intro into TEFL
You want better employment opportunities

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It is great experience. I feel confident and would like to express my gratitude for The TEFL Institute for a comprehensive course. The quality of the study material and assessment is excellent. The design of the course is very excellent. Overall trustworthy course. I am very much satisfied.
Onkarnath Videkar
Onkarnath Videkar
16:46 30 Sep 22
The team at TEFL institute are very helpful helping me to navigate which course to choose .. costumer care team has been a pleasure to work with . Highly recommend.Heidi
Heidi Kiely
Heidi Kiely
21:21 29 Sep 22
My experience with Tefl has been great so far I’ve been interested in doing this course for awhile and when I got into contact with Annelies Veenhouwer she had loads of information to give me to help me choose what course will be right for me and if I had any other questions to feel free to contact her. Annelies was great help. I look forward to starting my course here.
Aisling Carroll Lynn
Aisling Carroll Lynn
20:53 29 Sep 22
Couldn't get better customer service than these guys! Always available, friendly and very helpful! Thank you Annelies for your kindness!!
Nadine Stewart
Nadine Stewart
14:54 29 Sep 22
A new and different experience, with a welcoming and friendly staff. No need to thank them, because they do their bests for you in advance. However, my special thanks to "Annelies Veenhouwer" who patiently helped me a lot.
Saieed Moslemi Nezhad
Saieed Moslemi Nezhad
13:10 29 Sep 22
I found the 10 hour virtual classroom to be excellent. I wondered if I was doing it too soon but from the word go Kate had me as ease. I learned so much and it has given me great confidence to progress and complete my modules.
Martina Regan
Martina Regan
11:35 28 Sep 22
30 Hour IELTS preparation Course is the best value for money, ever! I can go into class with lots of confidence in my ability to assist my students in reaching the very best of their potential in their exams.
Deirdre O'Driscoll
Deirdre O'Driscoll
13:45 27 Sep 22
I did the 180 hour course. Response to any questions or difficulties I had was immediate and helpful. Lots of help and support from both the staff and my personal tutor Rachel. Any technical issues that popped up were delt with quickly and didn't hinder progress. Feedback was constructive and the modules were self explanatory and clear. The content was easy to understand and needed little alternative explanation.
Zainab Mookadam
Zainab Mookadam
12:52 26 Sep 22
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  • Teach Anywhere
  • Online Teaching
  • Higher Salary
  • Optimal for Jobs

The Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL) has strict standards that TEFL course providers must follow. It’s not just the quality of our courses that the ACDL assesses, but the whole process from start to finish. Our ACDL specific course accreditation means that the course has passed a rigorous evaluation, meets high standards, and is monitored regularly. Average completion time: Two 3.5-hour sessions with 3 hours of personal study time. 

Course benefits

Fully accredited online TEFL training
2 online sessions (3.5 hours each) plus 3 hours of private study
Certificate from a globally recognised provider
Practical teacher training from industry experts
Coursebook manual PDF
Printable course worksheets PDF
Free Grammar Guide
Lesson Planning Guide
FAQs of Teaching English Online Guide
Lifetime access to our jobs board
Teaching practice from the comfort of your own home
Expert career guidance & advice
Meet fellow aspiring TEFL teachers
Get your questions answers by experienced tutors
Choose when to attend your training with regular dates
Get the skills to lead a class with confidence
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TEFL Institute of Ireland
TEFL Institute of Ireland
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