History of the English Language: A TEFL Guide

A precocious young student raises her hand. She is squirming in her seat. She has a question and it’s ready to pop. Finally, the TEFL teacher notices her. The girl lets out a deep sigh of relief. “Why do meet, m-e-e-t and meat, m-e-a-t, sound the same?” she asks. The TEFL teacher takes a quizzical … Read moreHistory of the English Language: A TEFL Guide

Five Ways to Improve in the Classroom

This is an uncomplicated subject that generates lots of complicated advice. Choosing the right books and avoiding nonsense guru babble can feel daunting. Especially, when what you’re looking for is teacher-to-teacher advice. Here you go: five easy ways to improve as an English teacher. Teach It sounds obvious but no amount of studying and mock … Read moreFive Ways to Improve in the Classroom

A Failure’s Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is like any other business; occasionally a dud slips through the cracks. These tricksters, who pretend just long enough to get a plane ticket and a visa, can cause real problems. They can pull other teachers down with them and make the break room and shared living spaces uncomfortable. While the vast … Read moreA Failure’s Guide to Teaching English Abroad

How to Tell Your Family You’re Moving Abroad

You did it! You completed your TEFL Training! You are ready to teach English abroad! One small problem–you have no idea how to tell your family. You’ve told all your friends and a bunch of random strangers, “I’m going to teach English abroad!” But you haven’t said a word to mom and dad. Because because … Read moreHow to Tell Your Family You’re Moving Abroad

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What’s inside?

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