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The right TEFL qualification can take you anywhere in the world. And our live TEFL Course is the perfect introduction to the exciting TEFL world. Best of all, this practical course can be completed in just one day. You will be taught by one of our excellent TEFL Institute trainers who will be able to answer all your TEFL questions and spend the day with fellow students in the exact same boat as you.

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Get qualified to teach English abroad and online with our 10-hour practical TEFL course in Dublin. In just 10 hours, gain lifetime qualification of classroom methodologies under your belt.

Our day courses are led by some of the TEFL industry’s top trainers. We recommend taking this classroom course with any of our online TEFL courses for the most comprehensive training.

TEFL courses are measured in hours and most employers hire teachers with at least a 120-hour qualification. We have 4 locations in Ireland throughout Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway.


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