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TEFL jobs in Uruguay

Uruguay is recognized for its friendly and relaxed lifestyle. The inhabitants, known as “Los Orientales,” are generally pleasant and open, and they respect personal ties. The country prioritizes social welfare, education, and healthcare. Soccer (also known as “ftbol”) is an important element of the culture, with a devoted fan base. Uruguayans embrace traditions such as the mate tea ritual and the laid-back beach lifestyle.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a popular option for expats in Uruguay, where English ability is highly appreciated academically, professionally, and personally. Here are some examples of frequent TEFL jobs in Uruguay:

Language Schools and Institutes: Language schools and institutes in Uruguay engage TEFL teachers to teach English to pupils of various ages and levels of ability. These schools provide a wide range of courses, including general English, exam preparation (such as the TOEFL or IELTS), and specialized programs.
Private Tutoring: Private English courses for individuals or small groups can be a versatile alternative. Many Uruguayan families and professionals want to improve their English skills for their children or themselves.
International Schools: Some foreign schools in Uruguay provide English-language curricula or need English teachers to assist with language learning. These schools may hire competent TEFL teachers to teach English subjects or English language programs.
University Language Centers: University and higher education institutions frequently feature language centers where students can take English classes. Higher degrees and experience teaching English to adults may be required for these opportunities.
Business English Training: With Uruguay’s developing worldwide business links, there is a demand for professional English language training. Business communication, presentations, and negotiations can all be taught by TEFL teachers.
Exam Preparation Centers: Exam preparation centers, such as those for the TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English tests, may hire TEFL teachers to assist students in achieving their goal scores.
Summer Camps and Language Immersion Programs: Summer camps and language immersion programs may provide opportunities for TEFL teachers to engage students in rigorous English study while participating in a variety of activities during school breaks.
Volunteer and Non-Profit Organizations: Some non-profit organizations and volunteer programs, particularly in underprivileged places or for social causes, provide TEFL chances. These positions may be unpaid or give very little compensation.

When looking for TEFL jobs in Uruguay, it’s critical to examine the precise skills and prerequisites for each position, as well as the terms of employment, income, and perks. Furthermore, if you are not a Uruguayan citizen, you must comprehend any visa or work permit requirements.



The cost of living in Uruguay varies depending on region and personal preferences. While it is not the most economical country in South America, it is regarded more affordable when compared to many Western countries. Here are some price factors to consider:

Renting an apartment or a house is a considerable expense. Prices differ by city or region, with Montevideo being the most expensive. Housing possibilities are more cheap in smaller towns and rural locations. Groceries and dining out are generally reasonable, especially if you stick to local products and eateries. Fresh produce, meats, and shellfish are plentiful. Public transportation, particularly buses, is widely used and affordable. Owning a car might be more expensive due to fuel costs.

Uruguayans have a healthy work-life balance, and the country values leisure and relaxation. The average workweek is approximately 44 hours,

To obtain the most up-to-date cost of living figures, we use the world’s biggest cost of living comparison website, Numbio.com.

  • Accommodation: €460-€580
  • Utilities: €138
  • Health insurance: €13-€35
  • Monthly transport pass: €47.27
  • Basic dinner out for two: €52.52
  • Cappuccino in an ex-pat area: €4.17
  • A beer in a pub: €3.94
  • 1 litre of milk: €2.19

TEFL jobs in Uruguay : KEY POINTS






BA degree preferred



International schools and language schools



120 Hour TEFL Course


  • Popular locations for TEFL jobs: Montevideo, Uruguay's capital city and largest urban area, is a key hub for TEFL opportunities. It is home to a plethora of language schools, institutes, and international schools that employ English teachers. The colorful culture, metropolitan facilities, and coastal location of Montevideo make it an appealing destination for many expats. Punta del Este: Located on Uruguay's southern coast, this resort city is noted for its stunning beaches, luxury lifestyle, and tourism industry. While there may not be as many TEFL chances as in Montevideo, there is a high demand for English education, particularly during the peak tourist season. Colonia del Sacramento: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Colonia del Sacramento is a historic city with a beautiful ambience. While it may have fewer TEFL work prospects than larger cities, its particular attractiveness and tourist-oriented enterprises may provide opportunities. Maldonado: Maldonado, located near Punta del Este, is another seaside location with prospective TEFL prospects, especially during the tourist season. It's a developing neighborhood with a mix of natives and expats.
  • English teacher salaries in Uruguay : TEFL teachers in Uruguay who work at language schools or institutions may earn an average monthly income of €500 to €1,000. This range might vary depending on criteria such as the reputation of the institution, the number of hours taught, and the qualifications of the teacher.
  • TEFL qualification requirements: At least a 120-hour TEFL qualification
  • Prerequisite university degree: Many businesses, such as language schools and foreign schools, may require TEFL teachers to hold a bachelor's degree in a related discipline. The field of study, however, may differ based on the institution.
  • Term times: March to December
  • Currency: Uruguayan Pesos
  • Language: Spanish
  • Teaching programmes: Teaching adults or children in private language schools as well as international schools or as a private tutor.
  • Age restrictions: None
  • Previous teaching experience: is desirable for many roles but not essential

Facts about Teach English in Uruguay the Complete Guide for TEFL Teachers | Reviewed August 2023






3.4 Million






Uruguayan Pesos








TEFL jobs in Uruguay : FAQS


How much can I earn as an English teacher in Uruguay?

TEFL teachers working in language schools or institutions in Uruguay may earn an average monthly salary of €500-€1,000 or more. The particular remuneration will depend on elements such as the repute of the institution, your qualifications, and the number of hours you teach.

Uruguay is widely regarded as having a low cost of living in comparison to other countries, particularly those in Europe and North America. The cost of living, on the other hand, might vary depending on factors such as your region, lifestyle preferences, and personal spending patterns.

Many employers and institutions in Uruguay prefer degree holders when recruiting English teachers. A degree can improve your job prospects and make you more eligible for a work visa.

It is crucial to note, however, that the qualifications for teaching English in Uruguay differ depending on the institution, location, and type of post. While certain language schools or private tutoring possibilities may be more accommodating, others, particularly those linked with formal schooling or recognized language institutes, may have tougher prerequisites.

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