Montessori teaching classroom observation

As previously mentioned in the blog entitled ‘Montessori teaching method’ I have been observing a Montessori English language school and this blog will discuss the method of teaching a bilingual programme with English learning as a foreign language. Timetable 8:30 Elementary students arrive to school 9:00 Work time (additional activities) 11:00 Clean-up 11:30 Free time … Read moreMontessori teaching classroom observation

My life is good teaching English in Lithuania

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since I arrived in Vilnius. The motivation for moving here has remained the same and I am pleased to say that I have settled into my new job as a freelance English language teacher within a private language school in the city. I am teaching a wide range of levels: … Read moreMy life is good teaching English in Lithuania

Ready to Teach English Abroad? You’ll Need These Documents

Funny thing about gathering the documents you’ll need to teach English abroad. As you are going through the process it can feel complicated and daunting. But once you’re settled into your new job, in whichever country you decide to call home, you’ll look back and think, actually that wasn’t so bad. The list of required … Read moreReady to Teach English Abroad? You’ll Need These Documents

Crafting the Perfect TEFL CV

The dreaded CV. There is nothing complicated about a well crafted TEFL CV, and yet, they give nearly everyone anxiety. Nobody wants their application to get the Tinder treatment; swiped left–rejected with barely a glance. Job hunting is always a numbers game, but if you follow these guidelines your TEFL CV will get the attention … Read moreCrafting the Perfect TEFL CV

The Best Time to Apply for TEFL Jobs

You are doing your research. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. You’ll see a number of blogs claiming that in Thailand, Mexico, Russia, China, etc. TEFL jobs are available year-round! Technically, that is true. But those schools aren’t hiring because they had a sudden influx of new students. They are hiring because a TEFL … Read moreThe Best Time to Apply for TEFL Jobs

5 Things Not To Miss in Cambodia

Cambodia can seem like the closed book of South East Asia, with many avid TEFL travellers going first to Thailand and Vietnam (and with good reason of course). Many look at South East Asia as a melting pot of cultures, people and experiences, difficult to set them apart. But here are 5 reasons why Cambodia … Read more5 Things Not To Miss in Cambodia

Teach English Abroad. Make Every Weekend a Holiday.

When you teach English abroad life is beautifully unpredictable. The “Ha! I live here!” moments become a daily pleasure; a family of five crammed onto a tiny scooter, Prague Castle appearing suddenly through the window of the tram. Your weekdays will have structure; teaching, lesson planning, dinner at your favourite spot. But as an English … Read moreTeach English Abroad. Make Every Weekend a Holiday.

Which TEFL Course Should I take?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and is the dream job for thousands or English speakers worldwide. You may have also come across TESOL which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The two terms are interchangeable, and either is good on your CV! Keep on reading and find out … Read moreWhich TEFL Course Should I take?

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