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Teaching English through Mindfulness & Yoga to Young Learners
Great for : Interactive Teaching Skills
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Would you like to make your classroom a very relaxing and calm? This mindfulness course is divided into 19 short modules. Each lesson is a small learning block which includes real-life Mindfulness and Yoga examples and reflective tasks for you to teach your pupils.

After you complete this certification in Mindfulness and Yoga for Early Educators you will know how to enter your first young learner’s lesson and be well prepared to entertain. Caring for your student’s well-being will be a lesson that they will always remember you for.

You’ll have 1.5 hours of on-demand video coaching from our experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. She will teach you how Mindfulness and Yoga techniques can benefit your class’ learning experience, helping them to absorb much more information in a healthier environment.


With the 6 months of study time, you will have more than enough time to complete this amazing short but very insightful course. Remember, you can access our student portal 24/7, you decide how long you stay logged in and how much time you have during the day to study the material provided.

What you’ll learn:
✅ Breathing & meditation
✅ Simple to use Chair Yoga skills
✅ Mental & physical benefits of Mindfulness


This course promotes strength, flexibility, good coordination and posture as well as teaching children how to concentrate better and relax. Teaching Yoga postures can be adapted for children of all ages and abilities and it promotes self-awareness, as well as, you can easily implement new words into their vocabulary. Yoga also teaches breathing techniques that can help children to learn to self-regulate if they are anxious or stressed. By the end of this course, you will plan and deliver effective Mindfulness and Yoga activities in your classroom

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The course for IELTS coaching is well designed with lots of tips and questions to reflect. Highly recommend!
Emma Ha
Emma Ha
08:30 16 Aug 22
Informative courses that are built in a simple comprehensible language which allows ease of study, organized and concise. Would love it if there were audiovisual parts of the lessons themselves, rather than just referral links on youtube or other.
truth seeker
truth seeker
06:58 16 Aug 22
I've chosen the 310 Hybrid course. My first course completed was the 10 hour virtual course with Michelle Benson. I am not from a teaching background and was very nervous with what to expect. I was nervous preparing to do my part of teach the class, but Michelle's energy and enthusiasm made all the nerves disappear, and she has the biggest smile 😃. Her lesson was structured and full of information. I'm looking forward to completing my courses.
Hulita Chaounne
Hulita Chaounne
09:51 15 Aug 22
I recently completed my 10 hour virtual course with Michelle Benson and would recommend taking this course if you want clear insight into what it means to teach English online. I found it very helpful to learn by both observing the teacher and having the opportunity to teach the class myself.
Jake Kelly
Jake Kelly
21:59 14 Aug 22
I just completed the 10 Hour Advanced Certificate in TEFL Classroom Methodologies Course this weekend. It was a fantastic course that was hugely useful for me (as a first time teacher) to learn the methodologies and to gain experience and confidence in delivering a lesson. The tutor Michelle Benson delivered the course in a very structured , professional and well paced manner. She ensured that all of the students were engaged and were involved in all parts of the course. Michelle's enthusiasm and upbeat positive manner made this a very enjoyable course to attend. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wanted to gain more confidence and skills in teaching English as a Foreign Language.
JILL Byrne
JILL Byrne
13:35 14 Aug 22
I have just completed "30 hour Teaching English Course" and I want to say that this course might be useful not only for teacher who are new in teaching online but also for experienced ones. I have been teaching online for 3 years and found a lot of new great sources and tools for my classes. Thanks a lot!
Marina Mo_
Marina Mo_
10:39 14 Aug 22
The course that I took is 120 hour TEFL course, after a period time of study, I have gained the qualified certificate. The course content is well organized and comprehensive, thanks to this platform.
Pengxi Chen
Pengxi Chen
14:49 12 Aug 22
i completed this course in 2 weeks, once you put in a good effort you should complete it and obtain a tefl certifcate in no time. i woud definitly recommend this course to everyone and i cannot wait to see where it brings me !!!
Evan Hunt
Evan Hunt
11:02 12 Aug 22

Providers of TEFL courses are required to adhere to strict standards set by the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL). The ACDL evaluates the entire procedure from beginning to end, not just the quality of our courses. Our ACDL-specific course accreditation demonstrates that the program has undergone a thorough assessment, adheres to strict requirements, and is frequently reviewed.  Average completion time: 1-2 weeks

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